Home A Criminal Law: Sharon's Israel drifts towards Tyranny
Home A Criminal Law: Sharon's Israel drifts towards Tyranny

A Criminal Law: Sharon's Israel drifts towards Tyranny

“If the police estimates that the crowds that will arrive in Sderot might endanger the Disengagement plan, then it will be legitimate to stop the protesters, even at the early stages of their trip,” Attorney General Mazuz said Sunday afternoon.

There is a crucial distinction between two types of nations, one ruled by a justice system in which law is the basis for an evenhanded system that applies to all and the other in which law is a tool for enforcing the policies of a government and suppressing political opposition.

The Attorney General quoted above ruled that buses and cars suspected of going to a protest that may make the implementation of a government policy more difficult can be stopped. This is not a legal reason, it is a purely political reason.

Chaya Belogorodsky, a slight, fair-haired and devout 14-year-old girl, is considered such a grave "danger to public peace" that Israel's highest judges dare not let her out of prison and back to her home in a Jewish settlement. Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia wrote that Chaya must remain in jail for a period that could last months because she constitutes a "danger to the society because of her ideological motivation."

When law becomes the the tool of politicians to suppress dissent it becomes the tool of tyranny. The application may be cloaked in rhetoric about the 'Greater Good' or 'Civil Society' but it is the nature of tyrannies to cover their moral and legal blemishes with propaganda. Either law is an evenhanded system for maintaining a civil society or it is a farce meant to maintain a political faction's grip on power.

As his friend and colleague Peres did after Rabin's assassination, Sharon has inaugurated a reign of political terror against his opposition employing political, propaganda and law enforcement means to break the will of those who stand in his way. Peres and Sharon, both neo-communist Mapai hacks, have no concept of democracy or freedom. To them there is only the government's policy and everyone who opposes it is an enemy to be crushed. Under such tyrants, law becomes a criminal law and Israel drifts towards tyranny.

At 5 a.m. on July 4, six men, in civilian dress, five of them armed with M-16 rifles, forcibly entered the Vovnoboys' home in Karnei Shomron. They proceeded to confiscate two of the family's computers, and membership forms for the Likud Party that were piled on his desk. Vovnoboy was remanded in custody for four days the next morning by a Jerusalem district judge in spite of the fact that his lawyer showed that the arrest and search had been conducted illegally. According to the warrant, two witnesses were supposed to have been present during the execution of the warrant, and none were.

The forms confiscated from his home were signatures from Likud Central Committee members demanding a convening of the committee to debate the removal of Sharon from his leadership of the party. In order to convene the committee, 20 percent of its members must sign requests to do so. Vovnoboy had planned to submit the forms the day after he was arrested. The deadline for submission was the day before he was released. The police returned the forms to him two days after the deadline passed.


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