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Home Israel Palestinians Pigs in Palestine: Anti-Israel Left Spreads Anti-Semitic Boar Libels

Pigs in Palestine: Anti-Israel Left Spreads Anti-Semitic Boar Libels

Combatants for Peace, an anti-Israel group widely touted by the media, has been accusing Jews of attacking Muslim settlers in Israel by releasing the pigs.

Or the boars.

An undercover video by the pro-Israel group Ad Kann showcased a Combatants for Peace tour that included claims that Jewish “settlers” ship in wild pigs by trucks to Muslim settlements in Israel.

“We saw the truck bringing pigs. An Israeli truck carrying boars,” was the claim.

The pigs were allegedly coming from the town of Alei Zahav (Golden Leaves), which has a population of 1,643 people, and about half of them are Orthodox Jews, who are unlikely to harbor many pigs. Its Facebook page features horses grazing in a paddock without so much as a pig in a poke.

But while Alei Zahav’s residents busy themselves with community events and charity projects, a Bar Mitzvah and a children’s dance recital, a multinational conglomeration of radical groups has been accusing them of building a “giant settlement” and now of shipping around trucks full of wild pigs.

Combatants for Peace is funded by the Swiss government, a German foundation named after Rosa Luxemburg, a co-founder of the Communist Spartacus League, and the New Israel Fund. That may seem like an odd bunch to get together and fund accusations of Jewish pig warfare, but it isn’t really.

Israel’s motley of wealthy anti-Israel groups are funded by the Europeans and the New Israel Fund. The NIF basically operates as a slush fund for a variety of hostile groups that range from supporting BDS to involvement in terrorism.

And who funds the NIF? George Soros, Obama’s State Department and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

That mighty river of cash thundering through the corrupt coffers of the New Israel Fund eventually trickles into a creek near some dusty colonial Muslim settlements where the interpreter informs international lefties and domestic anti-Israel activists about the piggish plots of the Jewish oppressors.

And it’s not just the New Israel Fund helping spread tales of Zionist pig persecution.

A report by Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ), an anti-Israel group funded by Switzerland, Sweden, Catholic Relief Services, Oxfam and the UN, alleged that, “herd of settler‐owned wild boars were released onto Palestinian farmlands.”

How can wild boars be owned by anyone?

But ARIJ also claimed that the Jewish owned wild boars had attacked sheep barns, beehives, peach trees and “a car owned by Baha’ Hussein”.

An official Oxfam report also accuses the Jews of “letting loose wild boars”.

The Oakland Institute, whose board includes Jeff Furman, the Chair of the Ben & Jerry’s corporate board, threw in a ‘boar libel’. So did the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights funded by George Soros.

A spokesman for Rabbis for Human Rights, an anti-Israel organization that contains no actual Rabbis or concern for human rights, gave credence to the idea of Jewish farmers dispatching pigs to “Palestine”.

“They even do it on the Sabbath,” the spokesman for the anti-Israel hate group insisted. It was unclear though if he were referring to pigs or dogs. The American spinoff of RHR is known as T’ruah, but its leader, Jill Jacobs, has no stated position on Jews dispatching pigs to attack Muslims on the Sabbath.

Michael Taussig, an anti-Israel BDS activist and a Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, repeated a claim that “rampaging gazelles and wild boar emerging from that John F Kennedy National Park” were attacking Muslims.

And “the gazelles and the boars are trained somehow to respond to Israeli commands.”

Taussig probably meant the John F. Kennedy Peace Forest, ironically named because it’s been subject to arson and bizarre Zionist attack gazelle conspiracy theories. The gazelles join the snakes, sharks, eagles, hyenas and dolphins who have been accused of serving as secret animal agents of the Jews.

But Muslim colonists prefer to bore foreigners with horror stories about rampaging Jewish boars because this Palestinian pig tale comes from the prince of “Palestine”.

Palestinian Authority boss Mahmoud Abbas, the capo di tutti capi of the PLO and Fatah, ranted, “Every night, they release wild pigs against us.”

“Why are they doing this to us?” the terrorist leader, who has been linked to the Munich Olympics massacre and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair bound Jewish-American, whined.

Elementary justice would have seen Abbas behind bars or on the gallows, instead of telling pig tales.

A Hamas propaganda site claimed last year that Israelis had released “hundreds of wild boars” on Muslim settler farms. Mondoweiss, an anti-Semitic site, repeated a claim that the Jews found that, “launching wild pigs toward the Palestinian farmlands was the best effective way to fight the Palestinian farmers without significant cost”.

How does one go about launching wild pigs? A pig catapult? Pig cannon? And how does a small town go about rounding up hundreds of giant boars with sharp tusks every few days?

Last year, 3 ISIS terrorists were mauled to death by boars while trying to round them up. But apparently ordinary Jewish farmers fearlessly tackle hundreds of the two hundred pound beasts.

