Home Israel We Receive Some UN-friendly Email from the United Nations
Home Israel We Receive Some UN-friendly Email from the United Nations

We Receive Some UN-friendly Email from the United Nations

From: Andrew Whitley
To: Sultan Knish
Subject: Correction

Sorry to disappoint you. Fox News - once again - got it wrong. There has been no pull-out of UN staff from Gaza following the attack last Friday on the Director of our Gaza Field Office - and there is no intention to pull out. UNRWA operations in the Gaza Strip, supporting over a million poor Palestinians, continue as normal. Suggest you get a more reliable source next time.

Andrew Whitley
UNRWA Representative Office
(212) 963-2255 (office)
(917) 470-5256 (mobile)
e-mail: whitleya@un.org

From: Sultan Knish
To: Andrew Whitley

The report comes via Fox News with the AP which itself specifically cited Ging as saying that a pullout was being considered. So clearly there was indeed such an intent. Considering that the UN has pulled its foreign personnel (the handful still left) several times before after violent incidents, it's a quite credible story and neither Fox nor the AP has issued a correction. And it's rather well known that UN officials in Palestinian areas have certain "credibility" problems.

But if the pullout hasn't happened yet, it's only a matter of time till one of the poor Palestinians does something to insure a pullout. Then your foreign personnel can always go back within the Green Line and operate safely from there under the IDF's gracious protection. While the Islamic Jihad\Fatah operatives on your payroll will commandeer what remains of the Gaza UN staff and UN vehicles will stick to carrying bombs and mortal shells.


Now as you can tell from the snide borderline unprofessional tone of Andrew Whitley's email, he's far from an employee just doing his job. There's some Fox News bashing, which is typical enough in leftist circles, but not the sort of thing the director of the UNRWA Representative Office should be openly engaging in.

Andrew Whitley has however been extensively involved in Pro-Palestinian advocacy. The UNRWA's staffers are heavily filled with locals who have open ties to terrorist groups. The UNRWA is the second largest employer in the West Bank and Gaza, after the Palestinian Authority itself. (And the PA's budget for paying its employees comes from the same place as the UNRWA's, foreign donors, and also directly from the UNRWA as well.) Essentially the UNRWA subsidizes the facade of the Palestinian Authority.

Andrew Whitley himself has signed at least one petition against Israel and is always ready to rush out with a statement bashing Israel at every opportunity. In his position Andrew Whitley has served as the propaganda megaphone for a body that is supposed to be apolitical, but is in reality anything but.


  1. Wonderful job Sultan! You drove the nail of truth of the matter right into the UN's pointy little head. Otherwise, Whitley would not have responded, or for that matter, included his full name, title, position and contact information.

    WOW, talk about defensiveness. The UN--scanning the globe to detect and defend insults--real or perceived--against his "poor Palestinians."

  2. Congratulations,
    At least you received a response from the UN. They apparently can get a "little" aggressive when dealing with individuals. You should send another one under the guise of a political representative and see what kind of response you get.


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