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Dhimmization Through Islamophobia

The accusation of Islamophobia is thrown around more and more often these days, most often at critics of terrorism. Recently the refusal to turn over American ports to an Arab nation with strong ties to Al-Queda was described as Islamophobia. The Danish cartoons which inspired Muslim death threats were also described as Islamophobic. The cartoons depicted, for the most part Mohammed, the supposed prophet of Islam, and his affinity for murder and it is this which inspired the vast resevoir of Muslim rage.

But let us consider the term 'Islamophobia' for a moment. We live in a very politically correct society nowadays which has words to describe many types of bigotries. There is Anti-Semitism for hatred aimed at Jews. There is racism for hatred aimed at various races. There is homophobia for hatred of homosexuals. There is Misogyny for hatred of women. Islamophobia is different than all of these in a very fundamental way. Where the words for all these forms of bigotry focus on the people being hated, Islamophobia is not about the people but about Islam. Islamophobia is not a hatred of any particular racial or ethnic group, it is not even as formulated really a hatred of Muslims, but a hatred of Islam.

Islam is the only religion to achieve this special status. There is no Christianaphobia or Judaismphobia. Words relating to hatred of Jews focuses on the Jews rather than on Judaism. Some Catholics have argued for the existance of an Anti-Catholicism, but no such word is recognized by the media or by the authorities as legitimate. While there has been controversy over laws in Europe that would criminalize the criticism of Islam, the use of a word that specifies Islam, rather than the individual group of people, to describe an unacceptable and occasional criminal form of bigotry is a short-cut to Islam gaining protected status. It is not Muslims or Arabs whom the term Islamophobia is meant to protect, but a belief system, and before this the United States has never given privileged status to a belief system that would immunize it from criticism.

Anyone using Islamophobia is subscribing to the belief that criticism of that particular religion is a form of bigotry, and no other. It is okay to criticise Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism but never Islam. And indeed in the wake of the cartoon riots, apologists for Islam have compared the cartoons to a form of bigotry and discrimination, though the cartoons portrayed Mohammed, rather than individual Muslims. Yet under Islamophobia it is Mohammed who is protected, rather than individual Muslims. As such we are moving to a stage where a figure who is long dead, if he ever existed and whose existance long predated the United States becomes sacrosant. When the BBC website describes Islam's myths as facts while treating every other religion as a myth, they are complying with the dictates of Islamophobia, to refrain from any criticism of Islam.

In Muslim lands Islam has always enjoyed that protection backed by a death penalty which now threatens the editor of a Yemeni newspaper who only published the Danish cartoons in order to criticise them. Under the banner of Islamophobia we are moving towards that same state of affairs. Few newspapers had the courage to publish the actual cartoons. The few student newspapers who did publish them have suffered consenquences. CNN even pixelated the cartoons when broadcasting them as if they were frightfully obscene. As the American media abases itself towards Mecca, the term Islamophobia will yet weave a noose for Western civilization to hang itself on.


  1. Actually there is a Christianphobia. The UN came up with this term not too long ago. I forgot where I read it but I have seen it mentioned just a week ago in a column in the Washington Times. However, a Pakistani who left Pakistan because of persecution became a pastor in Australia. There at a conference he pointed to the Koran as the main reason to insite violence against non believers. He was charged with Islamophobia and had to stand trial. There he wanted to read the passages of the Koran that gives reason to kill non believers when a muslim cleric raised objection on basis that it is a sacraledge to read the Koran in front of unbelievers by an unbeliever. Sadly the judge agreed. This Pakastani was just mentioned again in the Washington Times making a statement regarding the incident. Least but not last, look at the pictures of protestors that gathered in every major city in the US protesting the danish cartoons. Did those faces look any friendlier than those abroad. And in Dearborn Michigan and somewhere in TX I believe, Muslim protestors were holding up posters with the picture of Khomeini on it. We're heading towards dangerous times.

  2. Excellent post.

    At least for now the media is self-censoring but given enough time I can certainly envision legislation which would make the publication or airing of anything even remotely critical of Islam a crime, or at the very least, in the case of broadcast journalism, a violation of FCC regulations.

    Would there ever come a time when insulting Islam would be a punishable crime (midemeanor/felony)in the United States and Europe?

  3. Anonymous21/3/06

    with the FCC throwing around its weight more and political correctness becoming entrenched in journalism and buisness, I suspect we'll see that day soon enough though it won't really matter since already no one can broadcast such things really as it is, the laws would just be the final stamp on a status quo the media itself put into place

  4. The use of the term "phobia" at the end of a word is used to make a person feel bad for using it.
    Its a psychological trick to keep you from bringing a subject up and demanding an accounting.
    Its cowardly and dirty and used by people who know they are in the wrong but have no valid arguements to supply on their own behalf.
    Thus they have to use tactics to shut people up.
    The problem is people DO shut up out of fear.
    So now we can add the following:

  5. Anonymous21/3/06

    they look like they are lined up for getting swats on the behind.
    Whats with the bending over all the time?

  6. I am proud to be an Islamophobe. I consider the Islam to be the greatest threat to the continuation of Western Culture and democratic institutions since Marxism came on the geopolitical stage through the deceased Soviet Union.

  7. Anonymous21/3/06

    it's the ancient islamic ritual known as Al-Spanqo

  8. This quote about Islamophobia is either yours, Robert Spencer's, Hugh Fitzgerald's, Fjordman's, or Raymond Ibrahim's. I love it; it's so true! "Islamophobia is knowing more about Islam than you're supposed to."


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