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Brussels Journal, LGF, Paleocons and the Jews: Redux

I really wasn't going to write about this topic again, but apparently the Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel article Brussels Journal linked to, which originally inspired my post was taken down by Paul Belien and then put up again

Paul Belien gave the following explanation,

Submitted by Paul Belien on Sat, 2007-11-17 12:28.

I deleted this page from TBJ because American friends asked me to do so. Friends are under attack from Little Green Footballs (LGF) because TBJ quoted the above sentences from Paul Gottfried. Today, however, I notice that the great Charles Johnson (PBUH) himself links to the above article. Hence, the question: If Charles Johnson (PBUH) is allowed to link to this, why am I not allowed to post an interesting quote from it? Because I am a European, hence tainted with “racism,” “anti-Semitism,” “neo-Nazism,”... while Charles Johnson (PBUH) is an American hedonist?? Or because, as the fans of the great Charles Johnson (PBUH) say, this website is in the habit of posting “pieces of trash”?

The difference obviously is that I and Charles Johnson posted the link in a negative and critical way, Brussels Journal appears to be endorsing the article or at least recommending it. When calling for everyone to ignore LGF's criticism, the Pro-Brussels Journal argument was that we needed to maintain a united front against the threat of the Caliphate. Apparently that united front doesn't include Israel or the Jews, as far as Brussels Journal is concerned... and that was my point. Brussels Journal wants to be in the big tent and they want the far right to be in the tent and above criticism, but Israel and the Jews are another matter.

Posting the article itself was pointless. It really doesn't concern Islam or Europe. It simply takes a long time around to saying that Israel sorta has the right to defend itself, but along the way takes the time to assail Israel and Jews and the Holocaust. There was no real reason to do it and the comments below it cover the range from clueless to ugly.
captainchaos: So here we have it from the horse's mouth as we say here in America. In order to save the Jews from a second holocaust Jewish activists have been working for "half a century" to water down the influence of white Americans in the country that we (whites) have built so we will no longer have the power to go nuts and kill them all.
After the fighting with LGF first commenced, the BJ comments section had comments about the "neo-cons" and the need for BJ to ally with their real friends, the Paleocons. And certainly Taki finances a chunk of the folks commonly referred to as Paleocons.

The problem is that the people who most prominently call themselves that today are not really classic conservatives, as they would like to pretend. They really have very little in common with a Goldwater or a Bill Buckley. Mostly they're bigots with a special obsession involving Jews. These days from Pat Buchanan to Scott McConnell to Taki himself many of them have been embraced for their involvement in the Anti-War movement. At the end of the day they seem to feel that the biggest threat involves the Jews and seem as if they wouldn't mind America being overrun by Islam so long as it takes Israel and the Jews with it.

Not exactly the ideal allies for a united front against Islam, but then in the end Brussels Journal doesn't seem to be interested in that united front really, so much as in some sort of narrow liberation program for parts of Brussels. They can get on board with fighting Islam, so long as fighting Jewish influence and whatever other ethnicities and races they're fighting in Belgium are included, not to mention pardons for their own "patriots" who collaborated with the Nazis.

I respect honest conservatives who want to preserve their identity and culture, as long as they see what they mean up front and don't play games. What I don't like are the sly potshots. If someone hates me, I like to know where they stand up front. Since I wrote the post dropping my defense of Brussels Journal, I've had comments which defended Nazi collaboration and accused me of emotionalism. The following was my final response.

I don't have a problem with people wanting to preserve their own country. It's why I defended Brussels Journal in the first place. I do have a problem with how they go about it and with what their ideology is.

I have pointed you to the question of Degrelle which you have not addressed. I find that to be dishonest.

Factor out the Jews and Nazi Germany was profoundly evil and Nazism was profoundly evil, for everyone it touched. The murder of the mentally ill and the sick. Breeding for racial superiority. The conquest and subjugation of peoples all across Europe in favor of a master race.

Aligning with that was about real evil. The kind of real evil, liberals don't believe exists but conservatives are supposed to. Your failure to address that is symptomatic of the whitewashing of the subject that has bothered me about Brussels Journal.


  1. Anonymous18/11/07

    Want to get your thoughts on this. As you might know I have been concerned by the lack of a real right wing secular Zionizt party for some time. Recently some fellow from Tel Aviv has started a pro-Zionist group called HaTikvah. Do you think it has a chance or is it another fake start? Any chance of other right wing people teaming up with it? What is your take on this?

  2. i've heard about it on ted belman's site and it's a potentially good plan

    again as with a lot of created right wing parties, the key question is if it can gain a following and that requires unifying a portion of the right wing camp which is tricky

  3. Anonymous18/11/07

    You wrote: "At the end of the day they seem to feel that the biggest threat involves the Jews and seem as if they wouldn't mind America being overrun by Islam so long as it takes Israel and the Jews with it."
    This belief is shared by the Leftist Self hating Jews like Soros, Chomsky, Toni Judt, ACLU'Jews, Code pink, ...
    please read massada2000 s....t list.
    When all the Jewish Anti-American-Israel bashers get a pass your anger at Brussels Journal and Fjordman rings hollow and hypocritical.

  4. if you think left wing jews get a pass from me, you obviously don't read this blog




    where did I mention Fjordman?

