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Liberating America

In 2003 American troops invaded Iraq to liberate it by removing a Hussein from power only to return 5 years later to an America in which a Hussein is about to take power.

What happened is not an uncommon fallacy of great nations that marshal their resources for wars abroad while ignoring the wars that must be fought at home. American military might crushed a Hussein abroad with superior force only to discover that another Hussein had attacked America's far more vulnerable political structure resulting in a hostile takeover.

But the question must be asked why was our political structure so vulnerable to begin with? Democracy is only truly vulnerable when a sizable amount of its citizens have grown detached from its values.

The Democratic party, like most left wing movements, has thrived on creating and perpetuating disenfranchisement particularly among minorities to supplement its base offering of class warfare. But more devastatingly it has worked to displace America's traditional values with moral relativism as fed through popular culture on the low road and social justice on the high road.

Obama could never have become President had not two generations been taught through public education and popular culture to devalue military service, mock patriotism, accept drug use and paranoid rants against America as normative. Worse yet had they not been taught to look to government to fill the gap of their own inadequacies leading them to be dissatisfied with anything less than a messiah figure.

So while we were fighting against one Hussein in Iraq, another Hussein was being pushed through the ranks as part of an aggressive and well planned campaign to seize power in America. Socialism, that of the Baath Party and the Democratic party, is more than a casual bond. Saddam modeled himself on Stalin, a socialist tyrant who for a long stretch of time was a hero for American liberals no less so than FDR.

The American Republic has depended on certain understandings, not least of them the chain of continuity to Valley Forge and Independence Hall, a continuity that liberalism has undermined with cynical historical revisionism for the brighter students and with a shallow celebrity oriented culture of sensationalism on the other. In the process they have not only hijacked America, they have hijacked who Americans see themselves as.

Liberating America from Barack ibn Hussein (the name commonly being used for him through the Middle East) will not be accomplished by marching the troops in, but by reclaiming a lost generation who lacking a patriotic tradition embraced the celebrity of a manufactured superstar.

While we looked to threats abroad, the worm was boring into their hearts and minds with a culture that senselessly worshiped youth and rebellion, sneered at the flag and could no longer tell the difference between image and reality. After 9/11 we had the opportunity to liberate America by reclaiming the real meaning of what America is.

We still have that opportunity today because to liberate America we must liberate the real meaning of America. Not the one constructed by liberals as being synonymous with tolerance, fighting prejudice and immigration but the real America of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Nathan Hale. The America that embraced excellence in all things and independence for every man. It was an America that rejected kings and tyrants, claimed vast frontiers to itself and believed in its own manifest destiny.

It is an America that has been laid down into the coffin of socialism and globalism throughout the 20th century... but it is an America that is wholly relevant today. It is an America of excellence and destiny and if we can reclaim it, then we can shatter the pied piper's spell. If we cannot, then nothing remains but to join the ranks of marching morons chanting Obama's name.

But that America of excellence, vision and destiny still waits for us to reclaim it and raise it high as our banner and our goal. The Democrats have cultivated class and race warfare under the house of big government. But our America is not dependent on government, it depends on people. No tyranny, neither Saddam's nor Barack's, can break the American spirit if we dare find it again.

It was said after September the 11th that a sleeping giant had awoken. But the giant quickly went back to sleep again, hushed in its great cradle by the twin nannies of socialism and consumer culture, told to go back to sleep and leave it all in the hands of Washington D.C. The giant that is the American spirit still sleeps now deeper than ever as the enemy rides through Washington D.C. itself. There is no better time than now for the giant to wake again and learn his own strength. For the aim of the enemy is not as simple as murdering Americans, but murdering the American spirit. And liberating America means bringing that spirit forth again.


  1. Excellent! I will post a link in my blog!

    What must we do?

  2. we begin by living that way, by raising our families that way and by pushing that as the agenda now

    a new contract with america aimed at reclaiming the american dream

  3. The resolve that the WW2 generation had does not exist in today's young people.
    Young people today are the fast food generation and everything must be now, now , now. They cannot wait for food, internet access, in lines, they cannot even wait for marriage to bond and they cannot have patience with kids, etc.
    So when terrorism was not destroyed in a day they lost interest.
    They cannot sacrifice anything either, they just are not willing.
    This is only getting worse as the newer generations come along.
    It will take more than wishing to change that.

  4. The youth here are much like the youth in South Korea. They have no appreciation for their freedom. They'd gladly surrender their countries to anything coming and going because they're ignorant. Actually, I was thinking stupid, but ignorant will do.

