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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Iranian Weapons, Yankees in Space

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Iranian Weapons, Yankees in Space

(Yankees in Space)

Well now we know where Saddam's program went but the truth is we knew it all along. There was extensive information after the fall of Saddam that the WMD's went to Saddam's fellow Baathist regime in Syria. It's no surprise now that there is growing confirmation of it, so many belated years later, and ties into the Israeli strike as well.

An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday.

The media was of course too busy crowing about the lack of WMD's to listen or to ask the question of where Saddam's air force went as well. And all this is way behind the curve when it comes to stopping Iran's nuclear program.

The Times of London (at Hot Air) reports that long range missiles have been spotted in Iran.

Anyone wondering why President Bush has been so insistent on missile defense, and why NATO embraced it in its new defense doctrine, will have those questions answered in today’s Times of London. Long-range missile sites have been spotted through satellite imagery in Iran, and the construction shows potential capabilities for a 4,000-mile range. That easily puts eastern Europe within Tehran’s sights, and explains why Poland and the Czech Republic seem so enthusiastic about becoming an integral part of the defense umbrella:

And via LGF, Charles Krauthammer writing that Bush has failed to stop Iran's nuclear program.

On Tuesday, Iran announced it was installing 6,000 more centrifuges — they produce enriched uranium, the key ingredient of a nuclear weapon — in addition to the 3,000 already operating. The world yawned.

It is time to admit the truth: The Bush administration’s attempt to halt Iran’s nuclear program has failed. Utterly. The latest round of U.N. Security Council sanctions, which took a year to achieve, is comically weak. It represents the end of the sanctions road.

This neatly ties together the growing mess, positioning Russia, North Korea, Iran and China on one side and America, Europe and Israel on the other. Russia and China are trickling down weapons to Iran and North Korea which in turn trickle them down to terrorist front groups, which sooner or later will use them against targets in America, Europe and Israel -- with Iran and North Korea deploying their own nuclear missiles to prevent any counterattack and to prevent any disruption of their market.

In the blogsphere roundup, returning blogger Maggie at Maggie's Notebook is connecting the dots between Wright, Obama, Hamas and Cair.

Over at Weasel Zippers, a disturbing story about an 8 year old Yemeni girl seeking a divorce.

At Lemon Lime Moon, a tale of a disgusting opera by an Austrian composer depicting the ruins of Ground Zero and smearing America.

At IsraPundit, an interesting story about a man who fought in WW2 and later for Israel's independence as well.

Shugar is one of the ‘forgotten soldiers’, an American Machal volunteer, who fought in the pre-state Haganah and the IDF during Israel’s War for Independence. He is a North Carolinian by birth and rearing, a graduate of The Citadel, a US Navy officer on ASW duty against Nazi subs in the North Atlantic during WWII, who post-war witnessed the Bikini atoll a-bomb tests. Then he left for Jerusalem as a ’student’ in 1947, joined the Haganah, was engaged in the intense fighting during the Siege of Jerusalem, witnessed the shelling of the Atalena off Tel Aviv by Ben Gurion’s Rabin and was gunnery officer on the first Israeli warship-the Eilat, the converted Northwind USCG cutter shelling Egyptian coastal positions. He is the stuff of legend and will speak here on Sunday about his experiences.

Keli Ata blog has Walter Bingham's letter to WQXR

Fiery Spirited Zionist writes on Carter's Terrorist Treason

Ol Broad's Ramblings blog digs up an odd story on reincarnation therapy at taxpayer expense

Meanwhile Jamiel's Law appears to be a good bet for creating a crack in the sanctuary city wall

An Egyptian author explains what the Hijab really means, at Israel Matzav.


  1. Shabbat Shalom!

    Go Yankees!

    I always suspected there were WMD. Obviously Sadaam wasn't going to tell those moronic weapons inspectors where to look for them.

  2. Anonymous15/4/08

    I'm ready for this announcement about WMD's. Have you heard WHEN? I's puzzling that the Bush Admin. would have been so silent for so long, when this info would have staved off some the Left's assaults, not to mention the World's.

    Knish, thanks so much for this mention. I really, really appreciate it. I've been doing "family weddings" all weekend and didn't get online much until yesterday.

    Maggie's Notebook

  3. I think there's been a lot of chaos inside the Bush Admin and miscommunication. Good to have you back, there aren't so many good bloggers that we can afford to lose any.


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