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Europe's Next World War Begins in France

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb made it official. France is "in a state of war”.

It’s not just rhetoric. Bombs turn up in a posh Parisian suburb. Two young women are butchered at a train station. And it’s just another week of an Islamic World War III being fought in France.

From the November attacks in 2015 that killed 130 people and wounded another 400+, to the Bastille Day truck ramming attack last year that killed 86 and wounded 458, the war is real.

French casualties in France are worse than in Afghanistan. The French lost 70 people to Islamic terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. And 239 to Islamic terrorist attacks in France.

The French losses in Afghanistan were suffered in over a decade of deployment in one of the most
dangerous Islamic areas in the world. The French losses in France were suffered in less than two years.

There’s something very wrong when Afghanistan is safer than Paris.

10,000 French soldiers were deployed in the streets of their own country in Operation Sentinelle after the Charlie Hebdo - Kosher supermarket attacks in 2015. Thousands of French soldiers are still patrolling, guarding and shooting in French cities which have become more dangerous than Afghanistan.

Operation Sentinelle has deployed twice as many French soldiers to France as to Afghanistan. And French casualties in the Islamic war at home have been far higher that they were in Afghanistan.

When the French intervened to stop the Islamist takeover of Mali, they suffered a handful of losses. The 4,000 French soldiers came away from Operation Serval with 9 casualties and Operation Barkhane amounted to 5 dead. The Gulf War? Another 9 dead. It’s a lot safer to be a French soldier fighting Al Qaeda in a Muslim country than a Parisian civilian going to a concert in his or her own city.

French casualties in the struggle with Islamic terror in just the last two years are approaching the 300 casualties of the Korean War.

France is at war. That’s why there are soldiers in the streets.

Its new anti-terrorism bill creates a permanent state of emergency. Suspected extremists can be placed under “administrative detention” in their own homes and neighborhoods under police surveillance and remote monitoring.

Pop-up checkpoints can appear in public spaces that are designated as “security zones” where anyone can be stopped and searched. Mosques can be shut down for six months. Public gatherings can be banned. Warrantless searches can be conducted within miles of potential targets.

The Interior Ministry will have police state powers. And it will be able to wield quite a few of them without having to go through the formality of asking judges nicely for permission.

Some of these measures should be familiar. France is the new Israel.

France's Interior Minister called the anti-terrorism bill, a "lasting response to a lasting threat". The choice of words recognizes that Islamic terrorism is here to stay.

The “State of War” is permanent. And France has no plans for winning the war. Instead it’s trying to get better at playing defense. And that’s what most Western domestic counterterrorism efforts amount to.

France is just taking the lead because it has the biggest problem.

The British put soldiers on the streets after the Manchester Arena bombing. The Italians and the Belgians began deploying soldiers in cities around the same time that the French did.

When an illegal alien Muslim terrorist due to be deported murdered two young women in Marseille while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, French soldiers opened fire. The 24-year-old who shot the terrorist was a reserve member of a regiment of combat engineers in the French Foreign Legion.

The French Foreign Legion isn’t off fighting in a foreign desert somewhere. It’s fighting in France.

French soldiers are told to loudly announce, “Stop or I Shoot”. And then open fire. And that’s what he did. And French soldiers are being forced to learn the phrase and expect to come under attack.

In February, French soldiers were attacked by a Muslim terrorist outside the Louvre. The Egyptian Jihadist shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and came after them with a machete. One soldier from the 1st RĂ©giment de Chasseurs Parachutistes was wounded. The attacker was shot down.

The 1st RĂ©giment de Chasseurs Parachutistes had been deployed to Afghanistan and Mali. Now they were at the Louvre. You don’t need to be Napoleon to know that counts as a major retreat.

A month later, a Muslim terrorist shouted "I am here to die in the name of Allah" while holding a female air force soldier hostage at Orly Airport.

He got his wish courtesy of her fellow soldiers.

In August, six soldiers from the 35th Infantry Regiment were hit by a BMW driven by a Muslim terrorist. Members of a regiment which had been deployed in Afghanistan were sent to a military hospital after an attack in the wealthy Levallois-Perret suburb of Paris. A year earlier, soldiers from the 5th Infantry Regiment had been hit by a Tunisian shouting, “Allahu Akbar” while they were guarding a mosque.