  5. All of America's Founders were liberals; in the classical sense, which is the only true meaning of that term. I know that "progressives" have changed the meaning of "liberal" but running to another term like "conservative" doesn't help. Appeaseniks are already in the process of appropriating that term, calling themselves "paleoconservatives" (a term invented by Rothbard) and denigrating dissenting "conservatives" as "neo-conservatives".

    Further, the founding generation and up until Woodrow Wilson and FDR, allowed free trade in intoxicants (you call "drugs"). George Washington himself grew cannabis (presumably just for hemp, sure).

  6. Anonymous11/11/08

    As an educator in the land of the big O, I an curious to learn what types of afterschool activities are found in neighborhoods of the Sultan's readers. Please pass that along here. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous12/11/08

    appreciated the insight of your piece. truly, americans need to remember the essence of the founders intention. i feel there can be inspiration from this along with learning about african americans and native americans.

    i did have one issue: you have a sentence describing america claiming this vast frontier and you used the term manifest destiny.

    here i take passionate issue: the 'vast frontier' along with the original land of the 13 states was and is native american indian land.

    the idea of 'manifest destiny' was a racial doctrine that condoned the massacre of indians and stealing their land, which is exactly what happenned.

    the profound and essential question for this time is how can we strengthen the american identity, patriotism, values etc while properly integrating the cultures that are part of our history. i'm speaking mainly of american indians and also of african americans.

    there must be a non-pc, non multicultural way to properly educate our children and inform our country about its true history while not underminng the great essential values ingrained in our founding.

    i am thru with all the pc speak and people using 'oppression' as an excuse to excoriate america. to heck with you, you don't like it? leave. however, if you are willing to be a part of this community called the usa, and learn, teach and come together as a united states, then we have some great work to do.

    there are plenty of american indians, african americans who know their history and culture who do not have this pc distortion and who could work wonderfully with the rest of america to make the country really come together. i sure don't mean current celebrities either.

    i think america has been shortchanged on the real brilliance of its history and the real potential of its people.

  8. manifest destiny at the core was about the growth and expansion of the us from ocean to ocean, which did not have to happen the way it did by treating native americans as a hostile presence to be lied to and exploited, instead of as allies and brothers

    the cherokee are a good example of what might have been possible

  9. To the anonymous educator that asked--I'm in Buffalo, NY. To anwer your question and expand a bit--

    The afterschool activities in my neighborhood consists of little football, baseball, and soccer, as well as a Town Boys and Girls Club with an affliate center in the basement of one of the religious grammar schools.

    Scouting is popular here, too. Many of the troops are based out of churches.

    There's a community center that has all sorts of programs from tutoring to a gym and games.

    Do they any of those in Chicagoland?

    When I was growing up we just played with the kids in the neighborhood--the kids that lived near us and went to school with us(the days of non-forced busing, thankfully). That really helps to build a community and loyalty, a healthy alternative to the faux families and street "honor" of gangs, in my opinion.

    We had bikes, could run and had imaginations.

    There was the game of Ships in the Harbor--a guessing game that involved running when someone got the right answer. Then there was Peach Stone. Pretty simple. If you didn't guess which hand someone was holding a peach stone in, you didn't climb up the next step on someone's porch.

    Aside from afterschool activities and community schools, kids could benefit tremendously from civics classes in public schools (which instill American pride and responsibility) as well as etiquette classes--very important in maintaining a civilized culture. Not to mention diction classes.

    I know Bill Cosby got bashed when he suggested that later point but I think he was right. Poor grammar and poor diction can destroy a kid's chance of getting a decent job or even getting into some colleges. So I think it is important.

  10. Anonymous14/11/08

    respectfully to the sultan:
    re manifest destiny, wasn't it infact a doctrine of racial superiority that condoned the massacre of indians?

    as for the cherokee, their 'trail of tears' is well known.

    btw, rabbi lazer brody has several articles discussing the similarities of cherokee language/custom with the jews.

  11. the colonies didn't just seize land from the indians, they seized it from the spanish as well

    the mormons were also massacred and massacred in turn

    bleeding kansas had massacres aimed at both sides

    so again such actions were not limited to american indians

  12. Anonymous16/11/08

    sultan, sultan...

    the pernt here that you haven't addressed is
    1. the racial superiority aspect of manifest destiny

    2. the us govt policy of annihilation of the american indians.

    it is the ugliest part of our history. and, until it is set right and properly understood, america can't be as great as it should be.

    you're hearing this from an enthusiastic supporter of mccain-palin.

    i think it's terrible to minimize the suffering of the indians by pointing out other groups who also suffered.

    people do that with the jews all the time because they don't understand or can't handle the fact that we've been getting killed, kicked out of countries, whatever for thousands of years.

    anyway, you do fine work and i like your blog..but on this point re manifest destiny, i think your information is not complete or as accurate as it should be.

