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The Non-Violent Murder of Jews

"The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

Al Bukhari, quoted in the Hamas Charter

Let there be no mistake about it. This is about genocide. This is what it has always been about generations back, when Hamas forefather, Hassan al Banna was writing fan letters to Hitler.

A Non-violent Gaza Flotilla Activist
This in a single paragraph is Hamas. This is what it stands for. And this is what anyone who talks about "the People of Gaza" really supports. The "People of Gaza" is a euphemism for Hamas which won the last PA election and rules with popular support in Gaza. Israel responded to this takeover by a genocidal terrorist group by closing its border with Gaza. Hamas cynically responded by lying and claiming to be out of power and starving. That allowed their supporters to try and pass off their pro-Hamas agenda as a humanitarian agenda.

But real humanitarians don't sympathize with only one side in a conflict where civilians on both sides are dying. Real humanitarians don't bring guns and knives on a humanitarian mission. And real humanitarians don't chant calls for the murder of Jews calling themselves "The Army of Mohammed". That's what the pack of racist Islamist killers hiding behind their Western useful idiots did. And the Western useful idiots conducting a propaganda mission on behalf of a terrorist organization are no better than the murderers who exploited them.

The Hamas charter begins with a quote from Hassan al Banna calling for the destruction of Israel. Hassan al Banna was an ally of Hitler whose movement distributed Arabic translations of Mein Kampf to its followers. Al Banna's organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, played a key role in creating Hamas and Al Queda. The guiding idea of Hamas, like every other arm of the Brotherhood, is to impose a totalitarian Islamic state by force. The Gaza Flotilla was as cynical an expedition as if a bunch of Nazi supporters had gotten in a boat to bring supplies to Berlin in 1944.

The Hamas supporters on board the Gaza flotilla called themselves the Freedom Flotilla. A brilliantly Orwellian name, considering that they were headed to support an organization that had eliminated what little freedom there had been in Gaza. Hamas had banned music, outlawing the piano, the flute and the violin because they weren't in the Koran. It banned mixed sex music festivals and jeans. It imposed a curfew on public gatherings It banned male hairdressers and women riding on motorcycles. Its morality police have carried out brutal murders of women they decided were immoral. The lack of freedom in Gaza had one common denominator. Hamas. And the Anti-Freedom Flotilla were there to give Hamas a propaganda victory.

Israel sent aboard soldiers armed with paintball guns and stun grenades expecting token resistance from entitled Western left wing protesters. Instead the Westerners were serving as beards for Turkish Islamic radicals. The IDF force functioned under strict rules of engagement that prevented them from defending themselves until the situation escalated so badly that soldiers were suffering serious injuries including gunshot wounds. Only then did the Israeli soldiers return fire with live ammunition. Long after any military or police force would have done so.

Hamas leader Haniyeh speaks under Turkish flag
Turkey's Islamist regime of Erdogan which recently vowed to repeat the Armenian Genocide, if the Armenians continued to protest about it, lost no time in staging protest rallies and delivering self-righteous condemnations. Over a violent encounter that their own people deliberately staged with exactly this intended outcome. And the hypocritical double standard of a world community that gave Erdogan a pass for openly threatening ethnic cleansing, even as he seeks to join the EU, will now begin their usual howls of hypocritical outrage. "Massacre". "Genocide." "Human Rights."

The truth is that there is hardly a regime in the Muslim world that could spell "Human Rights" if those magic words weren't a useful weapon against those damned infidels. Turkey's Erdogan in addition to his genocidal threats is busy jailing opposition politicians, raiding synagogues and imposing religious and racial segregation. And Turkey is still one of the freer countries in the Muslim world. What would Iran, which jailed Western backpackers for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, have done to a ship filled with radicals trying to kill its soldiers? What would Saudi Arabia do, which doesn't even allow Westerners into Mecca unless they're there to suppress a domestic uprising? Both countries are Hamas backers. And this is how Hamas treats resistance. By throwing them off roofs.

But genocide and massacres don't even merit a sigh when carried out by Muslim regimes. But when those countries arm and fund a genocidal Islamist group inspired by the Nazis, the liars and phonies demand that Israel open up its borders to its terrorists. And when Israel intercepts a ship carrying out a mission of propaganda for Hamas, those same liars and phonies start shrieking, "Massacre," "Genocide" and "Human Rights". You want to see massacres, genocide and human rights-- take a weekend trip to Tehran, try to buy a bus ticket to Mecca, run for office in Ankara or try to be a Christian in Karachi.

Turkish group on Flotilla burns US flag
This is about genocide. The Muslim massacre and ethnic cleansing of Jews. A history that goes back to Mohammed, who ethnically cleansed Jews from the Arabian Peninsula. When the "non-violent killers" on board the flotilla chanted, "Remember Khaibar, Khaibar, Oh Jews. The Army of Mohammed will Return!", they were invoking an ugly history of over a thousand years of Muslim oppression and butchery of the region's Jews. Those non-Muslims on board were collaborators in the latest phase of that genocide.

