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The War on Western Free Market Economies

Change. How do you create a demand for change? You portray things as being so ugly and miserable that change, any change, is the preferred option.

To sell a bad solution, you make the present status quo even worse. To sell a bad candidate, you market him as the candidate of change while portraying the present situation as disastrous.

What do the EU and Obama have in common? Among other things, their enemies are domestic economic prosperity and their friend is George Soros.

Soros has a history of tampering with markets and economies to get his own way politically while reaping the profits. In England, George Soros helped touch off Black Wednesday. Not only did Black Wednesday line Soros' pockets to the tune of a billion dollars, it crippled the Conservative Major government giving Labor its largest victory ever and leading to the current uninterrupted rule of the Labor party with a weak Conservative opposition.

As Black Wednesday crashed the housing market, we are seeing signs of the same thing today. The current housing market crisis is being described as Labor's Black Wednesday, but its target is not the Labor government, but America's conservative government and Euroskeptics in Ireland and the UK. And of course Soros is involved.

Soros has been warning that the housing market is a bubble for years now, which of course is his way of pointing out a weakness that can be exploited. And of course Soros has been in the thick of it, betting steadily against the dollar and American and European stocks, claiming that the current housing crisis is the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression and warning against betting on lowered oil prices ad nauseum.

Setting up a self-fulfilling economic disaster, profiting from it and then claiming credit as an economic prophet is an old game for Soros and the proceeds of that game are going to fund his pet projects, from Barack Obama's Presidential campaign to the EU, indirectly via think tanks, policy groups, lobbies and activist groups from the European Council on Foreign Relations to MoveOn.org.

Soros is an enigma, displaying his contempt for the free market at every turn, short selling to profit from declines, seeking out and exploiting its weaknesses even while pushing for greater regulations. But as Soros himself has said, that in designing regulations, he design regulations that won't hurt him. And they haven't.

Soros has been shorting the dollar for much of the decade, financially profiting from the dollar's fall while preparing to politically profit from the fallout when the bump in the road got big enough, close enough to election time. The consequences of course moved well beyond the United States and to the UK and Ireland, weakening resistance to the EU and its uber-regulatory mechanisms.

Obama is meant to be to the US, what the EU is meant to be for Europe, the end of national independence and identity exchanged for government regulations. While Soros has profited from feeding off the vulnerabilities he finds in the free market, those profits are reinvested again in a political agenda which is largely antagonistic to the free market and to individual and national freedom.

In keeping with his Theory of Reflexivity, Soros works within the intertwining of complicated civic and financial organizational relationships, merging and combining the two.

Consider the recent case of Obama's resigned Veep search leader James Johnson. Johnson served as Vice Chairman of Perseus which partners with Obama. Johnson had to resign from Obama's committee because of the improper loans he received from the CEO of Countrywide Financial, a company deeply involved in the mortgage mess. Soros meanwhile had bought heavily into the troubled Countrywide Financial, odd behavior for the supposed financial genius who had been busy predicting the housing bubble was waiting to burst. Soros' 1.8 million share purchase was quite baffling, especially considering the price. But Countrywide was of course a perfect weak point for undermining the free market and a perfect way to funnel money to the right people. Influence after all doesn't buy itself.

Paralleling the sale of Lenin's rope, it is the figures who have profited the most from the free market who are driven to shut it down. To understand this paradox is to understand the short selling of economic freedom. The only true way for a speculator who has built his wealth and fortune on short selling to both sum up his legacy and throw down those that might come after is to use the very same tactic against the political and civic institutions of the free world.

Contemplate the consequences of a speculative attack against the political institutions of individual nations meant to destroy their "value". Consider men who would utilize the tactics of the financial world against the political freedom of nations, tactics such as forced mergers, buyouts, hostile takeovers and speculators who come in and create unwieldy and unstable merged companies and then wait for them to fall apart and sell off the pieces.

That is the War on Western Free Market Economies and Obama and the EU are both the means of delivering intertwined political and economic deathblows to the West.


  1. Soros and Obama are crooks.
    Soros of the same ilk as the pope who was a hitler youth.
    Soros made money on the holocaust.
    If he didnt stop at that.. he wont stop at anything
    He is financing Obama ..the know nothing baby senator with no experience except in crooked Chicago politic and racist black theology.

  2. And the masses are all falling for it.

  3. Soros written in hebrew is "tzures"

  4. Christian readers will be happy to hear that Soros spelled in hebrew as Samech vav reish sav is 666.
    Just in case you cared. lol

  5. Anonymous15/6/08

    Obama is part of the Chgo combine. Jeremiah Wright and Trinity UCC have ties to Louis F-the slime running his show on the southside.
    Thank goodness for the Irish and Czech Republic-at least they are speaking up.

  6. Anonymous15/6/08

    No surprise since Soros (Schwartz Gyorgy) belongs to the Commie tribe that we must not name.

  7. Anonymous17/6/08

    Why hasn't Soros been kicked out of this country yet? He could take Murdoch [who has obviously lost his mind anyway "obama is a rock star"]with him.
    If we can strip people of their US citizenship for helping the Nazis why doesn't Soros have that applied to him? After all, he is a self loathing Jew that helped the Nazis when he was 14 years old! I don't know about you, but I had more decency and common sense than that when I was 4, let alone 14......
    Soros =sedition and treason....period.

  8. soros has bought half the democratic party and cowed the other half, with the examples of people like lieberman and hillary clinton

    so i doubt they'll be showing their patron the door, much as he deserves it

  9. Soros is an agent for Rothschild/Rockefeller interests and he has no loyalty to anyone except his enablers on the Left. His slimy tracks are all over Kosovo and someone behind him is making, or planning to make, a big killing in the Balkans. Unfortunately, it won't be just financial deaths.

    Someone needs to dust off the statutes on traitors. Soros would be one of the first in line for trial - in many countries.


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