Home Wanted: A Victim Who Won't Talk Back
Home Wanted: A Victim Who Won't Talk Back

Wanted: A Victim Who Won't Talk Back

What ground-breaking story has been occupying the collective attention of the media for the last week, trumpeted from the front page of dailys, broadcast on the evening news and scattered across news sites?

Was it Iran's accelerating race towards a nuclear arsenal? Hamas' takeover of the Palestinian Authority? Worldwide cartoon protests by Muslims which has now killed over a dozen people including children?

Perish the thought. The media has little patience for such trivialties. The lead news story continues to be that the Vice-President accidentally shot a man with birdshot in a hunting accident.

The media which had days earlier been so starved for things to blame Bush for that they were accusing him of killing polar bears (actual headline, Polar Bears Reveal Shame of Bush Administration) gleefully searched through their closets for anything Tartan and took to wandering the woods doing news broadcasts from places they'd never been like a forest, a ditch and Texas.

Faster than Superman during rush hour on Krypton the media gathered what little they knew about hunting, hunters and Texas into a small bundle and rushed off to make this the big story. When the injured hunter lay in the hospital, more attention was paid to his condition than has been paid to that of many world leaders. When he suffered a heart attack, more of the news media seemed to care for his health than that of their own children.

Then the 'man- who- would- not- be- Cindy- Sheehan' got out of bed and read a statement confused and embarassed at all the attention saying he didn't blame the Vice President, that hunting accidents happen and that he wished the whole thing would just go away.

Immediately he went from being the victim of the Vice President's homicidal bloodlust to being described as a 'Republican Donor.' Where previously the media had been willing to let his Republican donations go when they thought he might die or at least grumble, now they used that to top their headlines. To normal people it seems a bit confusing as to why stories about a man accidentally shot should describe him as a Republican Donor, but it pays to remember that Republican Donors, like Settlers describes a subhuman class as far as Liberal reporters are concerned.

To describe a man as a 'Republican Donor' is to state that he is not a human being and shooting him isn't a very terrible thing after all. It also to the media's way of thinking explains why he wasn't prepeared to do what they wanted him to, which was to metamorphose into Cindy Sheehan wandering the world praying at plastic tombstones and carrying a slice of onion in her pocket to produce instant tears for the cameras; but instead behaved with dignity and class. Had he made a spectacle of himself for the evening news, they might have forgiven him his Republican donations but failing to do so, they damned him with the worst epithet they knew which is certain to start a bloody hairpulling match any day in Berkeley or Tribeca. A Republican Donor.

Now with an uncooperative victim and an accident that most people thought was an accident, particularly people who had actually been hunting once in their lives or at least knew the difference between birdshot and an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile; the media like a bulldog with his teeth in the postman's leg were still determined to blindly keep reporting the story. By now they no longer know exactly what the story is about or what to do with it but news producers are tenacious creatures and like bulldogs they hang on in there certain that if they chew long and hard enough, some blood will spurt somewhere.

Indeed the bulldog legacy is the legacy of the Democratic opposition to Bush. An opposition that had long since lost any remnant of reason or coherence and has consisted of grabbing hold and biting down hard certain that determination will finally yield blood. And so the media disgrace continues while nations and organizations determined to turn as many Americans as they can into piles of corpses go about their plans, the media broadcasts Day 94 of the Cheney Shootout.

And so it goes.


  1. Anonymous20/2/06

    I can't read Hebrew so I don't know what that little icon with the sheep jumping off the cliff in your right hand sidebar is all about but it seemed appropriate to this article.

    My newspaper reading has fallen to the level of sometimes glancing at the headlines of the various papers at the checkout stand. Even that is too much. Idiocy published for idiots. We can be happy that very soon there will be no papers because everybody knows idiots don't read much.

    As to visual media I have long since ceased to pay much attention to that. Even Fox is so banal as to be nauseating.

    I think we must continue to bate these cretins in the press as much as possible. It makes them mad and I feel a certain satisfaction at disturbing their digestion and perhaps even afflicting their sleep patterns.

    I now read about twenty blogs a day and sample a few others. I find that I am more well informed than at any time in my life.

  2. Anonymous21/2/06

    Sorry, I have little options available to me, I MUST watch what's happening in the national media. SIGH. After I was shot in the back for reporting news in my community, the mainstream media gave me the royal snub. On second though, maybe I should post something on my blog if anyone would be interested in reading it?

  3. I think such a post would be a very good idea as a matter of fact

  4. Anonymous21/2/06

    Couldn't get that Kadima thing on the right is rats or pigs?

  5. Anonymous21/2/06

    they're sheep following one another off the cliff

  6. The hebrew is "Kadima" (forward) the name of the party in Israel.

  7. Anonymous22/2/06

    I just found something on another site that I think should be known. I can't verify the accuracy, but it sounds as if it is very close to the truth. And I was not able to add it to the Amona post. Please approve. Hope it is okay to add it here, since the topic is similar.

    "One girl was picked up by a policeman and held up high against a wall, while the other policeman shoved his club up her va....(sensored by me).

    "Because my friend just came from her house. The girl is hysterical. She has locked herself in her bedroom. She won't come out, she's screaming and wailing, her family is hysterical, their friends can't find a way to comfort them, can't get her to come out or to talk to anybody. She's screaming and won't come out.

    "Another girl was grabbed by two riot policemen who were shoving her into a paddywagon. One held her flat on her back at the edge of the paddywagon and held her legs spread open, and the other policeman rammed his club up her (sensored by me) so hard and so far that the whole club was inside of her, up to his fist.

    2 boys lost an eye --
    1 is being flown to huz'laretz to try to save his eye. I'm not sure if he is one of the 2, or a 3rd boy.
    4 girls have no womb anymore
    40 serious head injuries
    20 boys whose testicles were crushed so badly that they don't know if they can save them.
    3 of those 20 for sure are permanently ruined, they will never be able to father children.

    "...one looking as Russian. -- told him in Russian language:"Brother, we should be on the same side",
    The man in Israeli uniform answered in a proper Russian: "I am not your brother, jidovsky morda (in slang - face)"

    People need to know all the horrific things that the ill government is condoning. I would go so far as to try to convince anyone voting in the elections (which I don't think will happen) to vote for ANYONE but the establishment in Israel.


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