France has entered its longest state of emergency since the Algerian War. The 2015 attacks saw its first state of emergency since 1961. But where is France supposed to withdraw from this time? Paris?

It was one thing to abandon the beleaguered Algerian Christians and Jews to Muslim terror. And to abandon them a second time when they fled to France only to face persecution by their old Islamic neighbors who had tagged along and settled down in Marseille. But can France abandon the French?

The issue once again is colonialism. But the new colonists are Algerians, Tunisians and other Islamic imperialists who have settled in France and wave the black flag of the Jihad over their no-go zone settlements in French cities. And they have made it abundantly clear that they will not stop there.

Last year, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that, "Every day attacks are foiled... as we speak."

And it’s no wonder. Thousands of Muslim settlers left France to fight in Syria and Iraq. Valls was looking at 15,000 potential threats domestically. France has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe. We don’t know exactly how many millions of Muslim settlers live in France. But we can measure their growth by the expansion of the terror threat. Islamic terrorism is, despite the spin, reducible to Islam.

There is no Islamic terrorism without Islam. As Islam expands, so does Islamic terrorism.

France is in the middle of a civil war. The civil war is based on religious differences. As the religious divide between the Islamic colonists and the militantly secular French government increases, the violence will worsen. The outcome of the war will determine whether France will be a secular republic or an Islamic state. The Jihadists have a plan for winning the war. The French authorities don’t.

And what goes for France also goes for Western Europe. And for the West.

The French combination of social appeasement and police state enforcement isn’t working. The same model ultimately fails wherever it’s applied. Breaking up terror cells and stopping attacks is far better than the alternative, but the scale of the problem will always continue increasing because of demographic growth and a globalized terror infrastructure.

Demographics dictate that France’s terror problem will only keep growing. And the French authorities understand this. That’s why its governments increasingly talk about Islamic terrorism as a lasting threat.

Our War on Terror has squandered endless blood and treasure while avoiding the root cause. Western nations deploy massive armies to root out small terror networks while allying with their Gulf backers. Soldiers patrol major cities waiting for a terrorist or several terrorists to attack. Meanwhile the mosques that indoctrinate them to hate and kill non-Muslims are also protected by those same soldiers.

That’s not how you win a war. It’s how you lose everything.


  1. Infidel22/10/17

    Good article. I think about this issue a lot. If you look back through history, the French haven't had a good war since Napoleon. Ever since Waterloo, all the French Wars have been a disaster. Maybe this is a last chance to wake the French martial spirit back up.

  2. The Frogs are bloody assholes. They have been supporting economically and politically Muslim homicidal maniacs such as Arafraud and his cronies, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran since 1967.
    Problem is that the French ordinary citizens are paying the price for the folly decisions of their useless corrupt politicians.

  3. Anonymous22/10/17

    And it gets even grimmer to realize, as Mark,Steyn pointed out in “America Alone,” that right about now, France is becoming the world’s first nuclear-armed Muslim state.

    1. Problem is serious but that's an exaggeration. Anyway, Pakistan has had a nuclear (inc. hydrogen) arsenal for decades.

    2. After Pakistan

  4. You totally nailed this, but given Betsy Devos pushing regulations requiring Learning Communities to get priority federal funding grants in education, let's remember the concept goes back to the Muslim Brotherhood in 1943. It works for instilling any ideology at an emotional level.

    Likewise, UNESACO, based in Paris, is pushing both the Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures via global education where the accommodation works one way. It is also pushing an ethics education program with UNICEF called "Learning to Live Together: An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme on Ethics Education".

    All detailed here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/minds-souls-attitudes-whistleblowing-the-tarbiyah-project-for-islamic-education-imposed-for-all-students/ The Tarbiyah Project is based in the US in Michigan.

  5. Anonymous22/10/17

    There are a lot more Muslims in France than the estimates coming out from many quarters...I would put it at close to 20% and rising...Germany is catching up as is Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Spain and even Italy.

  6. French losses in Afghanistan are driven by their RoE which focus on not leaving their bases and not shooting. Whereas most casualties in France are civilians. But at some point though the army is going to be caught in the middle, between Islamic maniacs and French citizens out for blood. But we have to wonder how much of this is window dressing. The Army is deployed in the largest single deployment since the end of the Algerian war, ON French soil. But there's no obvious move to stop these 'refugees' coming in and/or stop placating them once they're here. It's also unclear if the army is protecting people or monuments.

