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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do Neturei Karta represent a Terrorist threat in the West?

Neturei Karta despite consisting of a small number of individuals is well known as the men in chassidic style dress who turn up at rallies protesting on behalf of Palestinian terrorists. While these individuals are not actual Chassidim but a bizarre sect that has been shown to have been funded by Fatah terrorists; they recieve a good deal of attention from Muslims and the Left as they go around claiming that their views are the ones of 'Torah-True Orthodox Jews.'

In fact a wide range of Orthodox Jews from Modern to Chassidic have condemned them and issued a directive to shun them altogether. Up till now their tactics have been despicable such as serving in Arafat's government, holding public prayers for Arafat, appearing at the memorial service for the leader of Hamas and going around defending the leader of Iran and Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel.

Their latest twist though suggests they represent more than a mere nuisance. Islamic terrorist cleric Abu Hamza had become nearly as well known as Osama Bin Laden. Operating out of his Finsbury Park Mosque, Abu Hamza spewed violent hatefull rhetoric and promoted terrorism in Iraq, Israel and at home in England. A raid on his mosque turned up weapons, false papers and even chemical warfare protection suits. Quotes such as these were introduced at his trial.

"Killing a Kafir [infidel] for any reason you can say it is OK even if there is no reason for it,”

"Although it is good it is not as good as you do in your own door. You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed - you can be shaheed right on your own doorstep. May Allah open our eyes for what's good for us - so we don't waste our Muslim blood far away."

"We do not hate Jews because they hurt each other we hate them for their corruption on earth... So nation of Mohammed must regain their dignity and this dignity would not be regained unless with blood."

"The Jews will be destroyed, the state will be destroyed and some of the Jews will be running around hiding behind the trees and the stones and then they got cursed by the earth until there is not one of them left...The Jews will never leave Palestine. The Jews will be buried there...He told his audience that "the tunnels that they dug underneath the al-Aqsa mosque will be filled with their skulls and their bodies and whatever they corrupted with their wealth - against the Muslims...It is decreed that it will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world..."

When Abu Hamza was put on trial it was a Neturei Karta Rabbi who came to testify on his behalf. 'Rabbi' Joseph Goldstein (though no Neturei Karta member can halachically be considered an actual Rabbi.) Neturei Karta had always embraced terrorists who killed Jews but this along with their embrace of CAIR, places Neturei Karta as operating not merely in support of terrorists who target Jews but terrorists who target Americans and British too. Neturei Karta had always claimed that they oppose only Zionism and yet they are collaborating with terrorists who oppose the West as well making them a national security threat to any country they live in.


  1. Anonymous26/2/06

    Neturei Karta are fanatical cultists.
    This is not a religion so much as it is a front for terrorist propaganda

  2. Anonymous27/2/06

    Very frightening that Neturei Karta would ally themselves with terrorists and terror-supporting organizations. I thought they were supposed to be pacifists against zionism because it has resulted in bloodshed, and for religious reasons as well.

  3. Anonymous27/2/06

    Barry Chamish is personally associated with Neturei Karta and has linked his personal web page to some Neturei Karta front groups like "Jews against Zionism".

  4. Anonymous27/2/06

    They went so far to the right in their attempt to fight the zionistas, that they fell off the map of Judaism!

    Halevai, if only they had used that energy to fight the EREV RAV (not all the Israelis), we might be on their side. But now, that speck in their eye has diminished a true Jewish perspective.

    Very nice post. I read you daily, even tho not always commenting.

  5. they're most certainly not pacifists and they were in part funded by Arafat


    the organization is heavily a fraud and filled with crazies

  6. Anonymous27/2/06

    My friends father once said to us that the way to hide is to appear to be what you are not or to appear laughable, a joke.
    While everyone thinks you are a nutcase or a joke you can be doing serious damage behind the scenes.
    Neturei Karta is one such organization.
    I am sure individual members believe they are peaceful but the leadership has no such agenda.
    But isnt there situations and organizations where the general membership have no real clue what the real agenda is?
    I doubt Neturei Karta cares one bit for Judaism, Jews, religion, G-d or Israel.



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