Home resistobama With Obama, America has its Own Mohammed
Home resistobama With Obama, America has its Own Mohammed

With Obama, America has its Own Mohammed

He who may not be mocked, whose middle name may not be pronounced, who is an object of popular worship despite no apparent accomplishment but yet is declared as the harbinger of a new age.

Not long ago a news story interviewed comedians wondering what they were going to do when Obama was President. Clearly they couldn't make jokes about him, they would just have to find someone else to make jokes about.

And who knows what the editorial cartoonists are to do. Even if you are to defy the Cult of Obama and actually submit a cartoon, it's a hell of a slippery slope to being accused of racism. After all if calling Obama a socialist was declared a racist code word, and pointing out that he had terrorist ties, was also a racist code word... the hunt begins for a way to criticize Obama without being accused of racism, only to discover of course that there isn't one.

So what is a leader who can't be criticized? An object of mass adoration whose very image is deified? You can call him a tyrant or you can call him Mohammed.

If America wouldn't go to Mohammed, Mohammed came to America. At least an upbeat, manipulative and youth oriented version with a ready smile and a whole lot of friends with interest in banks, and in collapsing them at the appropriate times. The original Mohammed robbed caravans with his gang of cutthroats, the new and improved model has men and women in business clothes who buy and sell shares and profit from subprime lending. Not to mention the con artists and crooks at ACORN who signed up 7 year olds, the mentally ill and the dead to vote for Obama.

But either way it doesn't matter, as the new declared faith of the land now is Obama. Gone is the separation of Church and State. If you read the papers or watch television, there is but one faith now, the Mosque of Barry. Buy Barry's T-Shirts, buy tickets to his inauguration, donate to his transition team, see what he ate at a carefully staged photo op lunch yesterday.

Tyranny begins in the soul and so does worship. And the hollow children of a hollow culture must worship something, even if it as a man transformed into a brand and back into a man again. They want their Gods and their Prophets in the same packaging as their iPods and their Hoodies, in a word, trendy. And no other word encapsulates Barack Mohammed Obama nearly as well.

Popularity has long since trumped dusty notions like Merit or Achievement. Whose dreams really stand on center stage, that of the scientist or the builder, or the rock star and the NBA basketball player? Cool triumphs over hard work any day of the week. So it was clear that a Mohammed for the infidels would have to be that, which wasn't that hard to achieve compared to say, actual achievement. Especially when everyone with a microphone and a press pass is your waterboy.

What does a truly worthless man with only one gift, that of manipulating people do? As any number of amateur sociopaths know, he founds his own cult, as everyone from Charles Manson to Hitler to Jim Jones to L Ron Hubbard to Joseph Stalin to Mohammed to David Koresh to Barack Obama have done.

You don't need achievement to lead a cult. You just need charisma. And now that's all you need to become the Selected President of the United States. The White House which has been a symbol of a Democratic Republic, now becomes a cult mansion, with an organic garden on the front lawn, and marching morons wearing Obama T-shirts and buttons chanting his name. Haare Obama, Haare Barry.

When American newspaper after newspaper refused to run the Mohammed cartoons. When CNN itself censored them as if they were obscene, the media demonstrated how ready it was to silence all its critical impulses and to bow in obeisance to a dead warlord and pedophile, out of a sour mixture of fear and slavish political correctness. And so the way was made ready for an American Mohammed.

The American Mohammed. A man of no worth or morals or legitimacy. A man with his own cult whose message is his brand and whose brand is his message. A prophet of his own greatness in whose name schools are already being named before he has even taken office. Whose image hangs in more places than that of any living or dead American President. Who may not be criticized.

America has not come to Mohammed. Now Mohammed has come to rule over America.


  1. I guess that Obamanism is to Islam the same way Christianity is to Judaism; you only need to have the “Mugabian Messiah” assassinated or impeached and Jews getting blamed as well as being charged with deicide / dual loyalty / - Insert Charge Here - , afterwards by the Obamanites for it to truly be *Islam’s Christianity.

    *Unlike Christians who freely admit that they came after Judaism, muslims believe illogically that Islam was the original religion of man with Judaism and Christianity appearing afterwards.

  2. Yep. All it took was a trendy charismatic cult leader to worm his way into the hearts and souls of Americans and from there...socialism and censorship.

