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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Photos and Videos from Today's Pro-Israel Protest at Turkish Embassy

This entire clip which features a brief speech by Rabbi Algaze is worth watching


  1. Peter2/6/10

    Thank you Daniel for posting this. It seems at times I am brought to despair during this present time of increasing trouble...as a US serviceman I see intimately the danger and the forces of the wicked men who seem to be surrounding Israel on all sides, and increasingly in the US. And in a country devolving back to paganism, it is hard for me to fight the rage and contempt I have for these men; but I know its not the way. It is a blessing to have those who can discern the truth and are able to articulate it through what you call "the new media"...and it is a good thing to display those who are also able to see the light of the truth and are able to react in kindness and love in the face of such wickedness. (Psalm 73)

  2. there are islands of light still out there even amidst the growing darkness, have confidence that the light can still shine forth

  3. I'm sure the WNY Peace Center will hold a protest to condemn Israel.

    I will definitely be there to support Israel.

    Great coverage.

  4. Anonymous2/6/10

    Just thinking about the next time. There's some talk that Turkey plans to escort the next group with a naval convoy.

    I would think that Israel should meet the vessels in international water. However, the vessels should be told that they should stop and allow themselves to be boarded. Of course, they will use their escort to say, no. At that point they will be told that upon entry to national waters all military vessel will be sunk. And, the other vessels will be disabled and boarded. That way the Turkish naval vessels would be a clearly military target. Any human shields on a naval ship would be their responsibility.

  5. It's about time the lying left-wing western media were brought to book as their job is to report the truth and it sickens me personally that this is not happening. I just don't understand how supposedly educated people can read and write such lies. Israel will win this and anything else that's thrown at it and I hope next time, because there will be a next time, Israel does not hesitate to show its might because unless it does, this sort of vile behaviour will go on and on. G-d bless the Land of Israel and all her people.

  6. nice post

    a blessing on your head



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