Home environmentalism Hillary Clinton recent Biden Backers Fund Vandalism of Constitution
Home environmentalism Hillary Clinton recent Biden Backers Fund Vandalism of Constitution

Biden Backers Fund Vandalism of Constitution

When Stonehenge was vandalized by militant leftist environmentalists convinced that the world was going to end, the trail led back to an L.A. organization and then to Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Just Stop Oil had been behind not only the vandalism at Stonehenge, but attacks on multiple classical works of art and culture, including Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” as well as the Magna Carta.

As Freedom Center Investigates previously revealed, Just Stop Oil was funded by the Climate Emergency Fund in California whose backers include such liberal royalty as Rory Kennedy, Aileen Getty, Abigail Disney and Hollywood director Adam McKay.

But there is another major donor to the Climate Emergency Fund.

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, she created Onward Together to serve as the arm for her future political goals. The group uses her familiar ‘arrow’ as part of its logo. Late last year, Hillary Clinton asked supporters to celebrate her birthday by supporting the “work Onward Together groups are doing to protect and strengthen our democracy”.

One of those groups was strengthening “democracy” by attacking the Constitution.

Onward Together had previously provided $500,000 to the Climate Emergency Fund. This year. activists with Declare Emergency, an allied group, tried to vandalize a copy of the Constitution at the National Archives. The organization’s site states that the, “Climate Emergency Fund is the lead funder for Declare Emergency’s recruitment, training, and educational efforts.”

Hillary Clinton has been accused of attacking the Constitution before, but never this literally.

And she’s not alone. The global assault on art and cultural heritage was financed by the wealthy Hollywood liberal elite behind CEF which also funds and supports Biden and the Democrats.

Rory Kennedy co-founded the Climate Emergency Fund and sits on its board of directors The daughter of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Rory was ‘front and center’ when the Kennedy family rolled out its endorsement of Joe Biden. Rory appeared on Good Morning America and condemned her brother, RFK Jr, telling former Clinton White House adviser and current ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, “I am concerned that voting for Bobby is going to take votes away from Biden and lead to a Trump election.”

George did not ask Rory about her role in a group funding terrorism worldwide.

Biden has repeatedly appeared with Rory Kennedy including at the White House. Beyond Biden, Rory Kennedy donated to Kamala and at least six Senate members. Not a single media outlet raised concerns about Kennedy’s role in an extremist organization funding groups engaged in the vandalism of art and historical documents in America and in Europe.

Or has asked Biden and other Democrat recipients how they felt about getting support from a political extremist whose group engaged in global vandalism and terrorism.

Including a physical attack on the Constitution.

Bloomberg revealed that CEF had “been Just Stop Oil’s majority funder since the group formed last year”. Just Stop Oil has attacked multiple paintings around the world including DaVinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ and Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, and vandalized Stonehenge as well.

Biden and top Democrats are raising money from the same donors funding ecoterrorism.

The BBC had previously quoted Kennedy as saying that the group’s terrorist activities would continue in order to “stave off the worst climate emergency we’ve ever faced”.

She tweeted in response to a story about an allied eco terrorist group that “ClimateEFund will continue to support these activists. We agree that “governmental inaction over the #climate + ecological crisis now justifies peaceful and non-violent protest + direct action, even if this goes beyond the bounds of the current law.”

Freedom Center Investigates had previously revealed that CEF has lied to the IRS by falsely claiming in its 990 forms that it “supports only nonviolent, legal activities”

Kennedy’s tweet admitted that CEF supports groups that violate the law.

Beyond the vandalism of art and cultural landmarks, the eco terrorists and their funders promote violence and dangerous behavior.

Rory Kennedy hailed a New York Times op-ed by Margaret Klein Salamon, the clinical psychologist who heads CEF, that began with describing a man setting himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court as a “principled protest.” And in a disturbing example of child abuse, Kennedy also promoted a radical environmentalist stunt during which an 8-year-old boy was made to hang from a bridge in order to display a banner promoting its extremist message.

Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, helped create CEF and is a top donor to the extremist organization. After Just Stop Oil threw soup on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting, Getty wrote an op-ed headlined, “I fund climate activism – and I applaud the Van Gogh protest”.

