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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Murder in Paris

Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her life.

The 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery was woken from her sleep when she was violently beaten by her twenty something Muslim neighbor who then dragged her to the window.

She died on the street outside the building where she had lived for thirty years.

The killer had allegedly shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. In the tragic comedy of denial that every Islamic terrorism investigation inevitably becomes, the authorities are still hunting around for his motive.

The media claims that her Muslim killer, like every other Muslim terrorist in the past two years, was mentally unstable. According to official reports, he was incoherent. According to other accounts, he told the police that he had followed the commands of the Koran. He certainly would not have been the first.

The street where Sarah Lucy’s broken body lay was the Rue de Vaucouleurs. It’s close to Belleville, a neighborhood whose name means “Beautiful town”, but which is better known these days as one of France’s "Zones Urbaines Sensibles" or “Sensitive Urban Zones.”

Or, without the euphemisms, parts of the beautiful town are really a “No Go Zone”. Or, if you prefer the official descriptions, a vibrant, colorful and multicultural community full of delightfully exotic foods.

Two years ago, smirking media reporters had a field day visiting Belleville to show that FOX News reports about No Go Zones in France were nonsense. “Look, at the couscous restaurants and colorful scarves, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Unless your delightfully multicultural Muslim neighbor decides to shove you through a window while shouting one of his religion’s exotic genocidal epithets about the Jews and all infidels.

Belleville was once home to many Jews. Then Jews from North Africa fled there after Muslim takeovers deprived them of the civil rights they had briefly enjoyed under French rule. And their Mohammedan oppressors followed. Some years back, the JTA ran one of its cheerful Islamophilic pieces about Belleville. "In one Paris neighborhood, Jews and Muslims live as they did in North Africa."

That is indeed true. Just not in the way that the JTA would like its gullible readers to believe.

Yonathan Halimi, Sarah Lucy’s son, describes the killer’s family as being known for its anti-Semitism. "One day, one of the killer's sisters pushed my sister down the stairs, and the next time she called her a dirty Jew," he described. Sarah’s brother said that the killer called Sarah and her daughter, “dirty Jews”.

This is how Jews and Muslims lived in North Africa. This is how they lived everywhere under Muslim rule. Now this is how Jews and Muslims live in Paris and anywhere else settled by Islamic migration.

Halimi is a common last name among North African Jews. It means that their ancestors once lived in Ksar Oulad Abd El Halim in Morocco. You can still find Stars of David on the buildings in Ksar Oulad Abd El Halim, but the Jews are all gone. There are Halimis in Paris. But not as many as there once were.

A decade ago, Ilan Halimi was captured and tortured to death by monsters who styled themselves the “Gang of Barbarians”. The barbarians left him dying by the side of the road with burns and stab wounds over most of his body while the police did their best to direct attention away from the inconvenient question of Muslim anti-Semitism. Since then the head of the Gang of Barbarians has managed to produce videos from jail in which he spews hatred at Jews and promotes Islamic terrorism.

On the day before Passover Eve, a thousand Jews gathered outside the building where the latest Halimi was murdered. As they memorialized Sarah Lucy Halimi, the colorful and multicultural settlers of this portion of occupied Paris, greeted them with thrown bottles and shouts of, “Dirty Jews”.

The same taunt aimed at the Halimis by the Muslim killer and his occupying clan. Truly, Jews and Muslims live in Paris as they did in North Africa.

But the media always has its own spin on the Muslim murder of non-Muslims. As Le Figaro’s account put it, the demonstrators “dispersed” after an “altercation” with the “young people of the neighborhood”.

The Jews, even though they lived here before the Islamic invasion arrived, are never the people of the neighborhood. Sarah Lucy Halimi had lived in her building for three decades. The Muslim family of her killer arrived at a later date and yet she remained an outsider to be murdered while Muslim violence and hatred is referred to only through euphemisms such as “youths of the neighborhood.”

When the marchers sang the French National Anthem in this terrible place, while an invading army of “youths” watched, jeered and hooted from the windows, some of its lines had an ominous resonance.