  13. if you study the actual history of the time, you'll find significant deviations from the "Indians good, Americans bad" official narrative

    for starters the indians were not a monolithic group and their annihilation was primarily the product of conquest by other indians such as the Iroquois confederation

    of course this occurred in part through weapons sold and supplied by Europeans, but it's an oversimplification to reduce the process to racial genocide, which is closer to what happened in parts of Latin America

  14. Anonymous19/11/08

    sultan, i can't continue like this. you have not posted any sources for what i consider to be serious misstatements about american history.
    having spent years in the american indian community both listening to oral history from elders and reading documented history, your ideas are simply not accurate.
    whether we're talking the sand creek massacre of the cheyenne, the cherokee trail of tears, the wounded knee massacre (and these are just the well known ones), there was a policy of "the only good inidan is a dead indian".
    does this mean that america is a corrupt country unworthy of continuing? of course not!
    i was adopted by a highly respected cheyenne medicine woman zt'l, a person of unquestionable integrity. not only was she descended from a line of medicine people and leaders such as sitting bull, she held a master's degree in linguistics for indian languages.
    on this topic, you are arguing with the wrong guy.
    it's one thing to defend america from false accusations and revisionist historians; it's quite another to impose an appearance of accuracy which is unverified and untrue.
    as far as i'm concerned, when it comes to history: i believe the american indians before i believe any non-indian historian just as i believe the jewish people before i believe any non-jewish historian about israel. and: there are plenty of non-indian/non-jewish scholars who support the truth.
    so, sultan, you are encouraged to defend america from nut cases like obama and his ilk, but when it comes to this subject i suggest you reconsider your ideas.

  15. American Indians were and are very vociferous about not owning land.
    They never laid claims to land and they never developed the land they inhabited.
    They simply lived on it without owning one piece of it ever.

  16. I have not introduced indians into this, you did on a tangent, which I have humored you by discussing

    the worst massacres that wiped out entire tribes and made the incidents you listed look comic were perpetrated by other indians before the united states was even founded,

    read up on the beaver wars for one

    manifest destiny had far more to do with driving out colonial powers and seizing mexico and later taking some island possessions than it did with indians who by that point no longer posed any kind of real obstacle or threat

  17. Anonymous19/11/08

    well sultan, i'm officially not reading you anymore.
    how dare you use the word 'comic' when referring to some of the worst massacres of indians by whites in american history.

    what's worse, your lack of knowledge or your know-it-all attitude?

    you know, there's not a problem in saying: i don't know about that or i haven't researched that area.

    have you spent any meaningful time in that community? have you listened to elders, read the histories? obviously not.

    it is precisely your dismissal of very real historical facts that make america look bad.

    sultan: go to a powwow. talk to the people. listen to some elders and read some history. then, if you wish to contact me for a meaningful exchange i will oblige.

  18. feel free to stalk off in outrage then

    if the issue were with my ignorance, you could have easily answered me, instead of unleashing a temper tantrum

    you're not an indian and attempting to be outraged on behalf of other people when you clearly don't know the actual history is absurd

    this is not a PC blog and it does not pander to anyone's affectations or ignorance

  19. Anonymous21/11/08

    i'm baaaaack...

    i wouldn't consider that a tantrum. but it bothers me greatly that someone who does a dogged job of defending israel and america from the jihadist hordes appears to insist on a misunderstanding of a crucial aspect of american history. as to 'you're not an indian'..i am adopted, that counts. but, since you don't know the culture i don't expect you to understand that.
    i certainly encourage you on your blog to continue the good fight;however,there's really no shame in saying..."hey, maybe this is one area where i could do more research, i'll check into it".
    otherwise, it sounds like conservaitive revisionist history which, as you can tell, is an anathema to me, much the same as leftist revisionism is.
    and, a retraction about your rude dismissal of cheyenne and cherokee persecution would be in order. and your dismissal of me and my background. it's not proper to speak the way you did and that's what prompted my response.

  20. This is not a blog post about Indians. The issue at hand has nothing to do with Indians. You insist on making it about Indians for reasons of your own.

    I've made points about the actual history involved, to which you've replied with displays of emotion rather than reason, and further demands for apologies or retractions.

    I am not in the habit of retracting truthful statements to soothe people's feelings. Nor will I continue this pointless exchange indefinitely.

