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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Muslim Sudanese Workers Squeeze Out Gush Katif Refugees

As Israel continues importing large numbers of mostly Muslim Sudanese refugees, at Kibbutz Yad Chana and other Kibbutzim this squeezing out Gush Katif refugees living in tent cities and resulting in the firing of Christian and Buddhist Thai workers, who in contrast to the Muslim Sudanese are generally Pro-Israel.

The large scale immigration of Sudanese Muslims into Israel has largely gone under the radar and then became a series of heartwarming stories about Sudanese refugees finding shelter in Israel. While there is no doubt that what some of them experienced in the Sudanese civil war is tragic, the majority of those refugees are not the persecuted African Animist and Christian African Sudanese who have been nearly wiped out, by Sudan's Arab Muslim rulers, but Sudanese African Muslims. These Sudanese Muslims in turn spend a lot of time in local Arab villages with their fellow Muslims.

By opening the doors for them, old line lefty Kibbutzim which have found themselves losing the younger generation obtain a cheap source of labor backed by government aid (even as no government aid is forthcoming for the refugees of Gush Katif who were made into refugees by this very government) while worsening Israel's demographic problem. The entire justification for Sharon's Disengagement was indeed demographics, a means of maximizing the Jewish population in Israel by separating from the Muslim population. The Sudanese immigration funneled through Egypt entirely defeats and renders hypocritical this entire program.

Olmert's government continues to undermine Israel in a terrible multitude of ways and this is merely another one of them.


  1. Israel is committing suicide.
    There is no way out of thinking that. Their every plan is suicidal and self destructive.

  2. yes more and more so all the time

  3. Well, they will not be satisfied til they ruin the place.

  4. oy...and no one listens...while the crazies are running the shop and evil walks the planet...oy

  5. Anonymous24/4/07

    This raises an interesting point- why isn't the government trying to house the former Gaza residents in kibbutzim? As they demonstrated for many years, they're not afraid of hard work, and in fact many of them have extensive agricultural experience. Everything I've heard has said that the kibbutzim are mostly dying, largely sustained by donations, tourists and Americans in Israel for a year or a few months. Surely it would be better for all involved for the former Gazans to live in real homes and recreate communities and lives, and in return their labor and ingenuity could help sustain the kibbutzim, if only until permanent housing is built for them.

  6. a kibbutz is also an ideological enterprise

    there is some political overlap now with some kibbutz figures even active in the anti-disengagement campaign... but it's still basically two different cultures

  7. I understand that the ideologies clash, but at least it would be a place to live and work. The fact that Elei Sinai residents are now living at Kibbutz Palmachim shows that it can work. I'm just wondering if practical solutions like this, at least as a temporary fix, wouldn't be better than letting these people languish in trailers and illegal add-ons.

  8. it's a reasonable solution but people aren't always reasonable and some are now preferring to use cheap foreign labor instead



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