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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Humor Roundup - Prozac for Muslims, Ron Paul's Constitutional Urination

Do you feel angry all the time? Do toy pigs, patterns in ice cream, women and anyone who believes differently than you fill you with uncontrollable rage? In this uniquely produced video from SultanKnish.blogspot.com, the solution is clear. Extra strength Prozac for Muslims.

But Seriously Folks

On a more serious note my Op-Ed Withdrawal: The Root Of Defeat is running in the Jewish Press this week and was mentioned in the Jewish Press blog.

IsraPundit reports on the Democratic Party beginning to lose the Jewish vote.

Via Daled Amos, a post from Gates of Vienna that discusses what it would be like if Sderot were in Brooklyn.

Lemon Lime Moon writes on the connection between Illegal immigrants in America and Palestinian terrorists.

Space Ramblings gives us the Ron Paul Guide to Making Yourself Hated in 30 Days.

And finally check out Yo's comic book, Evil Ehud and the Roborida Jew


  1. Anonymous18/5/07

    Have your fun with your post on Paul, but I seriously have to ask:

    Do you seriously think that once the last secularists and constitutionalists abandon the Republican party, leaving it entirely [and not just 90%] in the clutches of evangelicals of the stripe depicted in "Jesus Camp", that these guys are going to be your friends?


  2. considering that the three leading republican presidential candidates are moderate to liberal republicans, the republican party is a lot more than any single faction within its ranks

    and at the end of the day the republican party is a far more constitutionalist party than the democratic party-- so it's not as if there's much of an alternative

    I'm assuming by your friends, you mean jews. Friendliness and support toward Jews and Israel varies across all factions within the republican party. That said someone like Ron Paul is quite clearly hostile. Not to mention bigoted against Jews, Asians, Black people...etc

  3. What in the world is Jesus Camp ?



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