Home US Election Top Democrats Collaborate with the Enemy
Home US Election Top Democrats Collaborate with the Enemy

Top Democrats Collaborate with the Enemy

"I am trying to build relationships with other governments in preparation for a Democratic takeover," Dean said. "I want to make clear that there is an opposition in America and that we are ready to take power and that when we do, we are going to have much better relationships with them."

Those are the words of Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic Party. If you didn't know any better, it would sound like the rhetoric of a Latin American General preparing for a coup.

The days when the Democratic party was pretending to engage in bipartisanship are long over. The Democratic leadership has gone Carter style openly cutting deals with America's enemies.

Nancy Pelosi, who has kept a resolution in support of the captured British soldiers from coming to the floor, will be going for a meet and greet tour of Syria, a totalitarian regime which is supplying many of the terrorists murdering American troops.

No doubt while meeting with Assad, Saddam's former ally whose regime routinely tortures and murders dissidents, Pelosi will personally pass along Howard Dean's message of how eager her party is to take power and collaborate with them.

With Farrakhanite congressman Ellison in tow, Pelosi can demonstrate how we're already elected one racist Muslim to congress as proof of their commitment to endorsing terrorism.

One wonders where Pelosi's tour will take her. Will she be shown the prisons where thousands are tortured and kept in horrific conditions? Will she be shown the workings of the Mukhbarat secret service that is used as the instrument of terror by Assad's regime? Will she, like the former Pope, stand silently as Assad again suggests that Muslims and Christians unite to kill the Jews? Or as Hillary Clinton did while Suha Arafat was spouting her hateful rhetoric?

In 1983 Senator Ted Kennedy sent along a letter to the Soviet leadership offering his collaborating in helping Soviet dictator and former KGB chief Yuri Andropov undermine Reagan and the United States government. Kennedy included the names of other Democratic politicians who would be willing to help. Kennedy is still in office and the new generation of Democratic politicians is still working harder than ever to collaborate with our enemies.


  1. These are very anti-American acts.
    They should not be allowed.
    But their agenda is more for money and re-election. The nation is low on their list.
    They are America's erev rav who came later one.

  2. it's literal treason and it goes unpunished

  3. He just did spank them!!

    It is treason during a time of war, they are consorting and supporting the enemy no matter what rationales or excuses they use.

    To think that just a generation ago the Democrats were viewed as the champions of the middle and working class and traditional family values.

    Just look what political correctness, power hunger, and depravity has done.

  4. Dean should serve out the rest of Pollard's life sentence! This is the same as Chavez yms giving out cheap oil in Harlem.

  5. Anonymous2/4/07

    You know, I feel Ms Speaker Pelosi will be just the one, with her warmth, openess and sensitivity to reach Mr Assad. Many others over numerous years have tried to get through to Bashar but none with the ability to reach out non-judgementally like Nancy Pelosi. It's well known that Nancy doesn't come to the table like an adversary. She has too much experience with different culturals to come off like a dumb hick. She's a class act like Gandhi.

    She won't go into attack mode regarding Assads alleged hand in Rafik Hariris assassination. She's going to find out why he did it- he may have a good reason, like desperation. It drives people to do the unthinkable.


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