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Thursday, November 02, 2023

The DNC’s 2024 Convention City is Drowning in Illegal Aliens

When officials of the donkey party toured Chicago last month in preparation for the 2024 convention, no one wanted to talk about the elephant in the city. The 100 Democratic Party delegates got a tour of the massive United Center arena which is also about the one building in the city that isn’t overrun with hordes of illegal aliens.

With an estimated 1,250 migrant invaders arriving by bus every day, they’re sleeping on the floors of every police station and over 800 of the illegals are staying at O’Hare Airport. In a city where winter temperatures can fall into the negative teens, the administration’s only plan to cope with the human tide is to put up ‘winterized’ tent camps in city parks and other areas.

These giant tents might house as many as 1,000 of the illegal invaders each.

But despite the massive 960,000 square feet of space in the United Center arena, no one is talking about utilizing it to house the illegals. That would not only displace Dave Chappelle and the Wu Tang Clan, it would also be poor optics for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

But while party delegates are planning for their big shindig in the Windy City, Mayor Brandon Johnson, the radical leftist who ran on a platform of keeping Chicago a “sanctuary city” and extending “this sanctuary promise to everyone who needs it in our city – both long-time residents and newcomers alike” is heading to the border to get more “information”.

Meanwhile Cristina Pacione Zayas, his deputy chief of staff, assured reporters that the migrant tent cities in sub-zero weather “are not concentration camps”. The first rule of public relations is that if you’re a pro-illegal alien progressive and you have to deny that you’re building concentration camps for illegal aliens, something has gone terribly wrong.

The desperate new leftist administration turned to Aegis Defense Services: a British-Canadian private military contractor that used to handle security for the U.S. embassy in Kabul, to set up the tent cities. Chicago is no longer just Chiraq, it’s also Chifghanistan.

Gov. Pritzker, once a strong ally of Biden, has proposed dumping the illegal aliens in federal buildings. He also dispatched a letter to Biden warning that “the federal government’s lack of intervention and coordination at the border has created an untenable situation for Illinois.”

While the future home of the DNC 2024 convention remains off-limits, Chicago has been taking over schools and parks, and closing day care centers, to accommodate the endless invasion.

And Chicagoans are mad as hell.

In Galewood, African-American residents blasted Johnson over plans to turn over a park to the invaders.

“You want to take the little scraps of resources we have and put us at the bottom of the barrel? That’s not fair!” one woman argued. “A lot of these young boys, they don’t have fathers so a lot of these coaches, they are their fathers. They spend part of their weekend here along with during the week, that keeps them in a safe place, it gives them mentorship, it shows them discipline.”

In Woodlawn, black residents had tried to block migrant buses with their bodies. In South Shore, a former director of equity and diversity consultant, along with other community activists, filed a lawsuit to stop a school from being used to house illegal aliens. On the West Side, furious residents complained that day care, pre-school and senior activities were being canceled to make way for the invaders. And that’s been the case across much of an overrun city.

Chicago’s crisis is not so different from that of New York and other cities suffering under the horde that had been allowed to cross the border and penetrate the country, but it’s a particularly big problem for a place that will be used to showcase the accomplishments of Joe Biden.

And of the Democratic Party.

In 10 months, Democrat delegates from all over the country will converge on Chicago’s hotels, walk its streets, duck into its bars and patronize its prostitutes. But some of those hotels, like the Inn of Chicago on the Magnificent Mile (“a contemporary, modern destination hotel for leisure and business travelers”), are filled with migrants. Those migrants will eventually have to be booted to make way for the DNC delegates who won’t want to share their drugs with illegals.

The sight of migrants panhandling in the nicer areas in Chicago has become routine. Others have been arrested for quickly acclimating and joining the local criminal economy. A migrant was busted for threatening pedestrians with a knife, there are serial shoplifters roaming the city, and migrant drug use and violence is not uncommon.

“They disrespect us; they rob us; they harass us!” one woman complained.

The invasion has achieved the seemingly impossible of making Chiraq or Chifghanistan even more dangerous than it was before. And that’s a problem.

2024 might be the first time that Democrats end up with fewer delegates than they started with.

Biden’s decision to ram open the border and funnel the invaders into America might have long-term political advantages for the Democrats, but in the short-term it’s alienating even his base in New York, Chicago and other overrun cities. All of this will be on display in 2024.

Democrats are already worried that Republicans will disrupt the DNC convention by busing more illegal aliens to Chicago during August 2024. And no one has a plan to deal with that.

Mayor Brandon Johnson, an incompetent racist, has no plan except to blame it all on racism.

“There is a different standard that I’m held to. There is,” Johnson whined. “And that’s not something that I’m mad at, but that’s just the reality. I’m not the first person of color, particularly a black man, that will be held to a different standard than other administrations.”

Except that most of the people mad at Johnson are the black voters who put him in office.

Gov. Pritzker demanded to know why the mayor of El Paso, a Democrat, was sending migrants to Chicago and not to Idaho. “I think that the mayor of El Paso needs to listen to the cities that he’s sending folks to and to start thinking about whether or not this ought to be spread across the country. Why is he not sending anybody to Idaho, Wyoming?”

That might be because the population of both states combined just about equals Chicago. Illinois declared itself a sanctuary state and Chicago declared itself a sanctuary city. And busing migrants to Chicago is a much more workable plan than busing them to the middle of a field. Finally, none of the invaders want to go to Boise or Laramie, there’s better welfare in Chicago.

Nobody in Illinois or Chicago has a plan to deal with the problem. And, fresh off facing woke controversy for hiring the same company that Gov. DeSantis had been using to transport migrants to California to put up giant tents, Mayor Johnson headed to the border. Why?

Johnson claimed that he’s going to the border “to assess the full situation, and that also requires our team to be at the border.” The situation is that the border is open and the invasion is on.

To his credit, Mayor Johnson blamed the situation on the “failure of federal policies”, joining even more pointed criticism from Mayor Eric Adams of New York City. While the Biden administration has blasted Adams, it would be awkward for it to be warring with the host mayor of its convention. And yet that is exactly the politically dysfunctional trajectory that Biden is on.

Biden’s open border policies have created a feud with the mayors and governors of major Democrat strongholds whose support and allegiance should have been unquestioned. Now the DNC is preparing to hold its convention in a state and city that is turning hostile to Biden, and whose misery will showcase the consequences of the party’s immigration policies.

And after 10 months of 1,250 migrants arriving a day, Chicago could be drowning in a third of a million illegal alien invaders. And by then the only place to put them all will be the DNC.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous2/11/23

    what was that about "chickens comin home to roost" ?

    obama + joseph stolen doin a fine job, fine fine super fine job.

  2. Anonymous3/11/23

    Next year's convention is shaping up to be like the 1968 convention. It couldn't happen to a nicer party.

  3. Anonymous4/11/23

    And it’s the rattiest city in the USA. Democrats will feel at home.

  4. Anonymous4/11/23

    In '68, pushed forward by CPUSA cadre (I wanted the alternate Mississippi delegation seated), a Chicago policeman's baton missed my head. I have no doubt that the border-jumpers will be given the bums' rush a la Martha's Vineyard.



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