There is no such thing as the non-violent murder of Jews. Supporting the murder of Jews is not a "humanitarian mission", unless your ideas of humanitarian mission match those of Hitler, Hassan al Banna and Hamas. This is indeed about our freedom and genocide. Our right to be free of those who carry out their fanatical dreams of mass murder, whether they happen to be Austrian painters, Hamas politicians or Irish Nobel Prize winners. The State of Israel will not serve the same purpose that Jews have always served for 2000 years, to be the whipping boy of hypocritical moralists. Nor will we apologize for refusing to be murdered. And if you want to kill us, expect us to fight back. Fight us with words, and we will fight back with words. Fight us with knives and guns, and we will do the same. We will not be murdered. We will not be driven into the sea. We will not die. Get used to it.

Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him
’Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac

Neighborhood Bully, Bob Dylan


  1. Shiloh31/5/10

    Daniel, we have a huge problem with PR as you are well aware. Bibi better take his head out of his ars and wake up. We need not apologize for the deaths of terrorists. We need not apologize for defending ourselves, EVER. We need to get actual English speakers without accents to speak to the meadia. Not that they will believe us anyway, but can speak the language. The world hates us more so when we apologize.

  2. We have a PR problem because we have a self-worth problem.

  3. The nations are cowardly. They circle Israel like vultures when they smell weakness and blood.
    If Israel were to sink every one of those stupid boats the world would do nothing because Israel , when it stands up, is formidable and dangerous and the nations are afraid of her.
    It is their fear that drives them.

  4. Israel has no PR problem. It just needs to stand up and roar and to heck with PR.
    Israel will be hated by this rotten world just for being who they are.It would not matter what Israel did, the nations will always hate her.

  5. I think you're right, Lemon. I read something about Japan during WWII. Unlike Germany they didn't go after Jews. The explanation as I understand it was that they thought the Germans wanted to get destroy the Jewish people is because they thought Jews were very powerful, a formidable enemy they didn't want to tangle with.

    I've heard that explanation a few times.

  6. The Japanese basically didn't know what to make of Jews, since they hadn't had any, except in ancient times. The German propaganda confused matters further.

  7. This is the best article on the Flotilla attack I've read. Very clear and concise and brutally honest.

    I'm glad you made the point about real humanitarians being sympathetic to all sides who need their help and that they don't carry weapons. I can only attribute the media's and public's indifference to these facts to blatant anti-Semitism.

    It's so obvious yet they ignore it.

    And wouldn't you know Al Jazzera had a reporter on board Mavi Maramara?

    Hopefully all of this is a wake up call to Israel's leaders about a lot of things, not the least of which is to ban ISM and Peace Now entry into the country.

  8. Super, as always.

    Predictably, the British media, much like other European media, is accusing Israel of a 'bloodbath'. Nobody gives a damn that Israeli soldiers have been critically injured. Jewish blood doesn't make headlines.

    May I repost this article on my blog? Just wanted to check before doing so :)

  9. I think Shiloh has a point. Whether we like it or not, Israel *does* need PR, because that's what citizens in other countries respond to. And those citizens bring pressure to bear on their governments. In the UK, our politicians are under relentless pressure to sever ties with Israel, precisely because the Brits only ever get one side of the story.

    I blogged about this here and would be interested in comments; I think Israel desperately needs PR:

  10. Anonymous1/6/10

    One should read a transcript of President Nixon's conversation with Henry Kissinger about arms supplies to Israel in '73. Nixon stated that whatever we do the Arabs will be angry, so let us do the maximum; afterwards we will sooth Arab angry with Israeli concessions.

    But, you might say, doesn't the U.S. use her veto to protect Israel in the Security Counsel? Yes, but that is only out of concern for the American people. The President wants their party to be re-elected. However, the sitting President is often more anti-Israel during their second term. And, to have any hope of a settlement, the President knows that an anti-Israel UNSC resolution would destroy any such chances; since the next step would be sanctions. Once the UN passes sanctions the Arabs need to do little more then sit back and let the West do their dirty work for them. Nevertheless, American wrongly calls Jewish presence in Gaza and the West Bank "occupation." Yet, they know that Israel has strong claims to these territories. Once when former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was cornered on the issue, of occupation, she admitted that these areas are in "dispute," this is very different then calling them occupied.

    So even the best of Presidents have rarely treated Israel "even-handedly."

    This brings me to what when wrong with the planning used to stop this (illegal) attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Many ask why didn't Israel have a better plan? Actually, Israel was fully aware of what was happening. The planners expected that the soldiers would be attacked. But, they knowingly sent in a small group of soldiers, to appear to be "proportional," to stop a group claiming to be non-violent peaceniks. In other words, the military was, once again, working under the double-standards as set by America and her friends at the UN. They thought this would somehow avoid being Goldstoned. Of course, Israel will likely still get blamed. Note, the article in the Jerusalem Post where President Obama demands an explanation, ASAP. Come on, aren't the videos enough?

