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The news media in a proud show of free speech has decided the cartoons that are at the center of an international controversy cannot be shown. CNN blurred their images as if they were pornography. Papers have argued that it is enough to describe them in words without actually showing them. (Under this philosophy one wonders why they run photographs at all; after all can't they just describe everything in words?) Only two major newspapers have run the photos and one isn't very major at all. The rest have gotten behind their speech codes and suddenly discovered that they don't want to offend people.

By contrast though the media has had no trouble running photos of Piss Christ, a figure of Jesus suspended in urine. Similar works of art offensive to Jews, Christians and Hindus by 'transgressive' artists who make their reputation being offensive are routinely celebrated in the arts sections of every metropolitan paper. The media culture of the late 20th century indeed has made a virtue of offensiveness. Our popular culture is filled with obnoxious shock jocks, obscene rap stars, ranting columnists and abusive reality tv and talk shows. Controversial in our time has become a form of praise.

To better understand the media's agenda, let's look at what the media will and won't show us.

They didn't want to show us the 9/11 photos either. Footage was quickly pulled from television and increasingly hoarded to avoid inflaming tensions. You will rarely see the worst photos of 9/11, of people falling from the towers or of bodies. Instead they will rerun many of the same distant shots of the towers burning as iconography. You might think that this is the media being tasteful but that isn't so. After New Orleans the media gloried in finding photographs of misery and suffering, manufacturing and spreading stories of cannibalism, raped child, armed gangs opening fire on helicopters and crocodiles stalking the flooded city that proved to be lies. They even sued the government to be able to photograph any corpses that would be found.

You might think then that the media wants to avoid offending or outraging Muslims, yet that isn't so either. Newsweek ran a false story on a Koran being flushed in the toilet that led to massive riots and deaths. The media gleefully run every Abu Ghraib photo they can get on to defame American troops and touch off Muslim riots. There is no concern there whatsoever. The Mirror even published transparently faked photographs of supposed abuses and refused to apologize for it. When it comes to stories that damage America, the media will not only enthusiastically report them but even make them up.

The media will only run photos that are hostile to American and will not run photos that are hostile to Muslims. The media will do anything to overthrow a conservative administration that they hate, to smear the military and endanger their lives and to broadcast their message that America is evil, that the War on Terror is futile and evil and must be stopped. The media will also do everything possible to cover for Muslim terrorists, to whitewash them and smear any country that will stand up to them.

Today the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on Israel considering sanctions against Hamas under the headline; "Israel puts the squeeze on fledgling democracy." The sheer warped thinking required to coin that piece of hateful propaganda is itself almost astounding. Yet this is the natural language of the opposition. The opposition to freedom, to civilization, to morality; the shrill hateful voice of the modern liberal who splatters his sympathy across the worst killers and reserves his lies and distortions for their victims. A filthy siren song that inverts the values of good and evil to weep crocodile tears for the terrorists at Abu Ghraib, for the Black Panthers and for Hamas and the Communist Party and every murderer and thug hiding behind a political agenda. And behold how at the conclusion of his tawdry performance, the liberal rises from the floor to heap mud on the heads of their victims while proclaiming his own moral superiority for caring so much about the things no one else (that is no one else but the other hundred million Democrats) cares about.

It is not sensitivity nor fear nor any of the excuses that has kept the cartoons off the pages of America's newspapers. They are absent from there for the same reason that photos of Kim Jong Il fill North Korean newspapers and that no photos of happy prosperous Americans appeared in the Soviet press. It is propaganda. It is the will to shape the organs of the press to produce a particular picture of the world with a particular agenda. In this world that they present daily to us, terrorism is the result of social inequality and can only be remedied that way. There are no terrorists, only people who are protesting inequalities as representatives of their ethnic groups and races. The ultimate blame for everything rests with America for being too rich and too successful.

It is a world that would be wonderful if not for the baleful influence of America and its allies such as Israel who disrupt that paradise. And that is their agenda. The desire to annihilate civilization as we know it. The man shrieking long and loud that he wishes he were an ape or a caveman even as he is surrounded by all the luxurious comforts that a six figure salary a year can bring. This is liberalism and this is the liberal media. It isn't about helping people, that is the facade. It is about bringing people down, subjugating them, destroying their will and reducing them to animals. At the heart of all pagan ideologies is the belief in the fundamental evil of man and the elevation of the virtues of the animal. Modern liberalism, a bastard stepchild of socialism and communism, is no different. Like Nazi Germany or the USSR it is driven to destroy higher moral values, to bring out the animal and turn the world into cowering sheep and brutal wolves.

Is it any wonder that they will publish what aids the wolves with the objective of turning men into sheep?


  1. Again, its the story of 3 kids walking along and the bully comes.
    One of them wants to stand up to the bully, but the other two are afraid and turn on the one who wishes to stand up, rather than the bully.
    Same with the media. They are afraid. They want good stories, they want to make a splash, but they don't want trouble in their yard.
    Fear makes people do some awful things.
    Evenhandedness is in very few people's vocabulary or habits.

  2. Anonymous17/2/06

    History itself proves your thesis. Orwel said the same. C.S. Lewis said the same. A hundred conservative pundits preach the message daily. Few listen.

    The majority of men are not actively hateful and destructive. They are just passive. Thus is fulfilled the prophecy of how evil triumphs. 'Good' men do nothing.

    As convinced of the truth of your premise I am equally convinced that there is spiritual evil that pervades the world of men. As fascism reared it's malignant head in many nations in the '30s and '40s and swept up the entire planet in conflagration ... now we have Islamism and it's quizzling Left. Surely the time of Jacob's Trouble is upon us. That old dragon roams the earth again.


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