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Home Yiddish for the Internet Age

Yiddish for the Internet Age

Ich Blog - I Blog

Ehr Blogt Narishkeit - He Blogs Nonesense

Mein I-Pod Nano is Zurbrochen, a Zolchen Mazel Oif Steve Jobs - My I-Pod Nano is Broken, May Steve Jobs Have the Same Luck

Noch a Bluescreen! A Chalaerye Zol Bill Gates Chapen! - Another Blue Screen! May a Chalereye Get Bill Gates!

Mein Camera Hot Nisht Kein Memory. Lent mir an SD Memory Carte. - My Camera is Out of Memory. Lend Me an SD Memory Card.

HD\DVD, Blu-Ray, Chakt Mir Nicht Kein Chaynik Un Zog Mir Ve'fill Gigabytes Es Vert Halten on die Disk, Nisht in die Lab - HD\DVD or Blue-Ray, Don't Waste My Time, Tell me How Many Gigabytes it Holds on the Disk and not in the Lab.

Az Mir Vellen Geyen OpenSource, Vie Fur a Support Vellen Mir Kriggen? - If We Go OpenSource, What Kind of Support Will We Recieve?

Vos Fur a Meshugene Hot Gemacht Diese Podcast? - What Kind of Nut Made this Podcast?


  1. Anonymous19/10/05

    That's cute

  2. Anonymous20/10/05

    I like this Knish old boy.
    Funny, entertaining. Now this allows my beefy lunch to go down easily.
    Keep it up.

  3. Anonymous21/10/05

    Very funny. With your permission, I'd like to post it to my own blog. I'll link to your site if you'd prefer.

  4. Anonymous21/10/05

    thanks all and sure devo you're welcome to it


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