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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Want to Survive?

It's not a question that people get asked much anymore. Life in the modern West comes with any number of safety nets. For most of history you had to actually struggle to survive. Today there are plenty of things that can kill us but we don't have to struggle to survive. If we lose a place to live, there are shelters and programs. If we run out of money, we won't starve to death, there are soup kitchens and meals programs. If we're in need, there is a safety net to help us.

All this has made us a more moral society but has dulled our survival instincts. We go to scary movies, read horror novels and ride roller coasters to get those same thrills, that rush of adrenaline that's supposed to mimic real danger. We still have fear but it too has been dulled by a confidence that if something happens, someone else whether it's the police or the government will solve it for us. We've forgotten how to survive.

The question before us today, as individuals and as peoples and nations, is do we want to survive? You can phrase it as "Shall This Republic Endure" or "Do I want my grandchildren to be free people instead of slaves" or just "I want to live". From the high minded to the common denominator that unites us all, the real question before us isn't some esoteric matter of foreign policy, some convoluted debate on the future, but survival. Our survival.

When Alison Ruoff, a high ranking member of the Church of England’s General Synod, called for an end to Mosques in order to preserve England-- the resulting backlash was of course inevitable. But Ruoff had gotten to the heart of the matter. Survival.

"You build a mosque and then what happens? You have Muslim people moving into that area, all the shops will then become Islamic, all the housing will then become Islamic and as the Bishop of Rochester has so wisely pointed out, that will be a no go area for anyone else. They will bring in Islamic law. We cannot allow that to happen."

But of course we have been allowing that to happen for some time now. Extrapolate from a neighborhood to an ever increasing sphere expanding until it encompasses an entire nation and you have the reality of what is going on. No area taken by Muslims has reverted to Non-Muslim since the creation of Israel and considering current events, even that is debatable. A neighborhood that becomes Muslim will remain Muslim and has become foreign territory. The advocates of the New Britain may argue that Muslims are as British as anyone else, but rather few of them will move to those neighborhoods themselves. Perhaps they aren't British enough for them after all.

These arguments have roiled England before but never has a minority been on a demographic march to becoming a majority. Not only in England but all across Europe. A minority whose ideology and tactics call for them to seize supreme power in the name of their deity. With that in mind the question no longer becomes one of accommodation but of survival. Shall This Nation Endure, in other words-- and if it does not, then how will those living there who do not fancy Sharia law in the way that the Archbishop of Canterbury does, survive?

The Norman Conquest is becoming eclipsed by the Muslim Conquest and if the process is not willfully and forcefully aborted, the England of three centuries hence will have more in common with Turkey than with the nation it was a century ago. Those are hard facts and the rest of Europe faces those same hard facts.

Byzantium endured when Rome fell as half of the Roman Empire. It was the dominant world power. Its capitol was Constantinople from where it ruled territories extending from the Atlantic Ocean and into the Middle East. Today we call Constantinople, Istanbul.

What will London be called three centuries from now? What name will Paris go by? Or New York?

Survival is not a given, it's a choice. We've grown so comfortable, so ensconced in our creature comforts, in the safety net of increasingly watchful and incompetent governments, that we've taken survival for granted.

One by one, in every country from Jerusalem to London to Washington D.C., the choice is being made, to survive or not to survive. And the choices are all falling on the negative side. But national survival is not in the hands of governments but in the hands of the people, just as national rule itself is.

It is not people, but governments that bring down nations. But by allowing governments and leaders to act as agents in their name, people choose apathy and in doing so, they choose not to survive.

Do you want to survive?


  1. We will ultimately survive.
    It is they who , in the end will not.
    Their end is laid out in tanakh and it is not pretty.

    Am Isael Chai, Od Yosef Chai

  2. The west had better find a spine sharpish.

  3. The US might survive but not as long as Muslim communities take over whole neighborhoods as they're doing on the once Police section of Buffalo.

    First Dearborn, Michigan, Buffalo, NY next.

    Do I want to survive personally? This might sound really silly or a flip answer but sigh. the first thing that came to mind when I read the question was the theme song from "Born Free."

  4. I'm sorry. When I think of surviving images of sitting inthe school #19 auditorium comes to mind as we watch Born Free. The scene where the woman is trying to get the cubs to drink from the babby bottle still moves me to tears. She cries and says "don't you understand? You're dying?"

    Her husband puts a little milk on her finger and they lick milk from there--then the bottle.



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