  7. Leftist ideology is suicidal. Unfortunately too many of the rest of us get killed along the way.

  8. Anonymous22/10/17

    It's time to arm every man and woman in Europe. All of them.
    So long as only the evil have access to firearms and use violent means to kill others without fear of being killed themselves, it will continue.
    If someone had a firearm to shoot the murdering truck driver, maybe one life or more could be saved.
    It won't happen so long as the political elite feel safe and fall for the false meme of the Religion of Peace.

  9. Chuck Norris' philosophy is/was that the fighter who wins decides what he's going to do to his opponent and sticks with that plan, not what he's going to react to from the other fighter. It's why he was the number one ranked karate fighter in the world during his prime. The West has chosen the loser's strategy. All the wealth of Western Civilization will not outlast the gnawing of the Islamomaggots as long as we desperately cling to the way of the coward.

  10. Anonymous22/10/17

    Islam will continue it's evil until Armageddon. While our law enforcement and media run in confused circles. Las Vegas is a prime example of that! Yes, that was the work of Islam, but government is afraid to tell us the TRUTH because they're afraid of mass rioting. Antifa is already doing that, thanks to Obama & Soros.

  11. To not be an Islamaphobe, is to deny reality and borders on insanity.
    The "refugees" need to be rounded up and shipped back to the Middle East, preferably on a leaky boat.

  12. France is the new Israel...& Paris is the new Algiers!

  13. Anonymous22/10/17

    Have you read Matthew Bracken's latest book? The French go medieval on Mohammedans and Hell breaks loose all over Europe.

  14. "Europe's next world war begins in France"

    Yes. But not so much with Islam as with the Political Correctness Gestapo. Islamic terrorism is just one of the many side effects of political correctness.

    For every 100 people who mourn the victims of Islamic terrorism, there will always be thousands of politically correct Islam apologists, who will insist that Islam is a religion of peace, and that terrorism is just Muslims' cry of despair against the Western world's past imperialism, the Crusades, white people's racism, hatred, bigotry and discrimination; against Christianity, capitalism, the USA, etc., etc., etc. Hillary Clinton will run out of people to blame for losing the elections before Islam apologists run out of excuses and justifications for Islamic terrorism. And like Hillary, they will fail to put the blame where it really belongs.

    Just like the original Gestapo never tired of accusing Jews of being at the root of all evil, Islamic terrorism apologists will never tire of blaming western culture, Christianity, and the white race in general, white men in particular, for everything that is wrong with the world.

    Europe finally defeated the German Gestapo in WWII ... with the help of Big Bad USA. However, I wonder who will help Europe survive as a free world, and the French survive as a free republic - secular or otherwise - if the USA is also defeated by the Politically Correct Gestapo and its nefarious side effects?

    1. Anonymous23/10/17

      Thank you! In a nutshell! I appreciate that you shared these facts that are like my thoughts!

  15. Anonymous22/10/17

    The French & the rest of the western Europeans,are being tossed to the dogs by their own financial & political elites who own the politicians,...& the government!
    This is massive 'Social Engineering' to break the nation states culturally & politically.
    Unfortunately the French don't have a leader like Donald Trump to help them,..only elite establishment types who care nothing for the people.
    On the other hand,it may be very good for Israel which is a safe haven for highly educated & productive French Jews!

  16. SteveD22/10/17

    'And France has no plans for winning the war.'

    Why should they? They would be giving up all the power it gives them.

  17. Whatever became the Paris mayor threats to sue Fox News for saying there no no-go zones in Paris?

    Thing seem terrible in France but according to Breitbart there are parts of Stockholm where the police want armed forces too. In one neighbourhood the police say it would be too dangerous to build a police station.


  18. The domestic war Europe wages against it's invited muslim refugee/ ex colonial subjects/guests is per definition a lost cause. Why? Because Europe invited the muslims in to replace it's sub self preservation reproductive numbers. If you expect the "inviders"(invited invaders) to do the reproduction, their numbers in the population shall swell and yours shall drop and numbers count when at war. Looking back at the entire social democratic, George Soros "Open society" induced experiment to diminish nationalism and undermine the urge for aggressive self preservation in societies in general and males on an individual level by promoting LGBQT shall prove to have been causing the catastrophic end of western civilisation.

