Home Friday Afternoon Roundup -The Unspeakable Crime, Bloody Kayin, Blogger Backup, Arab Refugees and Barak Senility
Home Friday Afternoon Roundup -The Unspeakable Crime, Bloody Kayin, Blogger Backup, Arab Refugees and Barak Senility

Friday Afternoon Roundup -The Unspeakable Crime, Bloody Kayin, Blogger Backup, Arab Refugees and Barak Senility

It's been another week and the news isn't looking particularly good. In England, Prime Minister Gordon Brown seems set to take dhimming to a whole new level even as England narrowly avoided two terrorist attacks. We are not now permitted to state what the terrorists themselves openly state, that their killings sprees are because of and in the name of Islam. In England Islamic terrorism is speedily becoming the crime whose motive none dare speak of, making it England's first truly unspeakable crime.

The general attitude in the West and Israel of going on with our lives easily becomes apathy mislabeled as courage that ultimately leads to concessions and finally surrender. The only way to fight terrorism is to uproot it from your own country. Co-existing with it and pretending that is courage is only masochism, a bloody hairshirt of cowardly weak-willed martyrdom.

In Israel, the assailant of Colonel Moti Yogev's assailant at Amona, an Arab Border Police Officer, whom I wrote about in The Arab Who Beat an IDF Colonel in Olmert's Name
has been freed and found not guilty. The judge displayed his bias throughout the trial and the outcome is no surprise.

Meanwhile the corrupt and disastrous Olmert government is preparing to free 250 Fatah prisoners and even if they don't have blood on their hands yet, they will soon enough. Shas, which is responsible for Olmert still being in power, continues its charade of also appealing for the release of Jewish prisoners. Just as Shas bears the blood of every Jew murdered by terrorists on their hands, so will it bear the blood of those murdered by the Fatah terrorists to be released by this government they have kept in power. So will they bear the blood for every murder by a terrorist whom Peres will pardon. Kayin, who bore the blood of only one brother, became an outcast in the land. How much blood must cry out from the earth before Shas puts a stop to its crimes?

Over at Lemon Lime Moon is a post on Bullies, Politics and the Crippling of America

Did you ever walk to school with a couple of friends only to be accosted by the school bully? Now, there are three of you against one nasty bully. Great odds!! You three can take him.

Alas, it does not work that way. One will stand up and say," if we get together we can beat this bully". The other two will whimper and say, "shhh, don't. You will make him madder" Now, if kid number one, the innovator, insists on taking action, the other two will turn on him and make him the enemy. As a matter of fact , he will become to them more of an enemy than the bully ever was. So the bully continues and excuses are made for him so as not to "rile him up".

Over at IsraPundit, Tel Belman has a piece titled, "Its Islam, stupid."

"The methods of attack are becoming more brazen, amateurish and desperate, illustrated most profoundly by the burning terrorist at Glasgow airport shouting “Allah” while struggling with a policeman, but the ideological roots are unchanged.

But the question is impossible to avoid and I believe that theology is central and not peripheral to the problem. It is grounded in history, but the sparks have been generated by the information age."

Over at Daled Amos is a post on What Really Drives Terrorism

Terrorism doesn't increase in the Middle East when economic conditions worsen; indeed, there seems no link. One study finds the number of terrorist incidents is actually higher in countries that spend more on social-welfare programs. Slicing and dicing data finds no discernible pattern that countries that are poorer or more illiterate produce more terrorists. Examining 781 terrorist events classified by the U.S. State Department as "significant" reveals terrorists tend to come from countries distinguished by political oppression, not poverty or inequality.

Shiloh Musings has a post on the stupidity of those willing to accept the idea of Barak in power again. I have another post on that coming up next week myself.

Terror attacks became so common place when Barak was Prime Minister that it was more a feeling of "where," not "if." So many innocent Israelis were murdered by Arab terrorists...

Bullet-proof vests became the required uniform for the unlucky ones in "regular" vehicles in our neck of the woods.

Barak made a campaign promise to "get the boys out of Lebanon," which he did. Unfortunately it was done so badly that they ended up leaving a fortune worth of valuable military hardware. Things were hushed up, but it was hard to keep the secret when our soldiers had to return last summer and discovered the enemy using Israeli equipment against us!

Finally Elder of Ziyon has a valuable flashback on Palestinian Arabs being told to leave their homes in 1948.

This is one of the earlier sources that the Arab League encouraged the refugee problem in order to gain propaganda points. He is explicit that Abu Gosh residents were told to leave their homes by the Arab leaders.

Note also that Courtney believes that most Palestinian Arabs had no desire for this war, "except for a few hotheads." I think it was more than a few but to an large extent he is right. But they didn't fight very hard to keep their land either; they just wanted to move their families elsewhere so they could start again - and the Arab countries forced them to return to fight the Jews, because they didn't want to use their own people!

One last absolutely final note, to anyone using the Blogger Blogspot system, there is a program out now that is absolutely free and will allow you to back up all the posts on your blog in case something were to happen. The program itself is simply enough to install and use, however many will find it also requires the .Net framework from Microsoft which is a secondary program that has to be installed (you will most likely need the x86 version). Here's the address.

Shabbat Shalom and may we all be blessed with hearing better news than we hear now


  1. Shabbat shalom to you, too Sultan :)

    It very disturbing that the UK is dodging the motive for the attacks. Of course it's Islam. Paranoid as it sounds, Muslims simply want to control the world. They offer but two options to non-Muslims--forced conversion or death.

    There. I said it.

  2. The idea is to remove Judaism from Israel and have a totally secular state.

  3. I've been tempted to remove the israeli news ticker from my blog. every time I look at it I hang my head in shame.

    May the next news we hear is moshiach has come, all our enemies are destroyed and we can finally have peaceful lives. :]

    Shabbat Shalom, y'all!

  4. shabbat shalom and yes too many stick their head in the sand and we need moshiach badly


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