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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shots Fired During Forced Expulsion Near Hashmonaim

A new low has been reached in the Olmert government's terrorization of settlement activists as shots were actually fired during a forced expulsion from a hilltop settlement near Hashmonaim. Three sets of shots were fired in the air, the latest coming dangerously close to those on the ground. The Lt. Colonel responsible for firing the shots threatened that the next shot would be fired into the activists.

Firstly, the government should not be using the military to deal with civilian protesters in the first place. Military personnel generally lack the training necessary and should not be diverted in this manner. Dangerous incidents can easily come about when armed military personnel who are used to life and death responses when their orders are not obeyed confront unarmed civilian protesters.

Secondly, the government's behavior is increasingly bringing close a genuinely violent confrontation. The numerous assaults, abuses, cripplings and severe traumas inflicted by the Kadima regime on protesters will in the end take their toll and break down the reluctance by Jewish activists against genuinely fighting back. And that in the end is what the government wants, to escalate things to the point where they no longer have to manufacture a Jewish terrorist organization but actually confront one, thus allowing them carte blanche in making concessions to Arab terrorists while fighting their newly created Jewish enemies.


  1. The government no longer wants religious people in Israel.
    Olmert said it when he called himself Israeli in comparison to those "Jews" whom he dislikes.
    He will rid Israel of all "Jews".
    This is the reason for the Russian immigrations and the African and Asians being shuttled in.
    They will make Israel a gentile land at all costs. That is the goal.

  2. yes, a victory for the edomites

  3. These people are Bilaam. The building of mosques, churches, ..allowing this is making Israel sin!

  4. there have been a series of anti-semitic vandalisms in israel just now

    mezuzas burned, a swastika scrawled on a ww2 memorial

  5. They will take over Israel chas v'shalom and run it down into the ground, Jews will prosper wherever since G-d is in Israel not in the gentile nations.
    No matter what they do, Bnai israel will always prosper in some way to show the difference between the nations.
    Their end is fast approaching.
    This is the last hurrah of the nations of hate.

  6. Right Lemon. And people have a decision, either they can bless Israel and be blessed, or curse Israel and be cursed.

    Olmert might be in the latter category.

  7. Anonymous8/7/07

    Just read "Grains of Sand" by the young lady Shifra Shomron. She lived since 92 in Gaza. The government wanted to create this fictive very dangerous right-wing settler movement with statements that would be incredoulosly funny if it woulnd't be sad. I guess that's what the government tries to keep working on.


  8. Anonymous10/7/07

    You are definitely right, the army certainly lacks crowd-control training, and frankly, it's not supposed to be used for that anyway.

    I've been in certain situations where soldiers have (magdil rosh), i.e. taken the initiative to do things that were not even in their commands. One of these events tht stands out was some soldiers chasing down a caravan in the Shomron and reporting it on even though this was never part of our jurisdiction. They even tried to block it but eventually let it go on, not before trailing it to find its destination.



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