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Home Dem Congressman tries to smear McCain on Israel

Dem Congressman tries to smear McCain on Israel

First we begin with a desperate smear of McCain on Israel. Now there may be valid reasons to criticize McCain on Israel, but Howie Berman's lame smear via Think Progress that attempts to claim that McCain's commitment to eliminating earmarks means he wants to eliminate foreign aid to Israel is so dishonest as to merit its own place of honor at the shill table.

Now Earmarks are a major source of congressional pork, they are widely abused and largely responsible for ballooning government spending at a time when the economy is in a downturn. Congress has shown that it cannot exercise budgetary discipline, which makes McCain's call for killing Earmarks pretty sensible.

So in response Congressman Howard Berman, member of a party about to put forward a racist with strong ties to radical anti-semites and terrorists and terrorist supporters, actually accused McCain of wanting to cut aid to Israel. Now aid to Israel does not need to come in the form of earmarks. It has bipartisan congressional support and will not be endangered. By contrast individual members designated hundreds of millions of dollars for pork projects will be.

Since then McCain's campaign issued a statement that he intends to maintain funding assistance for Israel at current levels. The Democrats have responded by shrieking and calling McCain a flip flopper who doesn't really want to eliminate earmarks after all. (Ironic from people who just spent a day accusing McCain of being Anti-Israel for wanting to get rid of them) Of course McCain said nothing about preserving earmarks. He said that he intends to maintain funding assistance levels for Israel. Sadly Democrats just can't read.

The real staggering hypocrisy of Howard Berman's attack on McCain over Earmarks isn't just that it was an attempt by an increasingly Anti-Israel party whose ex-President just went off to make out with Hamas leaders and whose current pro-terrorist candidate can't wait to make deals with Iran, to try and smear the Republican Presidential nominee.

It isn't just that it was an attempt to misrepresent a proposal to reform Earmarks as an attack on Israel.

No it's the fact that just last year Howard Berman himself had proposed a bill to ban earmarks. So Howard Berman is attacking McCain, for a proposal that Berman himself had put forward last year alone. So if McCain is Anti-Israel, isn't Howard Berman Anti-Israel too?

But wait the hypocrisy train doesn't stop here either. Because Howard Berman himself has used earmarks extensively, just take a look at his record for 2008.

Highlights include

Tattoo Removal Program at Providence Holy Cross - $150,000

Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterrey Institute for International Affairs - $2 million

Salvadoran American Leadership & Educational Fund - $250,000

US-Ukraine Foundation - $9.7 million

Scholarships for basic and higher education in Muslim countries - $9 million

Seeds of Peace - $1 million

Valley Economic Development Corporation - $250,000
Hypocrisy watch concluded. Meanwhile the handful of liberal Jewish blogs saddled with the thankless task of promoting and defending a party that despises them, like DovBear and Town Crier, have jumped all over the story, linking to the original Think Progress piece.

Unfortunately for them their fellow progressives in the comments section used the occasion to scream against Israel. Choice comments include...

scytherius Says: If it eliminates aid to Israel then I’m all for it.

linda Says: well, i’ll be damned. that’s something i would support whole-heartedly. i am disgusted that this country is held hostage to aipac

freeatlast Says: FYI: As usual, because of the undue influence of a “special” group of people, the Huffington Post link to this article is not allowing free expression and discourse on their comments section. Nice to see there are still “untarnished” sites which allow a different opinion to be posted than only those that are politically correct.

betz55 Says: Cut US aid to Israel.The US should stop pandering to Israel and it`s destructive policies.Cut off aid and stop the loan guarantees.Demand peace and fair settlement with the Palestinians and extract the US from Israel`s damaging,harmful,negative, apartheid policies

hupy Says: It IS about time we cut our colony Israel loose. Let those people go! If this is truly McCain position I plan to vote for him for president. Every single bullet that nails a Palestinian child has USA printed on it.

Enjoy your allies and the real face of the Democratic party.


  1. I guess that 'linda' is not disgusted that this country is held hostage to anything else, just stuff with the word "jew" in it.

    Politics is evil stuff and there are not many good politicians out there so I imagine this is only the tip of the 'evil iceberg'

  2. It's disgusting. You'd think after September every American would be relating to Israel and supporting it since both countries are in the same boat.

  3. I wish Israel was independent of America.

    If that were the case, Israel wouldn't have to pander to the US Administration when it sells military hardware to China or India. The US would have to pay full market value for Israeli improvements on their military technology, would have to pay for Israeli medical advances and not get patents at a knock down price, and they'd have to pay for Israeli nanotechnology.

    It would certainly be far more than Israel gets in loan guarantees... although the US still witholds spare parts from the Israeli military, and keeps Israel existing purely on their whims.

  4. September 11, I mean*


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