Aileen Getty is an enthusiastic donor to Democratic politicians and causes. And last year donated to Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together.

As well as to Joe Biden.

Getty has funded Gov. Newsom’s SuperPAC which may help ensure that the group has nothing to fear from law enforcement in California.

Abigail Disney, the Disney heiress and Democrat donor, is another backer CEF backer. Disney was herself arrested at a protest. Disney has donated to radical Democrat politicians, but also to Biden, Sen. Chuck Schumer and the DSCC.

In response to a demand that she and CEF “stop funding groups” attacking “famous pieces of art”, Disney retorted, “No I won’t pledge any such thing and you know why? Because there is a climate emergency going on. You can be hostile about these protests–you only raise their profile and effectiveness, so thx.”

Hollywood director Adam McKay serves on the CEF board of directors and has donated $4 million to the extremist organization. He has also donated to Biden and multiple Senate Democrats as well as to fringe leftist radicals like Cenk Uygur and Zephyr Teachout.

McKay tweeted “that disruptive protest is not only essential in this moment, it’s also awesome.

#JustStopOil.” When Just Stop Oil vandalized Stonehenge, McKay retweeted the video and argued that “anyone angered by this rather than the climate apocalypse big oil has unleashed needs to take 3 deep breaths and then redirect their anger where it belongs:”

The CEF board also includes documentary filmmaker and Democrat donor Geralyn Dreyfous.

The vandalism of the Constitution and classical art around the country and the world has been funded by Biden donors and surrogates. The Climate Emergency Fund lied to the IRS. Key figures and donors have defended the vandalism carried out by the extremist groups it funds.

The links between the Biden campaign, Hillary Clinton’s people and the eco-terrorists attacking art and even physically assaulting the Constitution have been covered up by the media which has refused to ask Biden, Hillary Clinton and top Democrats any hard questions about it. This corruption threatens our Constitution figuratively and now even literally.


  1. Anonymous1/7/24

    Excellent!!! I think this is dynamite foundational information, and will be using it in future articles demonstrating who are the actual insurrectionists, and this is a real insurrection!

    I'm constantly amazed at how insane so many prominent and wealthy people can be. I often wonder if they've ever read a history book. Once you turn the lunatics loose only chaos can follow.

  2. I find it fascinating that it's always the political left that advocates and uses violence, then turns around and accuses the political right of being fascists. Also fascinating how many people have fully invested in the lie that is Anthropogenic Climate Change and, somehow, if we just get ride of gas-powered vehicles the planet will heal. That belief is spurred by the knowledge that there is a kitty worth trillion$ to be accessed. They howl over the fact that there are some 268 million vehicles in the US; they conveniently don't realize that at any one time most of them are in garages and parking lots not running, not going anywhere. So I can get rid of my car to do 'my part', and China can continue to draw power from 1020 coal-fired powerplants. Makes perfect sense.

    All the wealth redistribution in the galaxy will not solve anything, because the 'problem' and it's 'solution' are incorrect. Quick example, the loss of 1% of ocean vegetation and reef formations, which is easily done by the largest commercial fishing vessels, is equivalent to the output of some 97 million automobiles. The damage to the planet's vast rainforests by clearcutting and burning only advances future woes. The planet, in complete balance, can take care of itself, and man. Destroy the balance and bad things await. But...there is currently no money to be mined here.

    So what we have here is a privileged white lady, one of the '1%', with a degree in woman's
    studies happily funding eco and climate terrorists. When the goons strike they should be arrested and given the harshest of penalties. Their contributors should be treated the same.

    I apologize for the long-winded rant.

  3. The biggest cause of global warming is the sun in its varying cycle. The biggest cause of man made globull warming is grifters looking to rule over others to satisfy their pathological need to feel powerful.
    If anthropomorphic globull warming is truly a thing, how have we effected the temperature on Mars, and the Moon? We are not running internal combustion engines on either, and there are no factories or refineries polluting the atmosphere there. It never ceases to amuse me how quickly the spoiled emotional toddlers resort straight to violence when they are not getting the attention, deference, and respect they know they have entitled themselves to.


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