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Obama and the Democratic Congress' Looting of America

While the US government is far from uncorrupted, the kind of massive uncontrolled theft usually seen in Arab and African countries or Putin's Russia, has been absent from the American experience. Until now.

Obama has not yet taken power, but the Democrat led looting of America is well and truly underway. Obama has already brought in former Freddie Mac board member Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff and is now considering Jamie Gorelick, the former Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae as his Attorney General.

What that means is that two key people in the entire mortgage disaster that trashed the American economy will hold two of the top positions in Obama's cabinet... and that is no coincidence at all. It's only the beginning.

Already 2 Trillion Dollars (2,000,000,000,000) in emergency loans have been handed out without disclosure. To put that into context, the Democratic Congress has spent more money in a month on sweetheart loans for their business pals than the cost of the entire Iraq War over Bush's entire second term.

Of course you shouldn't expect to see the media running any of those stories they used to run on the Iraq War, detailing how many school lunches or health care plans the massive economic boondoggle shepherded through by two of Obama's future cabinet members could have bought.

And when Obama hangs up a "Mission Accomplished" banner even while the economy is a disaster, and the price of bread has hit an all time high thanks to the Biofuels boondoggle pushed by Obama for his own profit, stand back and watch for the cheering from the media corps.

Congressman Barney Frank, the sitting politician with the most complicity in the economic meltdown, has been handily supervising the looting of America, and of course taking disclosure for that 2 billion off the table.

In an interview Nov. 6, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank said the Fed's disclosure is sufficient and that the risk the central bank is taking on is appropriate in the current economic climate.

"If the risk is that the Fed takes a little bit of a haircut, well that's regrettable.'' Such losses would be acceptable, he said, if the program helps revive the economy.

Frank said the Fed shouldn't reveal the assets it holds or how it values them because of ``delicacy with respect to pricing.''

Of course a good deal of that "haircut" will be shaved in the direction of Democratic party figures and donors, but that's just the beginning. With double non-disclosure on Soros, we can only speculate on how many ways he'll be profiting from a mess he played a role in creation. And Democratic party parasites like the Sandlers will no doubt find their own route to ripping off the taxpayers on behalf of the ACLU and Media Matters.

It's safe to say that under Obama there will be no investigation of this and that the giveaway to Obama's Wall Street donors is just beginning. Meanwhile his own campaign contribution frauds, from credit card fraud to overseas donations will be getting a pass from the FEC, which clearly believes in granting the spoils to the winner. John McCain meanwhile will be facing an FEC audit despite or perhaps because he ran an ethical campaign and didn't raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from Nigeria or from donors named Mickey Mouse.

The FEC's reason for this... "the sheer volume of cash he raised and spent minimizes the significance of his errors."

So in other words the FEC assumes there's enough clean donations to outweigh all the dirty money Obama took in. And of course the fundraising goes on at Obama Inc, this time for the transition team.

Meanwhile more bailouts are on the way. GM wants its bailout. So does American Express. GM's bailout will have taxpayers shelling out billions to subsidize the unions in crooked old Detroit. And the unions helped Obama and the Democrats get where they are. American Express CEO and Chairman Kenneth Chennault is a Dem donor who donated thousands of dollars to Obama and American Express has its own Political Action Committee, AXPPAC. And now it's time to pay the butcher's bill.

All this is only a foretaste. The looting of America under Obama will reach truly byzantine standards of corruption that will make the Clintons look ethical and even noble by comparison. It won't be anything as mild as graft or pork anymore, but massive wholesale theft by the billions and the trillions without investigation.

600 million dollars has been spent to put Obama in the White House. That money was an investment from interests at home and abroad and they expect it to be repaid a hundred fold from the American taxpayer. The Federal government is already in the process of turning into a siphon funneling America's wealth and industry into convertible form.

Liberal donors will invest more of their ill gotten loot into funding organizations meant to keep Obama and the Democrats in power so the money train keeps flowing. The result will be the formation of an oligarchy resembling Putin's Russia, bleeding America dry and bankrupting the country in the process.

Public financing is already dead and the Obamanation is meant to insure that the money and political power will be under their control in the next election. That means removing non-union jobs and leveraging the new Federal investments to force deeper penetration of unionization. It means raising the price of basic staples and eliminating jobs while rolling out massive social welfare programs to foster dependency by larger slices of the American population, replacing the working class with the dole class certain to vote for more government handouts.

Every program the Democrats and Obama put forward will have those twin purposes, to reward and expand its power base while bankrupting the United States.

The ultimate bill for this will be delivered by foreign investors to bail out the United States itself at a cost that cannot even be currently contemplated, but expect the end of American sovereignty, Sharia finance and a whole slate of goodies to show up on the dotted line. That is what makes fighting the bailouts and the wholesale looting of America by Obama and the Democratic Congress so urgent.

The Kleptomaniacs are at the gates and headed for the White House and the looting of America has only begun.


  1. Anonymous13/11/08

    His mission is accomplished. He has inserted his stranger=self into a nation of which he can never be a part.
    You cannot have a stranger rule over your brethren and this is not an African nation.

    Try as you might to fit into a new group, you are whatever you are born as and you cannot change that no matter what you do.

    To many poseurs trying to convert themselves into what they are not lately.

  2. Anonymous13/11/08

    Will he make it to the White House? Will something "happen" that will cause Bush to remain President?

  3. that would be a miracle anonymous, but I wouldn't count on one happening

  4. It would be a miracle. I think the best we can hope for is one of two scenarios:

    1. Within two years the Republicans start the next presidential campaign. No dragging their feet. If it means the American public must endure another two-year long debate, so be it. Even now we need to be thinking of strategy and candidates for the next election to prevent Pres. Renegade from serving "eight or ten years."

    2. The media watchdog groups--American Journalism Review/Columbia Journalism Review do a major overall on the velvet glove treatment the mainstream media gave Obama and start delving into every aspect of his corruption.

    Absent watchdog criticism I don't see the media changing. They've gone from hardnews to entertainment news in this election.

    I believe Obama sees himself not even as an African but a citizen of the world.

    Barney Frank should think about what he says. He admits that there are "significant errors" with how Obama raised money but because there's so much money forget about it?? What an idiot.

  5. But there is something we as individuals can do. I've already drafted letters to my congressman (a Democrat, but a decent guy) and to my Senators (one Democrat, one outgoing Republican) to let them know that my eye is on them, and I expect them to take care of their constituents before lobbyists or anyone/anything else. Not sure if that will make a difference at all, but I would hope if many, many people did the same, they might actually make the right choice.

    I also sent an email to the Vice President (?) of the FEC to tell him my displeasure in the non-investigation of Obama and his money raising. And told him that it was his job to make sure campaign financing was on the up-and-up.

    Also don't know if that will do anything, but at least it makes me feel better that I made my case. I tried.

  6. yes it is important to try and add your voice there and important to remind politicians that they are being watched

    deals will still be cut anyway but it might add some restraint and aid toward a backlash against this

  7. Yes. Especially when writing to elected officials. They see things differently when they realize their own jobs and money are on the line.

  8. Are the 2 trillion referred to at the top and the 2 billion referred to re Barney Frank the same number? The post is rather confused/confusing on that point.

  9. But they are different by 3 orders of magnitude. That's a distinction with a difference. Which is it?

  10. I fail to understand your question, please read the following linked article for more information on the 2 trillion


  11. Just pointing out that 2 TRILLION is to 2 Billion as 1000 is to 1. Yet you assured me at 6:51 that they were the same number.

    Not possible.

  12. Ok, read the article, now I understand. You misstated Frank's quote. It should also say 2 trillion.


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