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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Exodus, Hiatus, Good and Evil, The Carter Preview and Prosperity

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Exodus, Hiatus, Good and Evil, The Carter Preview and Prosperity

Beginning today Sultan Knish goes into a 3 day hiatus for Passover. Blogging will resume again Monday evening. But in honor of President Putin, I leave you with the new Russian National Anthem. Enjoy.

Meanwhile in the roundup, Mr. Carter goes to Hamas continues to play out, but Carter has done this before. While he obsessively hates Israel and Jews, it's a subset of his larger hatred for America. This is the man who sabotaged even fellow Democratic Bill Clinton in order to keep North Korea on the path to developing nuclear weapons.

Even obnoxious Presidents have traditionally stayed quiet after their term was up. Carter has instead become even more maniacal, a disgrace as President, he has become an even bigger disgrace as an ex-President.

But Carter's escapades are a preview of what a President Obama would be like... and that's one reason Democrats are scrambling to try and get him out of the spotlight. After all Obama's politics give us every reason to believe that the man under the mask would make even Carter look moderate. From Ayers to Said to Wright to Pfleger and all of Obama's other friends and mentors, a grim radical picture continues to emerge.

Meanwhile in the next tab on the list of things sure to infuriate Muslims, the new book 'Why We Left Islam' is already provoking outrage.

Not only does it have a picture of Mohammed (Peas Be Upon Him) but it's a picture of him torn in half.

Why We Left Islam, features Ali Sina, of FaithFreedom who has been a leading voice for ex-Muslims and against Islam. The Daily News article quite inaccurately cites our old friend Ibrahim Hooper as a "moderate muslim".

Why We Left Islam is important as a counter to the great megaphone of pro-Islamic propaganda being broadcast everywhere. As in Afghanistan and Somalia and Iraq and Gaza, the growing dissatisfaction with Islam is best exemplified by those who have had to live through it, just as the best people to really speak to the evils of Communism were those who lived under it.

Why We Left Islam is available at WND Books or Amazon.com Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out

In the great big blog roundup, Elder of Ziyon reminds us of our Fatah peace partners' plan to poison hundreds at a restaurant using chemical weapons.

The two did not have working permits and were residing in Israel illegally. While in Nablus, they had been recruited to the al-Aqsa Martyr's Bridges, the military wing of Fatah, under the guidance and funding of Hizbullah.

The white substance is virtually undetectable and affects its victims approximately four hours after being ingested.

This is another tactic and a reminder of the real cost of lowering those West Bank checkpoints to bring more Palestinian Arabs into Israel.

Maggie's Notebook has disturbing information from Kenya, where the spread of Dhimmism has implications for this election as well with Obama emerging as a front runner in the Democratic primaries. Also keep in mind how Thailand's Muslim coup turned over the country to a Muslim leader who promptly began a soft on terror policy complete with an autonomy deal.

Wake Up America has extensive coverage on the Texas FLDS compound mess. While I haven't written about the situation to date, one phrase from the story does leap out at me;

When Voss was asked point blank if in her professional opinion the children should be returned to the compound, she said she did not because "the sect members do not believe they are doing anything wrong."

And that is really the problem we are faced with on a global scale, whether it's Islam or Dhimminism. Evil in movies is depicted as consciously evil but real evil does not believe it is doing anything wrong... and that is why confronting it requires more than summoning archetypes or expecting that it will walk in the door with fangs and a gun. Real evil is what we learn to tolerate, what we become habituated too.

The boundary between us and evil is that there are things we do not tolerate. In response to my The virus of Tolerance post, a liberal blog accused me and Avid Editor off the Think Progress Watch blog of being racist. But the following lines which they quoted is at the heart of the matter.

… we must be careful of what we tolerate, because intolerance is the gatekeeper, the immune system that acts as a barrier. There are things for which that barrier should be lowered and things for which it should remain in place. A society that universally tolerates everything is a society without values or defense mechanisms.

When we learn to tolerate something we also accept it and we must be careful what we accept. Accepting something, whether it is homosexuality, polygamy, pedophilia, islamism, communism, fascism, carries a moral price that we pay as we cease to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

Continuing the roundup, Esser Agaroth has the Pesach Hevel Havalim roundup of blogs.

Over at IsraPundit, former Major General and Nat Security Council head Giora Eiland offers some rational common sense for the ongoing Oslo Land for Terror insanity going on in Israel.

So what should we do? We should reshuffle the cards and try to think about other solutions as well. One of them is a return to the Jordanian option. The Jordanians won’t admit this publicly, yet a Palestinian state in the West Bank is the worst solution for them.

They too know that within a short period of time such state would be ruled by Hamas. The moment Jordan – which features a Palestinian majority as well as powerful Muslim Brotherhood opposition – will share a border with a Hamas state, the Hashemite regime will face immediate danger.

Other options are regional solutions whereby both Egypt and Jordan will contribute territory to the Palestinian state. As opposed to common perceptions as if this has no chance of materializing, we can prove that the great winners in such arrangement could in fact be Egypt and Jordan.

Lemon Lime Moon writes on gratefulness or bitter feelings

Magazines, online news and all kinds of places are running polls to find out how "bitter" Americans are. The furor began when Barack Hussein Obama said that Pennsylvanians, well small town people, were bitter and tended to lean on religion , guns and bigotry to get through.

When I was a little girl milk ran through the streets of middle America because the haul of cow's milk was so great that there was no room to store all that was left after storage of years and years worth and after supplying it free to a hungry world.

Silos were filled with years and years worth of grain to the brim and multiple feet of it flowed around the bottoms... again, after everyone was full and more than plenty was sent around the world to feed the nations gratis.

We have the richest wine soils in the world. Our dairies are second to none, our beef cattle the best, our cheeses are health giving and nutritious, the orchards that stretch from sea to shining sea are brilliant and aromatic giving us peaches and apples, nuts, oranges, lemons, limes, and every fruit good to eat can be grown here.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific.. from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and California there is plenty and freedom from want for any who are enterprising and seek it.

Our poorest folk have more than many in most nations and we have so much that too much is wasted often.

We supply our own and have not neglected to supply the world either with food and charity of all sorts. America has fed the entire world.

What have we to be bitter about Mr. Obama?


  1. Anonymous19/4/08

    Knish, blessings this Passover and thanks so much for the nice mention.

    Maggie's Notebook

  2. Anonymous19/4/08

    Happy Passover and thanks for your incredible blog.

  3. Jimmy Bob has peanut shells for brains. I couldn't believe it when I heard it on the BBC that he was over there siding with hamas. It made me sick so I shut off the tube.

    The older he gets the more his evil nature comes out in the open for all to see. Sadly, the world applauds his actions. It's a sick world.


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