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Home Islamic terrorism Israel Palestinians recent The ‘Two-State Solution’ is Terrorism

The ‘Two-State Solution’ is Terrorism

“We must keep pursuing peace. We must keep pursuing a path so that Israel and the Palestinian people can both live safely, in security, in dignity, and in peace. For me, that means a two-state solution,” Biden lectured Israelis during his visit.

A two state solution dividing up Israel into a state for the Jews and a state for the Muslim terrorists has been on the minds of Biden, administration officials, EU leaders and the media.

Before his visit to Israel, Biden called Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and scheduled a meeting with him. Secretary of State Blinken had met with Abbas the day before.

According to an official of Abbas’ Fatah party which runs the Palestinian Authority, “Blinken even demanded before he met with him that there be a condemnation” of the Hamas attacks. But no such condemnation was forthcoming. Nevertheless the media falsely reported that Abbas had disavowed Hamas. In reality, a statement was planted in a readout of a call with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro without Abbas’ knowledge. When Abbas found out, he had it removed.

Abbas’s actual reaction to the Hamas murder of women and children was to assert the right of the “Palestinian people to defend themselves against the terrorism of settlers and the occupation forces”.

While Biden and Blinken were preparing to meet with the terrorist leader, a terror unit that is part of Abbas’ Fatah party was claiming credit for collaborating with Hamas on the attacks.

A spokesman for the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades boasted that the “together with the rest of the Palestinian resistance factions” it “carried out several operations behind enemy lines as part of ‘the Al-Aqsa Flood’ battle”, which is the Hamas name for the attacks, and claimed that “we killed and took captive occupation soldiers” as part of a “joint operations room”.

Biden’s alternative to Hamas was actually killing Israelis in coordination with Hamas.

While the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades appears on the list of foreign terrorist organizations, making it a crime for Americans to fund it, its parent organization, the Palestinian Authority, benefits from massive infusions of cash and political support from Washington D.C.

Last year, Biden met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and bragged that, “I reversed the policies of my predecessor and resumed aid to the Palestinians — more than a half a billion dollars in 2021.”

The meeting between Abbas and Biden didn’t happen on this trip, not because the leader of the free world refused to meet with a terrorist leader, but because the terrorist leader refused to meet with Biden in order to protest Israel’s bombing of Hamas terrorists. Half a billion dollars didn’t even buy Biden a photo op with the terrorist he would like to see running a country.

None of that has stopped Biden and D.C. officials from continuing to talk about the “Two-State Solution” and to warn that if Israel defeats Hamas in Gaza, it must replace it with the Palestinian Authority and its terrorists to begin the cycle of violence and terror all over again.

But Biden didn’t bother to ask the “Palestinians”: 72% of whom don’t support a two-state solution in “which an independent Palestinian state existed alongside an independent state of Israel”. Among the young, there’s only 16% support for coexistence with Israel. 81% of them don’t believe that a permanent peace will ever be achieved. Two-thirds believe that life was better before the Oslo Accords began the two-state solution process and support abandoning it.

If an election were held, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would defeat Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas by 58% to 37% which explains why Abbas has not held a presidential election since 2005. After Hamas won legislative elections in 2006, all elections were canceled.

Despite the clear evidence otherwise, Secretary of State Blinken put in a call to Abbas to tell him, “that Hamas terrorists do not represent Palestinians”. He didn’t mention that the only reason they don’t is because the Palestinian Authority won’t hold elections to allow them to.

As the Hamas attacks were underway, Al Jazeera reported that mosque “minarets in the West Bank began making calls of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in an expression of support” and “massive processions set out in a number of places in the West Bank… in Jenin, Tubas, Ramallah… in Hebron, and Bethlehem… to celebrate the ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ battle.”

The Palestinian Authority’s television rejoiced that “Gaza landed a blow that this occupation will yet remember… We are talking about dozens of detainees and captives, both dead bodies and captive soldiers and settlers… Today they are imprisoned in the Gaza Strip.”

The idea that the values of Hamas are fundamentally different from those of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, and that those differ from the values of the Arab Muslims living in the territories under their control has no basis in actual fact. Politicians keep repeating these evidence-free claims because the alternative is to admit the grimness of the situation.

The two-state solution is based on a myth and a lie. It defies history, geography, and reality. Decades of efforts to implement it have foundered on the simple fact that the issue is coexistence, not territory, and no matter what impossible maps are drawn, the violence never ends because it does not originate in the wars of ‘48, ‘67’ or ‘73, in Israel’s decision to close the Gaza border once Hamas seized power or in anything that happened in the last two centuries.

The myth that the Palestinian Authority, born out of the PLO, was a moderate alternative to Hamas has long since been exposed as a lie, but no matter how often Arafat and then Abbas showed their true colors, how many innocent people were murdered, the big lie was too big to fail. And now in the face of the worst terrorist attack in Israeli history, it’s still too big to fail.