  11. Anonymous1/6/10

    To comprehend what took place one needs to consider several historical factors.

    Jews have a long history of getting seriously beaten whenever they've tried to gain their independence over the last two thousand years. And, that is beside the risk of a pogroms, without cause.

    For numerous reasons Israel is held to a different standard. We know of many who want to eradicate Israel, and not all are non-Jews. Their reasons may vary, but their goals are the same. So no matter what Israel does, she will be blamed. Seems we even have a new word for it, Goldstoned!

    It should be mentioned that even our friends demand that we defend ourselves with our hands tied behind our back. Any innocent civilians (even when caught in a cross-fire or when shown that they were used as human shields) often leads to rebuke. Only, pin-point elimination of "ticking bombs" are OK. Factors that do not ample to other nations. The reason is the universal obsession with Arab sensitivities. And, the subtle hope that the "Jewish" entity will somehow disappear without much fallout.

    Unfortunately this is even true for our closest friends. In America you have three parts to the Government. The Congress represents the people. The Judiciary represents the "laws." And, the Federal government represents policies. The President may begin as a people-person, but once elected he/she switches to heading the Federal part of government. Generally the Federal makers of policies have not exactly been "even-handed."

    One need only look at how President Truman placed an arms embargo on Israel when it was clear that she was going to be attacked. His approval for the Partition Agreement did help, but the actual value seemed to be limited to ending the British mandate. The partition was never enacted by the UNSC, because of Arab rejections. I've read that after the vote Truman wanted Ben Gurion not to declare independence. And, America's recognition of Israel was of a lesser nature. Somewhere I read that British departure from Palestine occurred at the end of her mandate and not because of UN approval of independence. In other words they didn't expect the UN would automatically renew the mandate after the Partition vote. So without the mandate they had no legal rights to remain. Jewish rights to declare independence was due to the 1922 San Remo agreement and the vacuum left after the end of the mandate.

  12. Anonymous1/6/10

    Maybe because I'm a stereotypical Irish hot-head, I'm inclined to say that Israel should just fight and kill all the bastards who are causing so much trouble. Start by sinking the damned "aid" ships and then start working on tossing the terrorists from Gaza.

  13. A Jew with a View,

    certainly you have my permission as always.

    The problem with PR is that it in a polarized environment, it mainly tends to be convince people who already agree with you.

  14. Anonymous,

    US foreign policy has been governed by Arabists in the State Dept, which is how the Saudis came to run America.

    Most Presidents have a limited grasp of international affairs and defer to their advisers. When their advisers are people like Kissinger, Baker or Condi, just watch out.

  15. Daisy,

    my head isn't red and I completely agree with you

  16. K.A.

    Peace Now is funded by foreign groups, but unfortunately it's a domestic org operating in Israel

  17. Anonymous1/6/10

    Daniel G. and Lemon are absolutely right, self worth and weakness are our problems today and the nations know and smell it. Why do you think they want our nuclear arsenal, then we are naked in front of the world and with our hands tied behind our backs. Hashem is testing us and we fail again and again because we look for the world's approval and love. It boggles the mind how stupid we have become.

  18. Hi Daniel,

    Many thanks, I'll repost it now. For anyone who hasn't seen them, ELDER OF ZIYON has posted footage to youtube which does help illustrate the real nature of these 'aid workers'.

    Re PR:

    Sure, I realise that a lot of it will be rejected by the pathological Israel-haters, but some will still get through. Even here in the UK, where I'd venture to suggest we have some of the worst anti Israel media bias in Europe, solid counter-arguments putting Israel's side DO sometimes reach people.

    Anyone who is anti Islamic terrorism, and anti Sharia, and anti the Islamification of Europe & America, should support Israel. It's just hard to get the point across. Thank goodness for the internet.

  19. Yes, those who are actually against Islamification will support Israel. The problem is there's a shrinking number of those who think there is anything wrong with the idea

  20. Anonymous1/6/10

    Thank you for adding your comments to my thoughts. However, I request your reconsideration of your statement, "Most Presidents have a limited grasp of international affairs and defer to their advisers. When their advisers are people like Kissinger, Baker or Condi, just watch out." This assumes that most Presidents are of average intellegence.

    Would you consider a five star general average? What about someone who worked the halls of congress for many years, like Johnson? Or ran the intellegence service, like Bush senior? Or a Rhodes Scholar, like Clinton? Maybe Carter or Obama, but their life-history suggest preconceived intent. And, don't forget, the President developes their own cabinet. They install the Secretary of State.

    So while there have been some poorly prepared Presidents I do not think your all inclusive statement is accurate.

  21. Having a title isn't the same as having a real life understanding of the world. Bush Sr saw things institutionally. Clinton saw them as a radical. LBJ was canny and a great horse trader, but his practical policies were even worse than JFK's. He was good at seeing how the votes could be gotten, but not at the consequences of his actions.


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