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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooter Cho Seung-Hui Father was in Saudi Arabia

Cho Seung-Hui's father, Cho Seong-Tae spent ten years working in Saudi Arabia as a construction worker. A decade spent in Saudi Arabia would have given his father an extensive Islamic background. Hui's own sister works for the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office in the State Department.

A fact that may or may not be relevant. Hui Chinese are a Muslim ethnicity and are present also in Malaysia and Korea.


  1. It could be significant. A couple of media reports cited Cho's "disappointment" with "his own religion", and then go on to describe his ramblings about christianity.

    The sense I got was that Cho was not a christian, but that the media is witholding information about his religious background from the public.

    I wonder what "his own religion" is? He could well be a muslim, as many from southeast asia are.

  2. Also, Cho had "Ismail Ax" written in red on his arm, and A. Ismail is the name he used when he sent his package to NBC.

    Ishmael's Ax...definitely sounds Muslim. Could also reflect his feelings of being an outcast taking revenge. Either way, I doubt that a Christian would be that familiar Ishmael to even use that phrase. I really don't.



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