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  1. From a Christian perspective it certainly appears that Olmert is selling out Israel and possibly Jerusalem. I wonder what the Israeli public opinion is on Olmert?

  2. Anonymous21/3/06

    This is my first time at the site - can you please correct the egregious spelling error:
    It should be Lo Nishkach - not Lo Niskach.
    Many thanks

  3. Anonymous21/3/06

    Dovid, He cannot.
    Its against my religious values to spell it the way you suggest and so the Sultan has kindly agreed to spell it this way for me.
    I am sure, being a tolerant individual who respects a man with smicha, you will not find a problem with this.

  4. Anonymous21/3/06

    My name is herman and I will spell it any Doggone way I feel like
    and dont call me a drunk no more neither

  5. Anonymous21/3/06

    theway2k: from a practical perspective he's selling out israel, the public opinion on olmert is not positive and he'd never win a direct election, unfortunately the current election is by party

    Dovid: a proper spelling only exists in the original hebrew, english spellings of hebrew words are transcriptions and a matter of opinion, I've seen Niskach spelled at least three different ways, including mine. Prefference may be a matter of individual choice and pronounication.


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