“Against us tyranny's Bloody banner is raised.” And indeed, the black flags of Islam can be seen flying in France’s No Go Zones. “They are coming right into your arms. To cut the throats of your sons, your women!” They are coming. And we take them in. We feed them, we clothe them and then they kill us.

But there was also the rising chorus of Hatikvah. Sarah Lucy Halimi, like her son, like so many other Halimis, has found her final home in Israel. Before the arrival of Passover, she made her own exodus.

"An eternal flame will burn on the altar, it will not be extinguished," her son eulogized her with a quote from the Bible at her burial in Jerusalem. "I can testify that she contained an eternal flame."

That is where the religion of Sarah Lucy Halimi differs so fundamentally from that of her killer. And where her God differs so fundamentally from Allah.

The Kaddish prayer for the dead that they recited both at the march and at her funeral has its similarities to Islam’s Allahu Akbar with its ringing declaration, “Glorified and sanctified be God’s great name.” But where Muslims declare the greatness of their deity when murdering Jews, Jews praise God when memorializing the victims of Islamic oppression because unlike Muslims they see death not as a gateway to an obscene orgy of carnal pleasures, but as the expression of the eternal flame of the soul.

The Muslim killer’s shout of Allahu Akbar, his declaration of his deity’s greatness at empowering him to throw a 66-year-old nursery school director out of a window, is really an indictment of Islam.

The first ever cry of “Allahu Akbar” was uttered during Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews of Khaibar. The murderous bandit who founded Islam had lain in wait for the Jews who cultivated palm trees in a desert oasis to emerge in the morning. When the Jews came out with spades to make the desert bloom, Muslims attacked the gardeners with weapons against which gardening tools are no match.

Mohammed shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. That does not mean, as the phrase is often mistranslated, that Allah is great. Or as it is even more woefully mistranslated, God is great. For Allah is only the deity of Islam. Instead Mohammed shouted that his god was greater than the God of the Jews because Allah had enabled him to ambush unarmed men. Or to throw a 66-year-old nursery director out of a window.

“Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud,” remains a popular racist Muslim chant. Jews, remember Khaybar.

Khaybar is worth remembering as is an elderly woman falling from the third floor to 30 Rue de Vaucouleurs, and every atrocity and act of racist Islamic terror in the 1,389 years in between.

A war against humanity is underway. It began long ago. The killers shout, “Allahu Akbar”. And their victims fall from New York City skyscrapers and third floor Parisian apartments. They are run over in London and Nice, shot in San Bernardino and Paris and blown up in Boston and Brussels.

We must remember all of them. And we must win the war.


  1. Anonymous13/4/17

    Poor Sarah! A noble human life, much like any of ours, ended in hateful, senseless violence. The Islam meme, for 1400 years, has been the source. Other conflicts: economic systems, racial, political, religious scuffles have come and gone to lesser effect.

    Islam, malevolent relic of primitive humanity, brutalizes Muslims to become its vector, its momentum into the future. It is sad to quarantine victims of leprosy and ebola. Five sixths of humanity could see Islam's end in this generation.


  2. It's so discouraging to keep reading about these horrible events.

    It would be more bearable if our leaders at least admitted the problem. Of the cowardly media, I have nothing but scorn.

    May the memory of Sarah Lucy be eternal.

  3. I have never understood why Muslims celebrate Mohamed's massacre of the Jews at Khaybar.

    It was that evening, during the Muslims' victory feast, that the Jewess (Zaynab) poisoned him, which left him in excruciating pain over the next four years until he finally died.

  4. The real no-go zone in France is the media itself. One does not utter a harsh word nor report the truth of Muslim goings on. Ever.

  5. Wars are won when the amount of force deployed is sufficient to accomplish the objectives. As long as there is a mismatch between rhetoric and effort, the war against Islam will continue to be lost.

  6. Anonymous14/4/17

    Excellent piece, Daniel.

    History is filled with war, carnage, control, corruption and every other savagery that Lucifer has come up with to discourage people and put fear into them. There is an end-game to all of this. Part of winning the end game for the "winners" is to not admit anything. The less you know about their "rules", the better. Learn to love, help and serve others and improve your own lot in the process. Turn off the TV, but don't stop learning, studying and praying.

