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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hateful Protests at Wayne State University

FOX News reported on a Wayne State Rally by an Anti-Israel group that featured Swastikas combined with Israel and shouts of "Go Home Jews." Two days before that same group had conducted a similar protest at a Jewish Civil Rights event against Anti-Semitism.

The Group Anti-Racist Action has in the past praised Hizbullah at its rallies and is pushing for "Divestment", an extension of the Muslim boycott of Israel into the United States. Wayne State University is adjacent to Dearborn and its large radicalized Muslim community. ARA groups around the country have advocated the destruction of Israel and the United States and the murders of police officers and soldiers.


  1. What a friendly bunch of chaps! Let's invite them to next years Purim party and re-enact the hanging of Haman. (evil mischievous grin)

  2. It's only going to get worse. The "true perveyors of freedom" will find out that they have ushered in oppression and will still blame others for it. Hopefully they will be the first ones to suffer for their actions.

  3. hopefully so, but it won't change them any

  4. I like Yobee's idea.



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