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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10 Things I Did Today

1. Ate a slice of blueberry pie

2. Wrote my autobiography on the back of a postage stamp

3. Calculated the coefficent of X, Y, Z and Calcutta

4. Defied a union boycott

5. Communicated with the dead

6. Ate another slice of blueberry pie

7. Offered the dead some blueberry pie

8. Convinced the dead to devour the union boycotters in exchange for blueberry pie

9. Wrote a Dear Abby letter to Dear Sally

10. Transcended this mundane existance and explored higher realms of thought on the A Train


  1. Sounds like somebody spiked your blueberry pie with LSD.

  2. mmmmm blueberry lsd

    I see whole new shades of teal now



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