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Homesh: Return and Rebuild

While Israel continues shipping large amounts of food and water to Palestinian areas, the Olmert regime has cut off supplies of food and water to the returnees to Homesh.

When supplies to Palestinian areas are at all delayed, there is a great international outcry that Israel is starving the Palestinian Arabs, even though Israel has no further reasonable responsibility to continue providing food, water and electricity for people dedicated openly to killing them. There is of course no outcry when Israel denies basic necessities to the returnees to Homesh. Because they are after all the victims of Islamic terrorists, not terrorists. Food and water are considered a human right for terrorists. But not a human right for Jews.

The returnees to Homesh have celebrated the first Brit (circumcision) since the Expulsion by a family which had been expelled from Homesh and lost their father, as well as a Sheva Brachos (seven days after a wedding) under the shadow of preparations by Olmert's police to expel them again.

What is their crime? Are they seizing territory from Hamas? Even that is in doubt, because despite the decades of whining about lost homes and keys and reclaiming Palestine, the Palestinian Arabs have not flocked to settle the communities of the expelled Jews. Instead they've trashed them, used them as dumps and rocket launching pads. They have done everything but actually live there. They have clearly shown that they have no use for the land and the land has no use for them. The land waits for the return of its residents, into whose hands G-d had given it.

The Israeli press, beholden to this corrupt government, screams about the illegalities and crimes of the settlers. What is their crime? Living on land that even Hamas has no use for, except to shell Tel Aviv. Photos from Homesh show a clear view of Tel Aviv 20 miles away. Is Olmert's government and the editors of Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post so eager to have Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad Katuyshas set up there, instead of the homes of Israeli families?

While Israel sends immediate aid to the Palestinian Arab sewage disaster, water and food are cut off for the returnees to Homesh. When Arab terrorists drown in their own filth, Israel runs to help. When the pride of its nation comes to reclaim its land, Olmert sends out a force of thousands to surround them and cut them off. So too may this government be cut off and may we all return to our land, all of our land, forever again.


  1. Can the Israeli Gov sink much lower? Maybe all the way into Gehinom? I think so.
    May Hashem remove this government fast.

  2. amen, remove them and forget they ever existed, except as a cautionary tale

  3. Meanwhile Gaza has its seal of approval from heaven in a liquid form suitable for their antics.

  4. yes, well they have explosive diahrea when it comes to their rhetoric, their behavior and their cities and towns as well

    they live amid their own filth, always have, always will

  5. Will they be alright? Is anyone going to bring food to them?

    What cruelty for Olmert to do this so close to Pesach as well. No mercy for his people even at a time of religious significance? He has no heart or soul. Neither do those who would comfort terrorists and vilify and further abuse their victims in words and deed. Yes, I accuse the press as well because where it not for them and their lies I wonder if the world would really stand by and allow a peaceful people to be abused and thrown off their land in favor of terrorists.

    As for the Palestinians, let them drown in their own filth

  6. The world doesn't care because it's being done to Jews. So I'm not surprised there's no outcry. It's only us, after all. (grrr)

    As for what the arabs have done to the areas Jews have been kicked out of. They did the same to Jerusalem. They made it smell like a latrine...literally. And only when we took it back did it have a wonderful smell to it again.

    Hmmm...my dasturdly mind is reminded of the expression, "you are what you eat." You could also say, "You smell like what you are." :]

  7. Anonymous28/3/07

    Excellent article. Sultan Knish, one time I had someone tell me I was 'too nice'. I thought about that for a time. A person can be too nice, and let others run over them, abuse them, take advantage of them.

    I think that is what Israel has become, TOO NICE.

  8. p.s., I'm really not too nice, I'm just right, heh

    Right Truth

  9. k.a. there was a water tower and apparently a hidden generator and they brought food with them

    most are gone now, but a core group is dispersing and returning... it's still in play

    yo - yup, all too true and you can contrast the land with the arab held lands and see the difference

    debbie - niceness should be for those who return it in kind, being nice to nasty people often just feeds their abusive behavior by removing any consequences for them

    israel has tried to play by civilized rules, not realizing that those rules are applied hypocritically and selectively for political reasons, rather than being universal principles

  10. BTW: all of those photos of the land are absolutely gorgeous; people praying on the hillside, the grass, blue sky, horizon, all of it. Paradise. I pray it stays in Jewish hands, not Arab.

    I can only imagine what the Arab sections of Israel look like.

  11. Anonymous29/3/07

    Everything they touch turns to garbage. So it isn't like they want the land "back" to build homes on it (Gaza and Homesh for instance) No, as soon as Gaza was in their hands they trashed the hothouses, set the synagogues on fire and now they fire rockets from it. Their hearts cry out for the land! Riiight.

    Look at beautiful Homesh. High on the hilltops - garbage everwhere along the roads. You can bet it didn't look like that when Jews lived there.

    Palies want it, like a spoiled child wants a toy someone else has. As soon as the brat weasels the toy out of his neighbor he slams it on the ground and breaks it, abandoning the pieces. Like Homesh to the Palestinians.

    Not one among them is concerned enough to even wonder out loud: What the hell is infrastructure? And garbage pick-up, and proper plumbing and sewage plants - not dirt berms that loosely hold in rivers of stinking waste.

    Why haven't the good Palies taken care of all the money grubbing leaders who divert billions of aid dollars to weapons of "resistance?" How is it that with a kalashnikov in every closet one of them doesn't sacrifice himself for the real good of their people? Kill off the b*stards! Strap on a bomb and walk into a Haniyah/Abbas meeting and really go for a clean start.
    I can dream, can't I?

    Suddenly I'm inspired.

    Ode to Gunships

    Martyrdom, O martyrdom, the sound of churning skies, a faint whistling of my name in the world to come.  A flash and my eyes turn heavenward. I taste smoke and eternity sears my lips. No more bloom of youth to send. No more to crush the tender into wine of sacrifice. In tremor and foul stench I'm dispatched. Flame and gloves of scarlet my stinging burial shroud. 

    All the pieces that I am, separating what is, from what was in one expansive gesture. No glory and untouched houris to penetrate? No cup of wine or boys with eyes like pearls to quench my thirst?

    So I, to heaven question: Who was my god then? The Name who fashions my torment? 

    I heave ash and disappointment. My eyes weep from their sockets. Oh to grasp a fist of my holy land, to occupy it now and not this grave.

  12. Great pictures.
    I have different ones up on shiloh musings from Yoni.

    Chag Kasher v'Sameach


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