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Monday, August 01, 2005

Embedded with the Expellers

Traditionally embedded reporters are meant to accompany troops into battle, meanwhile the Jerusalem Post has a logo complete with military insignia for a reporter accompanying troops to throw families out of their homes by force, as if this was something glamorous or heroic.

The Jerusalem Post which despite running some excellent collumns by Glick have joined the rest of the Israeli media in acting as cheerleaders for expulsion, is now boasting of a reporter accompanying troops as 'embedded' as if he was heading into a war zone or under fire instead of to beat fathers, mothers and children out of their homes.


  1. The logo makes me want to vomit.

  2. cosmic what do yo have against the logo??

    for those of you who didn't get it, it's the Symble of the KaraKal unit... the mixed boys/girls unit...

  3. Anonymous2/8/05

    I think there's something twisted about a newspaper treating a mission to throw jews out of their homes as glamorous

  4. OC -

    I wasn't talking about the army symbol. The attempted glamorization of being embedded with the expellers made me want to vomit.

    Now that you informed me that the army symbol is of a mixed boys/girls unit...that also makes me want to vomit.

  5. Cosmic - first of all this is the other one of the 2 (OC is my wife)...

    2nd - you opinion about the Karakal is ok (even if you, as I can tell have NO idea what the unit is).. every one can have an opinion about different Ideas in the Army.. Just like the Charedi Community was sick over the Nachal Charedi Idea a few years ago... (they were wrong - it's one of the best things that happend to them).

    3rd - and I keep trying to get this point across... they are not "expellers" or criminals or whatever other things you would like to refer to them as... they are Soldiers of the IDF!!!

    I agree with the fact that making it look like the guy is going in with them is a little twisted.. and as Sultan said it isn't a glamorous mission.. but once again.. they are soldiers... send your anger off to the Govt. not to them...

  6. Anonymous3/8/05

    they are indeed soldiers of the IDF and it is precisely this that is the tragedy that Sharon and his supporters are turning them into expellers and forcing them to carry out criminal acts or be jailed for refusal

  7. OY-

    Sorry for confusing you with your wife!



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