    As for the Cherokee, if you engaged in a rational rather than emotional study of history, you might note that the Cherokee committed far worse atrocities against other tribes than The Trail of Tears. One does not justify the other, but the holier than thou routine from non-Indians who insist on tearing down America while elevating the Indians as victims, and in doing so rewrite history is quite annoying.

  21. Literally thousands upon thousands of White Americans are part Cherokee. They intermarried with whites quite a lot.
    Most Indians today have white ancestry also.

    The revision of history came from the left long ago when stories of infected blankets and other stupidity were set forth in an effort to make Anglo Saxon americans look awful. None of it was true and the Indians far from being victims gave as good as they ever got if not better.
    This rush to make them seem like helples old women is somethng I don[t get.
    Sort of like the signs in spanish all over the place as if they were too stupid to learn English.
    Same thing is done to Indians by their so-called pals. Let them seem helpless , washed up and perpetual victims. Its a lie.
    The atrocites and human sacrifice practiced by Indian tribes has been swept under the rug, but the stories are around and documented.
    Massacres of whites of Indian tribes was legendary at one time and also well documented but now hidden in a flood of Politically correct revisionism that is designed to make western culture as debauched and bebased as what it replaced.

  22. Anonymous22/11/08

    you are apparently beyond help. when i speak to you of facts from the authentic indian historical point of view you dismiss them as emotional. if the indians were worse or equal to the americans then sadly you find no wrong done by the american policy of extermination and stealing of land.

    you would agree probably with california historians who whitewash the bloody history of the mission system, painting it as some quaint chain of old buildings. whereas the truth is that california indians were forced into slave labor to build them. the largest population of indians in the usa, california, were killed by the spanish..either thru murder, disease or working them to death.
    of course, you would cruelly dismiss my first hand sources of indians here in los angeles, just as you callously dismissed my first hand source, a venerated cheyenne medicine person who's roots go back to red cloud.
    pity on you, particularly as jew, that you would defend an america that has perpetrated such evils on the indigenous people of this continent. you would probably defend FDR also even tho he refused to save millions of jews.
    i am all for patriotism and the strengthening and saving of the greatness of america. but i cannot tolerate jingoists who continually dismiss history that is unflattering to their mythical fantasies of a perfect country.
    it is precisely your dismissal of valid sources which clues any reader to your sickening biases.
    may Heaven assist you to see more clearly and make amends for your cruel and false assertions.

  23. Help? I hadn't realized that by monopolizing my comments section and wasting my time with tirades on a topic completely tangential to the post, you were trying to be "helpful".

    Clearly this is not a form of help I'm familiar with.

    I was talking about Americans, not the Spanish who were undoubtedly extremely cruel and brutal and imprisoned and exterminated Indians on a large scale. Primarily however such activity took place south of the border. The United States is descended from British and French colonies, not Spanish ones.

    Manifest Destiny in fact had a great deal to do with getting the Spanish out of America.

    I am curious though in this entirely pointless discussion, how you imagine the Iroquois Confederation would have behaved toward Europe, had their relative technological positions been reversed.

  24. The mission system was in Old California which was under Mexican sovereignty not the USA.

  25. Anonymous23/11/08

    for a remarkably well read and articulate, insightful person i find your level of denial and/or misinformation re the indians to be astounding. you said that most of the bad the spanish did was south of the border. you are unbelievable!!!!

    and the reason for this whole discussion has to do with accuracy re american history past and present. how can you ultimately be considered credible if you demonstrate such surprising revisionist tendencies that are not at all true!

    does that make me doubt the rest of what you write? no, i simply say to myself that this man is blind to not only the truth but to a desire to know. and, most sadly, is to proud to even say, gee, maybe i don't know about such things.

    are you such a person who would take the same attitude towards chazal? or chachamim in israel today, chas vshalom? well, i have learned from the chachamim of our american indian brothers and sisters but you cruelly dismiss them and myself.

    so may the Ribbono shel Olam have pity on you and show you differently so you can really be an agent for the emes.

  26. Anonymous23/11/08

    you have an opportunity here to be a real mensch. the only reason i wrote about the indians was to clarify a serious historical mistake you were making; however, you continued, unfortunately, to hold and even try to bolster your incorrect statements.
    sadly, i don't expect you to step up here. but i offer you the possibility of being a real mensch.
    you have offended me, my elders, our ancestors and in essence, am yisroel, by 'oppressing an orphan, widow and stranger' by dismissing and making light of very egregious wrongs done by america and very real suffering by the people who were murdered and displaced by the doctrine of manifest destiny.
    i offer you that opportunity.

    will you step up?

