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Home US Election Diane Feinstein War Profiteer

Diane Feinstein War Profiteer

A common attack by Democrats against Republicans has been to tar them as "War Profiteers." Despite the extensive business the United States did with Haliburton under the Clinton administration, Haliburton has become an often repeated slogan in the arsenal of the Democrats.

But of course the reek of hypocrisy rises easily and quickly from the Democratic ranks. Michael Moore holds over 2000 shares of Haliburton stock. Not to mention Boeing and other defense contractors.

And Diane Feinstein, the fifth wealthiest Senator, with nearly 30 million dollars, conducted the appropriations of billions in defense contracts to her husband's companies. Even as Feinstein is busy calling for Gonzalez's resignation, she's the one who has resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee and should be resigning from the Senate and being investigated as well. Nevertheless the media is typically refusing to cover the issue, though they've dragged Republicans through the mud for infractions that were penny ante compared to this.

The sheer dishonesty of the media is nothing new. No more than the open secret that while Democrats inveigh against the rich, they are the rich.

The five richest Senators are all Democrats. From the coffers of the wealthiest Americans from Bill Gates to Hollywood moguls to the Levi Family to the Kohl family (Senator Herbert Kohl is a Democrat) a river of money flows into the Democratic party coffers. The party fundraising secret isn't internet grassroots donations, much as the media will ply that tale, it's the patronage of the country's richest men who want cheap labor via open immigration, a weak foreign policy that makes for good trade relations and big government that throws plenty of contracts their way.

This is the real face of the Democratic party, the wealthiest paupers in America, the activists on behalf of global warming and the poor transported around the country in limousines and private jets. The sheer hypocrisy is sickening, almost as sickening as the media's tight grip on the truth, meant to keep the public from the fact that the very same people raising the price of groceries by banning plastic bags and forcing low flow toilets and showers into their homes and mandating that they separate their trash, are living the good life and letting their illegal Mexican maids do the dirty work.

(Note: Diane Feinstein is not Jewish. She is Catholic.)


  1. And the poor follow the Democrats like sheep, while the Demos get richer and richer giving lip service to the War on Poverty, and sell the country to the terrorists bit by bit. It IS sickening.

    The mainstream media and (sigh) even alternative media has dropped the ball and jumped on the Democratic bandwagon.

    Were it not for bloggers, the Internet, and You Tube most of these stories would remain buried and never see the light of day.

    Great post!

  2. That's what you get from someone who bows down to idols and asks "mary" to help her make more money.

    (PS: it's really creepy seeing them bow to their little freaky idol of mary. yo shivers.)

  3. Great post. We will be discussing this topic on our radio program this evening...join us if you can.

    (details at my site, 2nd post down)

  4. It sure is Yob. Kissing statues, worshiping concrete. Bowing, kissing, giving flowers to statues of mary. I always thought it was creepy.

    BTW, Feinstein is Catholic. Isn't she also staunchly pro-choice (pro-abortion),as most Demos are? Guess they just don't know the value of human life. More hypocrisy and explains why they have no prob consorting and supporting terrorists and their causes.

  5. a lot of these democrats are catholic, but they support gay rights, abortion, birth control and all that stuff

    i have no idea how they maintain any consistency there, wouldn't it be simpler for them to just switch to a protestant denom like the presbyterians

  6. They all profit from war and whatever.
    Michael Moore has stock in Haliburton while he hates the Bush family.
    They are a little bit hypocritical no?

  7. Anonymous2/4/07

    The "do as I say, not as I do" limosine liberal reek of hypocrisy.

    The reverend Al gore and his carbon footprint(what the
    heck is that?) He uses more electricity in a month than the average American does in an entire year. He jets all over and rides the surface streets in an SUV convoy. I could give a rats patoot but dear Al, don't wring your hands and cajole the gullible into thinking the skies falling while you eat grapes by your heated pool and lights burn in every room of your multi- million dollar mansion.

    John Edwards always harping on the haves-and have-nots in America. This fraud who loves to stir up the old class warfare and "plight of the needy among us" strategy just built himself a 28,000 sqft mansion in North Carolina! It only cost six million dollars. I wonder if he's building a homeless shelter and a halfway house in it for the under priviliged? How do you know if anyones even home in a house that big - walkie talkie? "Hi honey, lets have breakfast in the East Wing. ETA ten minutes."

    I knew a guy named Mike back in the seventies in Berkeley who wanted to help this homeless guy he ran into all the time. He brought this guy to his flat and gave him food and a place to sleep. Mike left to go to class and when he came back the bum trashed his house, cr*pped on the floor and stole anything that wasn't nailed down. He learned a valuable lesson that day.

    I think our politicians and hollywood "cause du-jour" do gooders should have an experience just like Mikes. But first they need to climb down from their Cadillac SUV's.

  8. You make a lot of very good point, Udiyah.

    As Sultan posted a while back, the Democrats make their constituents dependent upon them for everything. They cater to the poor, the gay, the pro-abortion people, the working-poor, telling them, "Who will look out for you if we don't?"

    And what do the Demos do? The create a slave-master relationship with people living on the edges of society.

    Their motto is, "Give us your poor, your needy, your huddled gays so we can make slaves of them and get rich."

  9. Anonymous2/4/07

    "Their motto is, "Give us your poor, your needy..."

    The core of liberal Democrats is the exaltation of victimhood. The bigger victim (brown skin is a plus) the better. That's precisely why a large percentage of Libs love the "Palestinians" and despise the baad oppresser Israel. Jews were only a protected people when we were being exterminated. As soon as the Jew began to fight back, were victorious in the Six Day War, we became persona non grata.

    Their theme song should be (sung to the old Jingle of Dr Pepper): "I'm a victim, you're a victim, wouldn't you like to be a victim too.. I'm a victim, you can be a victim toooo!"

  10. Personal Data: Birth - June 22, 1933 in San Francisco, California
    Education - Was the only Jewish student at an elite Roman Catholic high school. Earned a BA in history from Stanford University.

    Family - Married, 1 daughter

    Faith - Jewish

  11. She was born Jewish. She is not currently Jewish but converted to Catholicism.

  12. Anonymous17/4/07

    Sen. Feinstein is NOT a convert to Catholicism; she was born Jewish and remains so.

    I agree that the mainstream media is at fault for not covering this story. I knew about it, but that's because I read The Nation, The New York Review of Books, Mother Jones, The Guardian, Ha'aretz, and other publications with actual investigative reporting.


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