    Fight the good fight!

  7. Oldfart14/4/17

    We keep waiting for someone to save us. So far no government agency has assumed the task. Governments wait for pre-approval of any action, for re-election requires our approval and re-election is the Holy Grail of all politicians.

    In the end, waiting for government to solve the Muslim problem is like waiting for hell to freeze over. Only when enough people are deprived of their mothers, fathers or children and then rise up to fight back will we see any improvement in the situation.

    We have been taught to do things by lawful means. We have also been taught that those laws should be legislated by our various governments. We forget that: "There exists a higher law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right."

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    We are rapidly approaching a point where all of our lives are in danger. Will we take up the gauntlet thrown by Islam or will we get in the boxcars?

  8. Infidel14/4/17

    Good point about the no-go zones. They vary in danger depending on time of day, etc.

    Of course, superb article overall, as I said elsewhere.


  9. Just another day in Paris and another Jewish Halimi massacred by another Mohamedanian. They even have a word for it: "elle était défenestrée" - she was defenestrated.


    In German you have a word for the reaction of the French Government and Media to this murder "totschweigen". They kill the "news item" by silence. The most you will find is a "notice" on page 47 under "incidents".

    The present socialist French Government (they have a dual nationality Arab Muslim from Morrocco as an EDUCATION minister and, dutifully working for her islamist bosses, she has introduced obligatory ARABIC in French Schools, engaging Arab "teachers" to indoctrinate the tiniest of French children) is corrupt, doing the bidding of its Islamist masters. The Media and Judiciary are fully collaboration in this promotion of the Islamisation of France.

    The only politician speaking out explicitely against "islamist Anti-semitism" is Marine LePen, another "black point against her" for the HUGE political machine that is trying to kill her - and not only metaphorically.

    Brave bloggers who patriotically fight the Islamisation and Jew Hatred are being systematically hunted down by the killer triade: government/media/judiciary, and so "Résistance Republicaine" and "Riposte Laique" (to mention but 2) have between them no less than 40 judiciary prosecutions against them, initiation by the former Interior Minister, Cazeneuve, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo etc. for crimes such as saying: "Islam = killer". ("Islam Assassin").

    I does not pay to be a decent French patriot in France today, especially when, in addition to that, you speak up against Jew Hatred.

  10. Anonymous15/4/17

    "Allahu Akbar!" translates as "My motives are unclear!"

  11. Anonymous16/4/17

    Another victim in a long list. Stopping liberals makes you look bad, but it makes you a good person. Encouraging liberals makes you look good, but it makes you very bad person.

    But that's only a dilemma for people who do feel connected to their national group. If you dont care about your country, why not just signal ? open the borders, let criminals out, run the country into debt, etc..

    France is the crucial hinge of western europe. It will be, for the 3rd time, the battleground where Europe decides its fate.

    And for the 3rd time, Germany is manoeuvering against Europe.

  12. She was 65. Her parents came very early from algeria. She was a medical doctor before she became an educator in the orthodox community. Hashem shoud revenge her blood.

  13. Anonymous16/4/17

    Thank you for speaking truth

  14. Anonymous17/4/17

    RIP Mrs. Halimi. France is done, fini.

  15. Anonymous20/4/17

    Just as reptiles developed legs to return to water, allowing animals, probably by chance, the conquering of dry land, human tribes developed a huge brain and speech in the quest for the apex of predation, allowing them ethical behavior beyond the prey/predator mode.
    Islam is basically pre ethical. It is a strict set of rules (dress, food, sex codes) cueing the pack who is/isn’t a prey. Those non-adherents sooner or later will be chased/killed.
    Liberals are a subset of ethical individuals, mostly young, mostly female, who tend to favor exogenous behavior in their own environment assuming it will widen the spectrum of life-choices, ergo of liberties.
    Therefore they praise those vibrant ‘multikulti’ communities and start singing ‘ebonyyyyy ivoryyyyy..’ or ‘imagine there’s no countriiiies…’ as they puff on marijuana. How cute is that?
    The problem is that muslims don’t see eye to eye with them.



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