    1. Anonymous24/10/17

      Population is also down because of them promoting abortion too.
      Also, when did patriotism get changed to nationalism?

  19. Just a common 'tater23/10/17

    So I guess this is the French version of "we are cosmopolitan, get used to it." Funny thing, they figured a way to deport Jewish citizens for extermination, but can't figure out how to deport people that were not, are not, and never will be French citizens. They apparently cannot fathom the idea of revoking citizenship or immigrant status when one of these poor persecuted, underprivileged migrants commits mayhem and/or encourages others to do so. But then, we should talk, our government could not find a way to house 900 Jews in a country of 100,000,000 but can always find a way to accommodate MS 13 or the latest jihadi.

    Great article, thanks for finding and posting all that remarkable data. I hope someone in France reads this. Like Macron, or better yet a few million voters.

  20. It's enraging and heartbreaking that Western "leaders" are so intent on destroying human civilization.

  21. Our idiot leaders keep claiming to be fighting "terror" when they should be at total war with Islam.

  22. Anonymous23/10/17

    Thank you for that perspective, Daniel; it was illuminating. Looking at the headlines today, I see that the world war against Jihad is going to be 'dateless'; that is, it most likely won't start on a particular date, in response to a specific event but will develop incrementally until we discover that the flames are licking our earlobes. Maybe then it will occur to us that we are really in a life or death struggle. If we allow Islam to fuel itself by taking advantage of our western institutions, as we are now doing, we will be doomed.

  23. Anonymous23/10/17

    Vive la France

  24. What rational person with a working brain, even on the most primitive level, or even a room-temperature level of IQ cannot understand this? Another great column, Daniel, wherein you reduce the possibility of understanding the problem to a level that even the simplest mentality can comprehend.

  25. Anonymous23/10/17

    And it gets even grimmer to realize, as Mark,Steyn pointed out in “America Alone,” that right about now, France is becoming the world’s first nuclear-armed Muslim state.

    Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for at least 20 years.

    The Irishman.

  26. "If we don’t know our own history, then we simply will have to endure all of the… same sacrifices, all of the same absurdities over again - times ten." - Alexandre Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) Russian Soviet prisoner and author.

    Without a thorough knowledge of 1400 years of history and principles of the islam criminal gang, few beyond Sobieski, and Martel alive in today’s unscholarly world, would know of the only one proven method, time after time, to put the gang in its place, which is massive ruthless decimation of the islam gang members. It worked every time, and made them so very happy!

    Let’s understand, you don’t have to make war on a legitimate real religion. Ever. You do make war on imperialist or violent gangs, and nations. This is reality. Or you redefine religion as including political parties, atheists, or anything at all, like bee hives, rocks, and rabbit hutches as worshipful gods, and then living sacrifices, including LGBT, politicians, rabbits, and family members, like daughters, are just fine, of course, for sacrifice, since for any religion, under the wide open definition, anything goes!

    Since massive ruthless decimation appears some time to come, the other massive weakness, the gigantic elephant in the room which has been stinking, reeking, all these years is the one issue of massive difference, between religions and gangs! You respect true religion with warmth, but gangs you respect like a coiled viper. You take the gang, and the viper out, as you must.

    Which leaders, which nations, will be courageous enough first to set the ball in motion, the first to call the devil the devil, never a religion, but a filthy deceiving deadly extremely violent imperialist criminal gang, a truly insane gang, which needs to be dealt with accordingly, straight forward, by any means warranted and necessary, permanently?

    Declare islam the outlaw gang it has been for 1400 years, and wage every kind of war to wipe them out, completely, by many courageous and determined nations, globally. Free and not free nations are all under attack now anyway, what is the difference, but defending, once and for all, and putting truth to the lie-islam is not religion, period. Just an excuse to rob, rape, breed, torture, pillage, and steal, and control the “colonies of the gang”.

    The benefit of labeling the elephant in the room is taking away the implied respect, the reality of which is that no sane person respects a gang with love, nor the most insane ideology of a gang, with love or any respect, whatsoever. The gang so outlawed, exposed as a massive fraud on civilization, must wither and die, in a sane society, and be killed off, as it has deserved from its outset, as it developed the fear and utility of excusing, and commanding violence, domination, and control over its massive violent extermination and victimization of the globe.

