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Monday, February 27, 2006

And so Inevitably the World Embraces Hamas

When Hamas first won the Palestinian elections, many articles were written claiming that now, finally at last, the world would recognize that the Palestinians don't want peace and would stop supporting them. Now they thought finally the world must see.

I said at the time that the world would go on supporting Hamas and pressuring Israel. I will say it now again. There is no act, no rhetoric, nothing horrific or vile enough for the world to ever stop supporting the Palestinians because support for the Palestinians has nothing to do with the Palestinians and everything to do with a campaign against Israel.

No sooner did Hamas win election than the media and the talking heads and the politicians began claiming that the Palestinians didn't vote for Hamas because they support terrorism but because they were opposed to government corruption. This is a little like claiming that Germans voted for Hitler because of a shorter work week. Those can be factors but they are not the essence of the candidate and the German voters like the Palestinian voters undeniably knew who they were voting for. Bush in his speech no longer called Hamas a terrorist organization but an organized with an 'armed wing.'

Soon enough Russia expressed its support for Hamas, claimed they weren't a terrorist organization and promised to sell them arms. France backed Russia. Pundits and diplomats hurried to inform us that we should back the 'moderates' in Hamas by aiding Hamas. According to them this would weaken the extremists in Hamas. The problem of course is that Hamas moderates are just Hamas members who know how to spin their rhetoric for the tv cameras while Hamas extremists don't waste time on deception.

The US pressured Israel to turn over revenues to the PA and will continue some forms of aid. The EU will put in over a hundred million dollars now to help pay the salaries of the terrorists on the PA payroll, among other things. Meanwhile James Wolfensohn, formerly of the World Bank, currently the quartet envoy is warning the US that if the PA runs out of money there will be violence.

Of course claiming that when terrorists run out of money there will be violence is counterintuitive. There will always be violence when terrorists are in power. When terrorists have money they have more resources to carry out that violence with. The entire premise that terrorism exists because there is a lack of money is precisely the kind of discredited liberal nonesense that the supposed conservatives in office should have had no truck with. But then the War on Terror has long since moved into appeasement mode. The US is distributing over 200 million dollars to terrorists in Iraq hoping they'll stop the violence. Sadr who has been responsible for much of the Shiite violence against American soldiers was originally paid off to stop the fighting, only to begin it again.

When you pay Danegeld you never get rid of the Dane. But the problem is that bribing terrorists has been policy for some time now. The entire Israeli Peace Process was premised on the delusional belief that Palestinian terrorism could be bought off with some land. The US pressure on Israel to make concessions was based on the more delusional premise that the Arab and Muslim world would like us if the Palestinians got their own state. From that we moved to the still more delusional belief that the Arab and Muslim world would reform if it had Democratic elections, having missed the reality that most of the Arab and Muslim world democratically hates America and admires terrorists except when they bomb their own.

Each time the bribes fail and the violence continues, the advocates of appeasement argue that it's because we didn't give enough. If we began with a finger, next time give the nice folks an arm. And so we give more. Over 2000 US soldiers are dead. Over 3000 US civilians are dead. Hundreds of billions have been spent to protect Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan, in foreign aid to Egypt and Jordan (over 3 billion combined.) Heartbroken Americans poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Tsunami relief efforts, yet the end result was not gratitude towards America but Islamic radicalization as Imams went around preaching that the Tsunami was the punishment of Allah for a lack of sufficent observance.

How much more is there to give? For starters our freedom of speech which in the aftermath of the Cartoon Jihad has already been given up. Nuclear weapons to Iran. The transformation of Iraq into Iran 2. And that is just the beginning. After 9/11 we did not restrict immigration from Muslim countries. We did not ethnically profile terrorists. We did not fight a proper war against those who had done this, instead pursuing nation building campaigns until we had completely lost track of our purpose coming to believe that it was to give civil lessons to Muslim regimes. With US support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have come to power in Egypt and Israel and this is but the beginning as we continue bribing the murderers who will never stay bribed taking each thing we give them as their due and demanding more.

If Jews or Israel believe after all this that the US or Europe will seriously withdraw their support from Hamas, they have been deeply deluded. What after all is the real difference between Arafat's terrorists and those of Hamas except that the former were less religious. Arafat didn't recieve international praise and support out of some confusion of identity. Everyone knew full well that he was a terrorist. Every knew full well that he remained a terrorist. This did not bother anyone. As the US War on Terror has devolved from CIA agents flying into Afghanistan with briefcases of cash for Osama Bin Laden's head to CIA agents riding into Baghdad with briefcases of cash to try and bribe the terrorists killing US troops to go home, so too US support for Israel has devolved into appeasement for the terrorists.

The world will never reject Hamas or any Palestinian terrorist. Only we can do it because no one else will.


  1. Anonymous27/2/06

    filth goes to filth.

  2. You are right
    Support for Hamas is nothing less than Anti-Semitism, Anti-Israel, Anti-G-d ultimately and that is the state of most of this heathen world.
    They all claim to worship the one true god, but they do not and never have.
    Only Israel ever knew G-d.

  3. Anonymous27/2/06

    The world worships falsehood and evil and always has. Its just becoming more and more out of control as time passes.
    It will reach a boiling point too.
    Let the heathen rage Hashem said.
    And so they do.



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