  27. Anonymous23/11/08

    Knish why you allowing this thread to be hijacked by some halfbreed renegade who would scalp helpless white people in their beds?
    Honest to Pete this minority whining is a disgrace.
    These people got to stand up on their hind legs like men for a change and quit their bitching.

  28. Anonymous23/11/08

    As a person who is part native American, part chinese and Part Russian I find this whole thing about Israel disgusting.
    Why worry about Israel in the United States. Worry about Indians and their problems of casinos and alcoholism and incest. That is where the real problems lie.
    I am sick of living on a reservation. I want to be let out.
    I am part Chinese. I don't deserve to be kept behind barbed wire fences and grenade emplacements and bazooka barages when I try to leave.
    Oh the humanity.

  29. Anonymous23/11/08

    Knishypoo, you have the chance here to right all the wrongs in the world and to repent for all the damage you have done to every race on earth. You ungrateful bastid. When I think of what you have done to the Indians in America by hunting them down like dirty dogs in the stadiums and shooting them like fish in a barrel with your spud gun on sunday afternoons I cringe.
    I know all about your secret war on the Navajo to steal their turquoise mines and replace them with cheap counterfeit stuff.
    I also know that you are out to steal every casino and replace them with your cheap 7-11's.
    You got some nerve bud.

    The truth is that America's Mongolian population came here across the Bering Straits and killed all the Eskimos in order to make the United States of America a finer place to live. Thats the truth you can't face Knishpopper.
    It is true. Eskimos were sucking the land dry til my ancestors got here from Mongolia and began to refresh the landscape and offer living blood to the gods of the Aztecs the true god of America.

    I know the traps you white Jews have set up to ensnare Mongolian immigrants with your english only agenda. I also know that your Jewish food obsessions are ruining the factory system of 30 states and legitimately harming hog farming in 12 of them.
    I know none of this will make an impact on your square head but I do wish you would smoke the peace pipe of Hashish with the rest of us and come up here to roll round heaven all day like we do.
    Now shape up or ship out buddy.

  30. Anonymous23/11/08

    In all fairness this blog should be made into an all Indian all the time blog.
    You racist honkey you.

  31. Kobi, it seems sadly that you're not familiar with the word, rebuttal or its function. And comparing Chazal to Indian elders is somewhere between foolish and obscenely inappropriate. But it does tell me what your real religious outlook is.

    Finally accusing me of oppressing widows and orphans, because you can neither argue intelligently nor understand what is being said to you, is abusing and twisting Torah for your own foolish ends.

    You have said before that you were leaving. You might want to do that and take your screwy friends with you.

  32. Anonymous23/11/08

    these screwy people..i don't know where they come from.
    i can see that you have no interest, sensitivity, caring or concern about matters that are crucial to other people. you don't know who i know in the jewish world or in the american indian world and if you really did you would say, 'oops, sorry'.
    i did my best to appeal some kind of basic sense of menschlekeit inside you and it did not work.
    you continue to belittle and insult me, my teachers, and many other things.
    america needs strength and truth.
    your attitude hear lacks both.
    may Heaven help you.

  33. Once again you continue to waste my time with your self-indulgent emotional tantrums and your demand to apologize for stating ideas that you cannot disprove or even understand.

    That is not something I will apologize for. I could lay out an extensive list of things that you might apologize for, but I am not in the habit of self-righteously lecturing others on their personal character flaws, nor would such a list do you any good, as you are pathologically incapable of listening to what anyone else says to you.

    But after comparing Indian elders to Chazal, it's pretty clear that if anyone in this thread needs help from Heaven, it's you.

    I would hope that are you are through throwing your tantrum and will now move on.

  34. I agree. The youth of today are not infused with integrity, loyalty and honesty. All core values. All values that exist in youth who are infused with patriotism. I will mention two exceptions...my children but then their formative years were spent with active duty Navy parents. They were brought up with patriotic values as well as many others.

    They have outstanding work ethics. One kid chose college (she is currently working as a team leader for an inbound call center while waiting to start work on her masters degree in library science) and the other chose to work with his hands (will attend technical school in the spring to expand his job possibilities in the aviation field like his step dad) but is brilliant nonetheless.

    Family is very important to both our son and daughter. Although they are both 20 somethings they enjoy time with us. We see them often. Family days still include a sit down dinner at the dining room table.

    I certainly hope that hubby and I did right by the kids. They are our legacy to this world....I hope it is a very positive legacy!


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