    Until leaders and nations are willing to declare the obvious, there is no other final effective way to control or end the scourge, the bloodletting and the long ago declared war (which now some are locally beginning to accept the reality of) will continue with the now widely disseminated cancer of humanity. This gang has no rights.

    So long as a criminal can claim rights to freedom of speech and religion being violated while he commits violent, threatening criminal acts, and beliefs, under the cover of a god, there will remain no hope. Accept reality, call a spade a spade. WISE UP, WORLD OF NATIONS! Declare the evil deceitful violent gang of islam a gang of death, and outlaw it, forever, in any form of its 5 major forms, starting with sunni, shia, through sufi, and bahai, so it may be destroyed from outside and from within. Dramatically less blood and pain need be shed, with truth, reality and proper disrespect established.

    Remember, initially there were astonishing low education big named famous people who approved of adolf and nazism, until the practice and belief of evil became too obvious to deny. REMEMBER! And adolf and nazism were allied, intimately, REMEMBER!

  27. Sadly, a lot of this can be laid at the feet of George Bush Jr. After 9/11, America was galvanized and ready to move on our attackers. We were solid in out patriotism and in our hate for those who did this to us. What happened? Little Georgie came out and told the world that Islam had nothing to do with it. He informed us all that Islam is the religion of peace, and that, in fact Islam means peace.

    And he did this with Cair on stage with him. The fool. A little reading and education his part, and some balls, could have brought this horror out into the open for all to see. The jig would have been up. The western world would have seen this scourge for what it is, and could have stopped it in its tracks.

    Instead, he decided it would be a good idea to overthrow a secular government and make way for a Muslim takeover of the region. He played right into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. And Obama finished the job. Now, this insane "refugeeism" is destroying western Europe.

    Of course, the Socialists are making hay with this mess. They never let a good crisis go to waste, and they're working overtime to help these parasites infest the rest of the world. These fools actually think they can use these savages as a means to their ends and come away unscathed. Are they in for a surprise.

    I hate to see this needless rape and slaughter of innocent people. But, maybe it will wake the US up to the existential threat we are all facing. If the US wakes up and starts fighting, I believe western Europe will follow. Between the US, Israel, and eastern Europe, I think and we can kick these sewer-rats out of the west, and let them fester and destroy their own part of the world.

  28. Anonymous24/10/17

    Pakistan has been a nuclear-armed Moslem state for at least a decade now.

  29. Operation Serval saw 1,800 troops on the ground for a period of approximately one year. 9 casualties. Death Rate: 9/1800= 0.005
    Let's take the November 2015 attacks as a reference then. Population of Paris = 2.244 million. 130 casualties.
    Death rate: 130/2.244 million = 0.000057.

  30. Faculty Support of [anti-] Israel Boycotts
    Intensifies Anti-Semitism on Campuses

    by Shiri Moshe


  31. Yes, it is sad when Afghanistan is safer than France. Indeed.

  32. Anonymous27/10/17

    The problem for France is that it’s “chattering classes”, like those of every Western country, are masochistic, if not suicidal. And it is they who control the media, the universities, the bureaucracy, the non-profit foundations. They revel in the destruction of a civilization they do not believe in any longer. But their suicide is our murder.

  33. We the French are not afraid of war on our land because we are used to it. We will not attack the wrong country and put the mess in the whole middle east after civilian casualties. We are not afraid of Muslims because we are not cowards like Americans. We will deal with radical Islam while leaving French Muslims in peace. And it does work as shown by a spectacular shift of their views these last years. salafists and Muslim brothers are desperate. We are winning this war by having french muslim feeling fully French citizens

  34. Until Western governments comprehend that we are in the 1300 year old clash of civilizations, we will lose. Islam is incompatible with Democracy. It always ends up in totalitarian Islamic Fascism (take a hard look at Turkey as that is the direction all Western democracies will wind up).

  35. Daniel, at first I was going to laugh at your post. But then I read it again and I realized there was nothing funny about it. It is so full of self-deception, willful blindness, and the old characteristic, tired and tiresome European hatred for Americans that I could only cringe in embarrassment. The kind of embarrassment one feels for a drunk who makes a spectacle of himself and he elicits smirks and contempt from onlookers.

    And I hate to be the one to tell you, but your French Muslims do not feel "fully French." Never did and never will.

    You and your lovely country are in my prayers, my friend. It's the only thing that will really save you.


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