  5. Anonymous19/11/07

    Your link is not readable in its present form. Please name a prominent Jewish person who has the moral fortitude of Marlene Dietrich, Thomas Mann, E.R. REMARQUE who denounced the horror of Nazi Germany. No prominent Jewish person ever condemned the horror of Bolshevism then and NOW.
    How quaint is that director of the REMARQUE Institute teaches his wisdom: creation of Israel was a mistake. For these scums probably, yes. But I was born in a Nazi death camp in E. Europe so I have a different outlook.
    Believe me the contemporary fuel of antisemitism is rooted in the Jewish refusal to admit guilt in tearing down every host society.
    Rosa Luxemburg in Germany, Beilin in Israel, Soros in the US.
    When in doubt ask Trocky:
    "I am not Jewish, I am internationalist". Who do you fear more, Soros or the Brussels Journal?

  6. you really have no clue what you're talking about anonymous,

    the numbers of jewish critics of nazism and communism are numberless,

    as for communisn in particular, try arthur koestler to roy cohn to norman podhoretz

    "Believe me the contemporary fuel of antisemitism is rooted in the Jewish refusal to admit guilt in tearing down every host society."

    other way around,

    germany with the jews was a thriving nation, germany after the jews has a lower GNP than Arkansas

    Christian Spain with the Jews went from a faction to the world power, Spain post the Jews began a period of decline winding up as Western Europe's poorer troubled neighbor

    Shall I do that same math for Egypt or Syria or can you figure the rest out.

  7. Anonymous19/11/07

    There is not much we can talk about. I am one of the last surviving witness of modern History who born in the death Camps in Europe run by the kapo Judenrat, moved to the Gulag after that run by Commie Jews. So I have no clue.
    Let's the revision of History begin!
    OK. You're right: I am ignorant and Chomsky is freedom fighter, ACLU is for freedom of of speech, and Foxman denounced the anti-American Commie Jewish daily incitement.
    The gist of this polemic revolves around the European Right animosity towards the Jews:that is because they were willing henchmen of Stalin and they never said "I am sorry" — but the Germans must say mea culpa all the time even if they were fighting Hitler.(Willy Brandt.)
    I have full respect for the religious community who were also victims of the ubiquitous Red Jews.

  8. anonymous,

    true there isn't much we can talk about because you insist on pretending that I've praised liberal Jews, when instead I've pointed you to Jews who have fought Communism while pretending to be something you're not.

    "The gist of this polemic revolves around the European Right animosity towards the Jews:that is because they were willing henchmen of Stalin and they never said "I am sorry" — but the Germans must say mea culpa all the time even if they were fighting Hitler."

    What a load of crap. Willing henchmen on Stalin? Stalin killed nearly as many Jews as Hitler did and had plans for wiping out the rest. The part of my family that Hitler didn't kill, Stalin did.

    Then there were the prominent henchmen of Stalin like my three great-uncles who were taken out and shot on the snow by the NKVD. Granted they were only teenagers, but no doubt in the sick twisted cloaca that passes for your mind, they were Stalin's henchmen too.

    But dear me, I've forgotten that it was Jews who were behind Communism in Europe, not Europeans. Oh no. There weren't Europeans in European Communist parties, just Jews. And of course we mustn't forget the banks and the governments and the milkmen too.

    as to Brandt, he had quite a few former Nazis near him for his statements to be anything but PR

  9. Anonymous19/11/07

    My way of knowing how well Hatikva is doing is to use the Judical factor. The more successful the more likely that the left will seek some criminal accusation against the leadership of HaTikva. They may play the racism card. Or, they make open up an investigation for an alleged crime.

  10. Anonymous19/11/07

    I have no beef with you, we are not the protagonists of the story. We are expressing our opinion with regard to the brewing feud between L.G.Football and Brussels Journal in which the two parties, both fighting the same Islamisation, now turning against each other.
    The Jewish American side (LGF) abhor the participation of the (white) nationalist in the anti-Muslim movement and the "NAZI" "FASCIST" accusations started to fly across the pond.
    I, as a person of Jewish descent, resent this knee jerk reaction: this like reading the DailyKos, or DU blog where "Zionazi" "Bushhitler" "KKKRove" etc. is common expression.
    My point is that apart from traditional antisemitism in Europe there is a well founded reservation expressed towards the Jewish people for their role in spawning Communism.
    Not in 1917 but until the Berlin wall crumbled. And we cannot say that all Vaams Belang is Nazi, because then, all the Jews can be declared as Bolshevik.
    Finally:Sever Plocker, Ynetnews.com Opinion, Published 12.21.06
    "Stalin's Jews"
    "We must not forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

  11. Anonymous , where on Gods green earth did you come up with LGF being Jewish??? That guy is no Jew.
    Not now, not then, not evah!

  12. I do have a beef with you Mr. Anonymous, you've said ugly things about the Jewish people

    European anti-semitism long predates Communism, which has far more to do with European politics than it does with Jews. If you even count second generation Christians like Karl Marx as Jews.

    The USSR was composed of many nationalities, the preoccupation with Jewish members of the Soviet government is a stupid obsession of bigots. Were the Ukrainians to blame for the USSR because of Khrushchev and Brezhnev and the many high ranking Ukrainian party members? And those Stalin's Jewish murderers you reference, go and see how many of them survived past the 50's or even the 40's.

    Charles Johnson of LGF is not Jewish. LGF may have more Jewish members than Brussels, but Jews are far from the majority there and it is not a Jewish site.

    LGF made points about the politics of Vlaams Belang, without for the most part being rooted in Jewish issues.

  13. I'm sure they will target HaTikva or just undermine it from the inside with their people


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