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The Intifada Comes to Jerusalem

From the stoning of cars to the Mercaz HaRav terrorist attack to the stabbing of Rabbi Yehezkel Greenwald, the next wave of terrorist attacks is converging on Jerusalem. This is no coincidence or random collection of attacks, it's the next phase in the Palestinian Arab agenda.

After Annapolis when the surrender of the West Bank and Gaza are all but done and Jerusalem is the point of controversy on the table, it was inevitable that Fatah, Hamas and the witch's brew of terrorist groups operating out of the PA territories would next turn their attention to Jerusalem and the Galilee. As had been predicted.

The daily rocket attacks are the Palestinian Arabs making war on Israel. The rising attacks in Jerusalem are the next phase of the Intifada within Israeli territory. Israel had been warned both by its own security experts and Zionist politicians as well as by Hamas that if Israel withdraws from Gaza, the next phase will simply move deeper inside Israel. That is what has begun to happen now. The use of a Galilee name for the terrorist organization that took credit for the Mercaz HaRav attack foreshadows the next phase of fighting in Jerusalem and the Galilee.

While the American and Israeli governments continue to misunderstand the nature of the enemy, the war draws closer and the ring draws tighter. In Iraq the United States has slowly and painfully learned that most terrorist groups consist of a small gang often centered around a family, ex-military or organized crime connection. Much like American organized crime. The more sophisticated gangs have a political leadership with limited authority who provides the guiding strategy and philosophy and most of all pays out the money.

Unfortunately those lessons have not been brought home to Gaza and the West Bank where the political leadership of Fatah and Hamas continues to negotiate as if they were national governments instead of middlemen between the money and arms providers in Tehran and Riyadh and the armed gangs in the streets who may be loosely affiliated with Fatah or Hamas depending on who has the most money and the network of gang alliances at that moment.

The idea of negotiating a state with Fatah and Hamas is as absurd and horrifying as negotiating the handover of Los Angeles to the Crips and Bloods. And yet that is exactly what's going on as the magic of international diplomacy and willful blindness has transformed gangs of armed thugs doing the bidding of foreign terrorists into a national movement so long as they have enough spokesmen in suits and ties handling the money and detailing strategy.

The Hamas takeover of Gaza showed how absurd the American idea of attempting to map national ideas onto armed gangs of terrorists. Not only did all the money invested in arming and training Fatah terrorists prove absolutely useless, but many of the Fatah affiliated gangs actually chose to side with Hamas once it was clear that Hamas had the upper hand. The battles between Hamas and Fatah were more in line with Al Capone than any actual war, quick sporadic gang shootouts near strategic locations followed by retreats. Captured gang members were brutally tortured and executed. The State Department looked on baffled only because they insisted on pretending that Hamas and Fatah were political factions, but they were simply each a collection of armed gangs and political opportunists who tried to control the gangs.

Now the next stage of the gang war is to seize new territories, Yerushalayim and the Galilee. Negotiations after all have minimal impact on an armed gang, which knows only law, the iron law of force. Each negotiation in good faith with terrorist gangs is really a surrender and a betrayal by a nation of those citizens it abandons to the brutality of the terrorists.


  1. Israel sits in a kind of stupor and remains too heavily reliant on the US, whose head is in the sand about good and evil really.
    Israel needs to retake gaza and aggressively defend it and then throw every single mohammedan out of the nation once and for all.

  2. Anonymous23/3/08

    Abu Mazzen` Trojan Horse

    Shortly after signing the Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn, Terror Arafat declared over Jordanian television that Oslo was to be understood in terms of the Terror Arab PLO`s 1974decision.

    This was a reference to the so-called Plan of Phases, according to which the PLO would acquire whatever territory it could by negotiations, then use that land as a base for pursuing its ultimate goal of Israel`s annihilation.

    Mahmoud Abbas ( a.k.a Abu Mazen ), the current PLO/Fatah Mafia boss, is one of the main influences behind the Trojan Horse strategy that is the Plan of Phases.

    This was shown in an article in the London-based Arabic daily Al Sharq Al-Awsat , where the author Saleh Qallab explains to his Arab audience what PLO/Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas`s ideology is.
    And it is this: to talk `peace` in order to soften, divide, and confuse the Israelis, the better to prepare them for slaughter.

    Abu Mazen`s opinion, included former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, "who... told some PLO leaders, including Yasser Arafat, Abu Iyad, and Khaled Al-Hassan, that it was necessary to bring the Israelis down from their tanks to the ground and cause them a sense of security and peace, to allow their social maladies to appear and to prevent their unification in the face of an external danger .