The only way that Biden and the rest of Washington D.C. can countenance removing Hamas is by replacing it with another bunch of terrorists to maintain the “Two-State Solution”.

But the issue is not just one terrorist group. Hamas and Fatah are reflections of their people.

Twenty years ago, a Hamas terrorist disguised as a woman walked into a Passover seder filled with elderly people, including Holocaust survivors, and set off a bomb, killing over two dozen and wounding over a hundred. Next year, the Palestinian Authority sponsored a soccer tournament in the terrorist’s honor to the approval of 71%. (That same poll found that 74% of ‘Palestinians’ supported Saddam Hussein, 82% viewed Hamas as ‘freedom fighters’ and 79% believed that bombing Israeli restaurants and buses were not acts of ‘terrorism’)

“There is no limit to Palestinian barbarism,” the Israeli government spokesman had bitterly observed. The spectacle of “bleeding and dazed survivors” who were “dragging moaning victims across a marble floor streaked with blood and littered with body parts and crushed matzo” set a new standard for evil. One woman saw “a little girl lying dead on the ground with her eyes wide open”. The latest Hamas horrors were more of the same, only executed on a grander scale.

There is indeed no limit to ‘Palestinian’ barbarism and no limit to the lies that the rest of the world will believe to avoid confronting it. The ‘Two-State Solution’ is the worst of those lies. As the Jewish families massacred by Hamas found out, no one can live next door to monsters who lust for the opportunity to torture, mutilate, rape and kill them. That’s the ‘Two-State Solution’.

Biden’s push for a ‘Two-State Solution’ would hand over Gaza from one Islamic terrorist group to another. The Palestinian Authority provides payments to Hamas terrorists and their families as part of its ‘Pay-to-Slay’ program. It celebrates their atrocities and collaborates with them.

The Hamas butchery finally convinced the Biden administration that the terror group needed to go, but the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has admitted that Fatah took part in the Hamas attacks. Where did the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade come from? It was founded by a member of Tanzim, another Fatah terrorist group responsible for multiple suicide bombings that was created by Arafat and led by Marwan Barghouti.

While Barghouti is serving several life sentences in Israeli prison, if he were to run for president of the Palestinian Authority, polls show he would defeat the Hamas leader, 60% to 37%.

That’s the future of ‘Two-State Solution’.

The ‘Two-State Solution’ is not an end to violence, it’s perpetual violence. If we want an actual solution, it begins with ending our political and financial support for Islamic terror groups in Israel. The experiment of giving the terrorists an independent state has been tried and failed. The death toll from the terrorists of the ‘Two-State Solution’ continues to grow every year.

The solution to terrorism is not more terrorism, it’s ending terrorism.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous3/11/23

    "Obama Appoints French Economist Funded by Saudi Billionaire" by Daniel Greenfield

  2. AislaSinclair4/11/23

    What a wonderful and clear headed account.
    As opposed to the cloud of vagaries amidst the blood curdling evil of Islamists, as the progressive slip them their funds and grandchildren.
    Hamas means "godless violence" in Hebrew,so I gather...as opposed to meaning "zeal" in Arabic. Genesis 6.11 as an example.
    And if I'm wrong?
    Well, all Hams have to is release all the hostages, surrender to Israel and it's justice system for atrocities carried out on Israeli soil?
    And the civilian Palestinians can begin to live again, as normal people. Not sandbags for Arafat and his foul seed.
    Funny that this is never suggested?
    Whyever not?

  3. Anonymous5/11/23

    That's only half a 'solution'. There is no end to terrorism because every Arab state supports terrorism because that is what they are. The real solution is that Egypt must take back the Egyptians in Gaza and Jordan must take back the Jordanians in Judea/Samaria/Jerusalem. Losers of wars that they start do not get to negotiate over the return of their losses nor do they get to avoid the responsibility for the refugees THEY created and artificially maintain.


  4. unfortunately, the israeli gov't is weak. it has been for decades. just look at how hamas, hizbollah, fatah, islamic jihad and plo are and were able to build up arms, brainwash their youth, etc. israeli gov't approach is not one of prevention but of 'maintainence.' 2-4 dead jews a week is 'livable.' and especially as long as these dead jews are in the shomron\judea area. 'kick the can' down the road, as well as an arrogrance in the upper echolons of the gov't and army. there needs to be radical change. the israeli public needs to wake up. israeli leadership needs to become independent of the u.s.a. and not worry about world opinion. israeli war rules need to 'stoop' to meet the lows of the enemy. playing by the rules, trying to show the world how 'moral' israel is when fighting terrorist and people who support israeli\jewish genocide is sick western woke thinking. it is getting israelis killed. i'm israeli and live on the northern border of israel.

  5. Anonymous5/11/23

    Israel will never live in peace, or Jews anywhere, because....Islam.


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