    A very smooth transition. No violence. Sort of the way people sing along to the Beatle's song My Sweet Lord. You get to the end part where the chorus is "hallelujah." Repeat Hallelujah several times so that the transition to "haare krishna" almost isn't noticed at all.

    Same number of syllables; totally different meanings.

  3. Obama will have to utter his middle name on inauguration day. Bill Clinton did--William Jefferson Clinton. Obama will have to take his oath with his full name, too.

    That's when a lot of his followers will finally get the drift of who they elected into office.

    Barack Hussein Obama. Not a black man, a Muslim man.

  4. First of all, Sultan! What would I do without you creating posts that I can tweet and get called a hate mongerer. LOL

    I think people are going to have to start wearing the title "racist" as a badge of honour. If not, no one will stand for what's right.

    Liberals have changed the definition of what a real "racist" is. Real "racists" are members of the KKK, nazis, communists, and socialists (on most occasions), black panthers, muzlims, arabs, etc.

    To stand against Hussein is to take a stance against evil. He represents it quite well with his associations and lies.

    The media tries to pass him off as this great family man. Stand in the isles at a grocery store and you see him with his kids or his whole family on the covers of magazines.

    It's such a farce. Good fathers, good husbands, decent people don't associate with the kind of people he does. But moral standards have dropped so people don't care.

    BTW, can we think of a single president who has been on the cover of any magazine being promoted as the epitome of marvelous husband and father?

  5. if liberals insist on making racism into an accusation aimed at anyone who disagrees with them, they'll have to take responsibility for making the term meaningless

    every time they use racism in such a cynical political way, they're the ones making the word null and void, so their abuse of it only speeds up the process

  6. Anonymous26/11/08

    It's a funny thing you would mention American censorship to the Mohammad cartoons. I was just at a talk at A.U. with Daniel Pipes and Flemming Rose, the editor of the Danish paper who ok'd the cartoons.
    Of course there were the Hashemite "princes" and scores of followers who had to come and "object" to the "human rights violations" that occured when those cartoons were published.
    The one thing they kept saying was that freedom of speech should not be allowed when one if offended. But of course that only means when a Muslim is offended, because how dare an infidel even think he has a right to speak against his true master, the Muslim.

    When you hear Muslims in mobs speak, you get a clear idea of their true feelings and those have not changed for those coming or born over here. They feel that no one should ever speak against Islam or Mohammad in contridiction to our and THEIR Constitution.

    With Obama we may see our fundamental right of Freedom of Speech begin to erode with some of his policies.

    Barack Hussien Obama was born to a Muslim man. He will always be viewed as Muslim by Muslims and expected and pressured to act accordingly.

  7. Right, EB. Obama's a Muslim man and he has already acted out of pressure to Hamas in calling for the division of Israel.

    Yo--I know what you mean. I can't swallow these attempts to paint Obama as this great family man. I've seen him on Access Hollywood and Inside Edition and just about every entertainment magazine front page at the check out counter.

    I ain't buying the mags or the hype and have no intention of watching his inauguration, aside from bearing witness to the greatest fraud perpetrated on the United States since Benedict Arnold--that moment when Barack Hussein Obama puts his hand on a bible, swears to protect and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and takes the oath under his full legal name.

    I do feel a need to be a witness to this tragic history. The gala after? I pass.

    We are living in a time when good is called evil and evil good--just look at how Israelis are being characterized as "Nazis."

    True racists will try to change the meanings of words but decent people must not.

  8. Keli, I don't see Hussein as being pressured. I see him following his own personal desires toward Israel, which is like any muzlim - to try an destroy her. He'll act true to form.

    I'm with you, the swearing in is the biggest farce the country has ever seen.

    He makes Benedict-eggs Arnold seem like a patriot.

  9. True, Yobee. Very true. I guess it wasn't that Obama was pressured. It only seemed that way because he was trying to keep up such a front by going to Israel, and the whole kippah and kotel thing.

    Sure it was all an act on his part but when Hamas forced the issue with him he came clean and told the world that his beliefs are the beliefs of Hamas.

    Obama wasn't being as staunch a Muslim for Hamas's standards and they called him on the carpet and brought him back in line.


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