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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Report on Obama's Enemies

Obama has launched a site to keep track of his lies, or rather to lie about what's being said about him. It takes a truly convoluted mind to create a website to fight smears through smears, but that's exactly the convoluted cunning mindset of our media appointed leader.

The same press of course greets this website as a newsworthy event, even though it appears about ten times as much effort was created to design that ice swan thing for Obama, than on any actual content. But they did include a nice REPORT any smears to Obama by email, button. The same media which went nuts over a plan by the US government to have people report terrorist activity of course sees nothing ominous about it. I think it's redolent of the Soviet air surrounding Obama's campaign, the cult of personality, the incessant propaganda and the vicious demonization of his opponents.

Hysteria has filled the media establishment and European governments with Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. It's another setback for the EU and proof yet again that when put to a vote, the EU does not have any democratic legitimacy, but exists only on the support of bureaucrats and politicians.

In voting No, the Irish have confounded the press, which is busy issuing increasingly shrill tantrums and protected their freedoms and national prerogatives. It's what most Europeans have chosen and would have chosen to do if given the chance.

The truly devastating thing is the map showing the overwhelming tide of red over green as area by area voted No. The press of course are already insisting that Irish voters only voted No, because they couldn't understand what the vote was about, thereby justifying another round on the same pony.

Anticipating the outcome, the Irish Times thundered its disapproval on Saturday in an editorial headed “Are we out of our minds?” Seeking an explanation for a likely defeat it reflected on “a strange public mood out there that is anti-establishment, anti-authority and anti-politician.”

And what's so strange about that? Such a mood is natural enough, especially when faced with corrupt and incompetent authorities. It's a rather democratic mood all told.

Meanwhile in the blogsphere roundup,

at IsraPundit, Haviv Rettig asks if we're seeing the beginning of a backlash against Anti-Zionism.

"Perhaps it was merely bad timing, then, that the following day Prosor was the subject of a new boycott, with the refusal of Welsh Assembly Presiding Officer Dafydd Elis-Thomas to meet the ambassador when he arrives in Cardiff at the end of the month to meet with First Minister Rhodri Morgan, head of the Welsh government.

Invited to a reception for Prosor hosted by another assembly member, Elis-Thomas replied that “I am unwilling to accept the invitation to meet the ambassador, because of my objection to the failure of the State of Israel to meet its international obligations to the Palestinian people of the Holy Lands [sic]. I would invite other colleagues to [do] the same.”

In stark contrast, Muhammad Asghar, the member who invited Prosor and the first Muslim in the Welsh Assembly, was quoted by the Western Mail paper: “For all my life I’ve been listening to one side of the facts all of the time. And I thought, in my position in the assembly, it’s about time to know the other side of the fence, also. I think there won’t be a better person than the Israeli ambassador to tell me the views of Israelis in this whole conflict.”

For those unfamiliar with Dafydd Elis-Thomas, he's the "I am ashamed when I look out and see before me a sea of white faces" fellow. I presume that the Israeli ambassador's face may have simply been too pale for him. It is ironic though to see a Welsh politician trying to be more Muslim than the Muslims in hating Israel.

Lemon Lime Moon speaks out on Democrats and the secularization of Israel

Barry Hussein Obama wants gas prices raised some more. He sees no problem with it at all, as long as its gradual. This is the Democrat thinking, punish anyone who has anything material as long as it isn't you or your own cronies, and destroy freedom as quickly as possible so that the government of which they are employees becomes all in all.

Bob from Brockley has the full repulsive story of the background of Alexander Cockburn and Counterpunch and its legacy of evil.

IsraPundit has more on Obama and Farrakhan

Shawarma Mayor lets the Palestinian Authority have it

3. For some reason, the US backed terror group formally in control of the PA - is still delivering salaries to Hamas members at Gaza. Those who fire rockets at Israelis are paid with those funds.

5. Another recent development is the daily bombardment of "Kibbutz-Nirim". Some members of this Kibbutz are far lefty loons who advocate murder of Israeli soldiers as a means to liberate Palestine. Yet their friends at Gaza return them odd favors by murdering them at the factories and the fields

New Centrist, a self-proclaimed McCain Democrat, takes a look at the difficulties the Democratic party is having with the successes in Iraq.

Finally the fascinating story of Iraq's last Jewish slave who just returned home to Israel

Fifty-five years after she was abducted from her family's home in Baghdad by her Muslim neighbor and forced to renounce her Judaism, Hannah Menashe managed to flee Iraq and find her way to one of Israel’s European embassies. Her long, exhausting journey is finally coming to an end these days, as she will soon be reunited with he family in Israel, who thought her murdered all these years.

Hannah’s fascinating story begins in the 1950s, when her Baghdad-native family – parents and seven siblings – decided to immigrate to Israel. Hannah, already married to a Jewish Iraqi, was also planning to make aliyah, when fate struck: A Muslim neighbor, who was aware of the family’s plans to immigrate, kidnapped the striking Hannah to keep her by his side. Her siblings only have a vague recollection of that horrible day. They went looking for Hannah, they say, but the earth had swallowed her.

Decades passed, the siblings made aliyah and the family expanded, all the while keeping their bitter secret to themselves. Shortly after arriving in Israel, Hannah’s mother died at 37, her heart broken by losing her child.

It turns out Hannah had been forced to become a Muslim and had raised her neighbor’s children for 50 years. No one in the Baghdad neighborhood knew about her secret or her Jewish roots, and she was afraid her husband would kill her if she tried to contact her siblings.

When her husband died a year ago, the now 76-year-old Hannah escaped Baghdad under the guise of being being a war refugee. She was able to reach Europe through an Arab country and decided to locate an Israeli embassy.

“I am Jewish, I want to go to Israel,” she said in fluent Arabic and with great excitement.

It's yet another story worth remembering every time a Muslim assures us how well Jews and Christians are treated under Islam. Slavery never ended. In a Muslim country, a non-Muslim is a second class citizen, a slave.

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  1. Dafydd means david.. sadly.

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