    Abu Mazen`s strategy has worked . He is portrayed everywhere as a moderate and `partner for peace.`

    Arab Peace Strategy and the Fragmentation of Israeli Society.

    More details in Strong Israel :: Israel No-Confidence Motion
    http://www.strongisrael.org/spanish.html .
    translated by Google from spanish into English

    Joseph.E @ Givatayim-Israel

  3. Anonymous23/3/08

    To Lemonlimemoon. Post #1

    Quote"Israel sits in a kind of stupor and remains too heavily reliant on the US, whose head is in the sand about good and evil really."

    Ensuring the support of the paramount Western power of the day remains to this day a basic tenet of Zionist foreign policy.

    Quoted from Avi Shlaim
    The Balfour Declaration And its Consequences
    @ http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ssfc0005/The%20Balfour%20Declaration%20and%20its%20consequences.html .


    From Parshah: Toldot Genesis 27:22

    So Jacob drew near to Isaac his father, and he felt him, and he said, "The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau."

    And the Babylonian Talmud: Seder Nashim, Tractate Gittin 57b explain :

    "The voice is the voice of Jacob"--no prayer is effective unless the seed of Jacob has a part in it. "The hands are the hands of Esau"--no war is successful unless the seed of Esau has a share in it.


    If so , in the context of Shlaim quote , i rather see the "Tenet" as follow:

    "The voice is the voice of Jacob"--When Israel makes a good convincing , persuasive Hasbara then Israel Foreign Policy is ok , works like the device alerting against upcoming Tsunami .

    continuation ... .
    Joseph.E @ Givatayim-Israel

  4. Anonymous23/3/08

    To Lemonlimemoon. Post #2

    After kicking out terror PLO from Lebanon , Israel did not made a good Hasbara against Terrror PLO , Terror PLO with the Vatican machination help entered the Land of Israel after the infamous Oslo Accord ,

    Same fatal mistake was made by King Saul whom after defeating Agag the King of Amalekites , brought him into the Land of Israel .

    Had King Saul obeyed to Prophet Samuel`s order against Agag , the Book of Esther may have not been written .

    Israel seems mediocre in its Hasbara against the upcoming danger with regard to Iran Nukes .

    So far history shows that the best is when Israel makes its own decisions free of foreign political consideration influence ,

    Example of the Israeli decision that led to the liberation of Jewish Heartland during the Six-Day war in 67 .

    Or example of the Israeli decision that led to the cool job against the Irak-Osirak nuclear facility .

    continuation ... .
    Joseph.E @ Givatayim-Israel

  5. Anonymous23/3/08

    To Lemonlimemoon. Post #3

    Quote "Israel needs to retake gaza and aggressively defend it and then throw every single mohammedan out of the nation once and for all." ,

    Cause of Anti- Jewish Temple Mount Vatican theological reason and arabs bestial anti-semitism reason , foreign influence refuse to consider the policy of arabs transfer .

    And cause of Anti-Jewish State reason , the domestic paganists liberal and left refuse to consider such policy ,
    even if rockets hit Sderot and soon Ashdod ect...


    "Isaac desired that a partnership should be formed between his two sons: that the scholarly, unworldly Jacob should devote himself to spiritual pursuits, while Esau should apply his cunning and worldliness to the constructive development of the material world, in support of and in harmony with Jacob's holy endeavors.

    Rebecca disagreed: both worlds must be given to Jacob. There cannot be "two departments," for the material world cannot be entrusted to materialists.
    Only one who is steeped in the Divine wisdom can know how to make proper use of G-d's world.
    Only one who possesses a spiritual outlook and value system will be able to master the physical reality rather than be mastered by it."


    Hence SK` Quote "Each negotiation in good faith with terrorist gangs is really a surrender and a betrayal by a nation of those citizens it abandons to the brutality of the terrorists."

    Joseph.E @ Givatayim-Israel

  6. Sigh. I was one of the last holdouts hanging on to the belief that the majority of Palestinian civilians are against Hamas and Fatah and only want to eek out a living on their own.

    But now I've read that 85% of Palestinians are against Israel.

    My last brick of denial has been removed.

  7. I'll never believe that neither Israel of America misunderstands the arab agenda. Especially, when America has funded, trained and provided the terrorists to do just what they are now.

    That's why we'll see the destruction of America and in our lifetime. They've dealt with Israel in a treacherous fashion. No nation survives that does that.


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