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Kings and Traitors, Crowns and Caliphs

The newspapers report that Prince Charles, best known to Americans as a slack jawed Eton accented yokel, is coming to America to defend Islam against America's intolerance. It's not clear what intolerance Charles is set to defend Islam against as every US official from President Bush down has repeated over and over again ad nauseum that Islam is a religion of peace, that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and that only a tiny minority of extremists who are probably Bhuddists anyway, engage in terrorism.

Prince Charles will be here to rebuke us for our 'confrontational approach to Muslim countries' and 'our failure to appreciate the strengths of Islam', presumably those not involving suicide bombing, truck bombing, subway bombing or any bombing whatsoever.

It wasn't long ago that a report came to light about another potential King of England who harbored Nazi sympathies, the Duke of Windsor, whom Hitler planned to appoint to the throne when he had defeated England and who was the only man, Hitler wished to discuss an armistice with England with. In 1937 the Duke and Duchess visisted Hitler as his personal guests. The Duchess the FBI stated in its own report met repeatedly with the German foreign minister and leaked secrets to him.

"Hitler well knows that Edward at present cannot work in a matter that would appear to be against his country, and he does not urge it. But when the proper moment arrives he will be the only person capable of directing the destiny of England," the report stated.

Charles has his own sympathies with the modern day Islamofascists. (though calling homicidal hordes whose goal is to drag the world back to the 9th century 'modern day' would be dubious.) Charles is vastly more popular abroad in the Muslim world than he is at home and travels frequently to Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and a number of major Islamic figures had stated that Charles has converted to Islam.

Charles regularly and repeatedly whitewashes Islam praising its 'feminism', 'justice' and 'mercy;' in addition to his fanatical environmentalist views, Charles has attacked the War on Terror, criticised America and held up Islam as a paragon of all that is good and pure.
"Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is poorer for having lost. At the heart of Islam is its preservation of an integral view of the Universe...the West gradually lost this integrated vision of the world with Copernicus and Descartes and the coming of the scientific revolution...there are things for us to learn in this system of belief (Islam) which I suggest we ignore at our peril."
Like many on the left Charles is prepared to embrace Islam as the antidote to the Western society, to progress and to technology; a view that is identical to Al Queda's. The only difference is that the so-called extremist Muslims want to bring about that world in which Islam triumphs over the technocracy of the West by force while so-called moderate Muslims prefer a triumph by immigration and cultural colonization.

Charles has set up a secret council of 12 to advise him on Islam and now Charles is coming to America, in the way of Saddam's man in Scotland, George Galloway. And what is Charles' message for America?
"In the West, in turn, we need to be taught by Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts, as well as our heads."
It seems that Charles has learned that particular lesson from his Islamic teachers all too well.


  1. Anonymous17/11/07

    SK, take comfort knowing that if there is ever an Islamic victory, the Muslims will soon kill the Leftists who did so much to open the gates to the barbarians.

  2. He is the result of years of inbreeding, sort of like Moabites.
    You can't expect much from them and they always look odd facially.

  3. By the By, many think Chuck has converted to Islam. There seems to be some proof for it.
    He lives in rarified air of priviledge and has no clue as to what goes on in real life.
    I did hear that Camilla came in fifth at Aquaduct though.

  4. Anonymous17/11/07

    Please, if Prince Charles converted then why doesn't Her Oddness put a darn bag, er, hijab on to cover that mug?

  5. Anonymous18/11/07

    The future does not bode well for the blood pudding and head cheese eaters:


  6. The devil's own and Israel's Chief Pimp and Ramadan at the White House man have much in common and this is why he heads to Washington.

  7. Chuck is a German from a German background. His fathers sisters all married SS men. The Nazis and the Arabs were good friends and the Arabs continue that legacy of repression and hatred to this day.
    Of course Chuck likes their religion. It has everything a degenerate could want: debauchery, pedophilia, murder, sexual abuse, rape, mutilation, debasement of women with tent-like clothing.
    (When you put someone away inside clothing that covers over their head, you are really declaring them a non-person. Once they are impersonalized like this it is easy to kill and abuse them if you are morally bankrupt anyway)

  8. "In the West, in turn, we need to be taught by Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts, as well as our heads."

    What a very odd remark for a prince who if he is ever crowned king is suppose to be defender of the Christian faith and Church of England.

  9. Anonymous20/11/07

    Britain is rapidly becoming a Stalinist police state where the police have assumed the power to censor and intimidate the media, especially with regard to reporting of Islam. See



    At least they can't gag the bloggers - not yet.


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