The Jews were also accused of leaving the Muslim settlers defenseless against the pig armies because “the occupation prevents the Palestinians from shooting the pigs” while the Jews are free to shoot the boars. But the “occupation” also bans “Palestinians” from firing missiles at Jewish kindergartens and from planting bombs on commuter buses. But that doesn’t seem to have dissuaded them.

Yet, when it comes to shooting the pigs, no one in the PLO or Hamas can manage to find a rifle. And when they do, they somehow end up shooting each other instead of the confused pigs.

An expert in the Palestinian Authority’s Agricultural Development Association claimed that wild boars hardly existed until the Israelis began bringing trucking in pigs and snakes.

Haaretz accused the wild boars of Israel of being European colonists. Israeli boars, unlike Egyptian and Syrian boars, are “European” rather than “Near Eastern” boars. But the European boars were likely brought to Israel by the Philistines, who had come from what is today Greece, and whose name was appropriated first by their distant Roman relations after conquering Israel, and then by the “Palestinians”: Muslim invaders who borrowed an invader name to prove their indigenousness.

The boars were there before the Muslim conquerors and settlers. And they’ll be there long after them.

Research studies show that Israel’s boar problem dates back 3,000 years. The boars were “boated in” by the Philistines, rather than “trucked in” by the Jews, and if the Muslim settlers put as much ingenuity into agriculture, as they do into killing non-Muslims, they would have the boar problem under control.

The media has been complicit in spreading these pig tales.

In 2012, Deir Istiya Mayor Nazmi Salman told CNN that Jewish farmers had released 300 wild pigs. The fake news network reported this bizarre claim uncritically and without challenging it. VICE visited the area and tried to pin the pig problem on Israeli environmental regulations banning mass poisoning of wildlife with strychnine. Normally the left would be opposed to the mass poisoning of wildlife, but when it comes to hating the Jews, every sacred leftist principle goes out the door faster than you can say, ‘pig’.

Israel has also been accused of taking the boar war international by sending wild boars (and mice) to Egypt and Jordan. Israel “replaced the jets with wild boars and white mice,” a Jordanian journalist alleged.

The pig story even made it into Palestinian Authority textbooks which claim that Israel dumps expired food and cars in the Terrorist Occupied Territories of the PA, and “released herds of boars”.

But at least the Muslim settlers of Israel are not alone in their animal oppression.

During the Iraq War, the locals claimed that the British had been releasing giant honey badgers.

“We have not released giant badgers in Basra,” British army spokesman in Basra, Major David Gell alliteratively denied.

Why has the PLO gone so overboard with boars? The issue isn’t strictly agricultural. It’s religious.

In 2012, Mahmoud Abbas claimed that Jewish farmers were “uprooting trees, burning mosques and even training dogs to attack us and sending wild boars to spread corruption on the face of the earth.”

How are wild boars spreading “corruption”?

Islam’s shoddy plagiarism took the Jewish biblical commandment not to eat pigs (and a variety of other animals which Muslims do eat, including camels) turned pigs into a neurotic obsession. Accusing the Jews of releasing pigs taps into historic Koranic prejudices against the Jews as “apes and pigs”.

Palestinian Authority propaganda repeatedly echoes the racist theme of Jews as “apes and pigs”. And wouldn’t it be natural for the pigs to be responsible for the wild pig problem in Muslim settlements?

Pigs, mice, snakes, rats, dogs and hyenas are considered unclean in Islam. It’s no coincidence that these are the animals that the “unclean Jews” are accused of releasing into Muslim occupied territories.

The Muslim settlers could accept that it’s their own sloppy and inept practices that caused their pestilence problems, instead of claiming that Jews secretly release pigs during snowstorms through a secret iron gate in the wall. But that would be the exact opposite of everything “Palestine” stands for.

And it would be too much to expect the New Israel Fund, Oxfam, the UN, the EU, Combatants for Peace, and Rabbis for Human Rights to stop helping them spread these swinish anti-Semitic pig tales.

Like the wild pigs, the anti-Israel left just can’t stop eating garbage.


  1. Anonymous30/6/24

    Two boar-infested locations which which the leftists and Palestinians haven't mentioned: Haifa and Modi'in Illit. I know about Haifa because everyone knows about the boars roaming Haifa, even nonchalantly in broad daylight. And I know about Modi'in Illit because I live there. The problem was quite serious in Modi'in Illit for several years. A friend on the other end of town described seeing dozens in his backyard at night. For a while small droves would come down from the brush between Modi'in Illit and Dir Qadis (if the latter sounds like an Arab village, that's because it is) at least a few times a week, rummaging through the trash cans alongside our parking lot. Typically you'd see fairly small boars munching, while an enormous boar stood guard; when they retreated he always stood his ground until all the piglets had safely clambered back up to the brush. I don't know whether the boars were more of a nuisance to the citizens of Modi'in Illit or Dir Qadis. My guess is that they were unable (lack of Mossad training?) to distinguish between Jew and Arab, but rather chose their destinations based on the taste and nutritional value of the respective trash grub.


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