Home Police Beat and Injure Hundreds of Protesters including 3 Knesset Members
Home Police Beat and Injure Hundreds of Protesters including 3 Knesset Members

Police Beat and Injure Hundreds of Protesters including 3 Knesset Members

Terrorists govern in Ramallah and terrorists govern in Jerusalem. The illegitimate unelected government of Ehud Olmert sent out uniformed thugs to smash the heads of civilian protesters and expell them from their homes. A 15 year old boy lies in the hospital in a coma with a fractured skull, hundreds of protesters are severely wounded including three Knesset Members. Among them is former Brigadier General Effie Eitam who recieved the Medal of Honor during the Yom Kippur War. See videos here and more pictures here and here

Knesset Member and Brigadier General Effie Eitam, awarded the Medal of Honor in the Yom Kippur War

"A line was crossed in Amona and this cannot be accepted," said Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday evening. He said the restraint and determination of the security forces that carried out the evacuation was admirable.

MK Effi Eitam, who was wounded during the violence, said "30 years I fought on the battle fields, and I never believed that I would be wounded by a Jewish policeman while I was doing my duty as a member of Knesset."

Tnu Lahayot Lihyot - Israel's main animal rights groups - protested against the use of horses in Amona's evacuation on Wednesday. Tnu Lahayot Lihyot suggested alternatives such as jeeps or motorcycles, such that no animals would be endangered.

The animal rights group's spokesperson also noted that following the evacuation, one of the residents of Amona was taken to a court hearing, leaving behind a herd of 130 goats without any supervision. The spokesperson, voiced her concern for the abandoned herd.


  1. Anonymous1/2/06

    Animals eat their own.
    If the government does this, they are animals and deserve to be put down like animals.

  2. Anonymous1/2/06

    If police didnt wear a badge, they would be out raping old ladies and stealing candy from the children they molest.

  3. WHY! HOW?! I had read that there would be a clash, but nothing like this?

    Who set this all into motion?

  4. Anonymous1/2/06

    the 'acting' prime minister and his government have been responsible for bringing Hamas to power and elections are coming

    he wants a makeshift civil war to create an enemy to fight and beat

  5. The media is calling it an illegal settlement .

    There is NO SUCH THING AS ANY ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT IN ISRAEL. You cannot illegally settle on your OWN PROPERTY.
    May Hashem bring an end to rule by Erev Rav speedily and in our days.

  6. Anonymous1/2/06

    When are the soldiers going to wake up and just refuse to participate. This seems just the beginning of the heightened fight to keep our Holy Land from desecration. The brave belong to Hashem.

    Save these pictures in a place not in your home or office because as was done to A-7, the so-called government may go after 'inciters.'

    Kol Tuv

  7. Anonymous1/2/06

    On ITV news in the UK tonight, the headlines read "Jew against Jew" - something I never in my life thought I'd see.

    The Israeli government refuse to take any action about illegal Arab settlements, and they do this to their own?

    Olmert and his Nazi kapo cronies should be locked up for crimes against humanity!

  8. These pictures should be on the front pages of every American newspaper.

  9. Anonymous1/2/06

    perhaps but I wouldn't count on it and the ones that make it into a paper will have interesting labels

    the ones here had titles like 'extremist israeli settlers menace police' or under the one of the policeman on a horse trampling a protester 'policeman holds settler at bay'

    the hevron photos were even better

    there the cameramen had 'neat ideas' on getting the real story

    they would show soldiers dragging a girl away and photograph a palestinian watching and the caption would be, 'palestinians watch israeli extremist settler violence'

    there were about a dozen of those

  10. You're 100-percent correct on the way captions would be used to spin this story to either downplay the magnitute of what happened, or somehow make the Israelis out to be the vilians.

    After posting here I decided to check out both the A-7 and BBC coverage. The BBC website posted a picture from AFB, which clearly shows thick black smoke, horses and dozens and dozens of protestors. The caption reads: "Levels of violence smiliar to the worst of the Gaza evacuations."

    Arutz reported, and their photos appear consistent with their news coverage, that 300 protestors were treated in a giant tent.

    The BBC website reports only "dozens" of protestors injured. Furthermore, the BBC reports, "When the settlers resisted the eviction troops wielding sticks charged the crowd and scuffles broke out."


    Scuffles......unbelievable. Scuffles!!!! You'd think it were little more than a bar brawl by that description. You and I both know how biased the BBC is but this goes far far beyond inaccurate newsgathering and reporting.

    I'm infuriated.

  11. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060103/ids_photos_wl/r1037742745.jpg

    look at the description here, a perfect demonstration of taking a situation and twisting it to show something else entirely

  12. Anonymous2/2/06

    It's not politically correct to compare the Israeli akzion against Amona with Nazi operations, but the temptation is very great.

  13. Anonymous2/2/06

    They enjoyed hitting and beating us. Even those who stood aside & were passive. They were worse than animals. Animals kill in order to eat. They beat us as a sport.
    It may not be completely correct to compare them to the Nazis, but it's hard to think of anything else that comes close enough for comparism.
    They may have broken my hand. They broke my heart. But I still stand in their way & so do everyone who was there & many who weren't.

  14. Anonymous2/2/06

    G-d help us all.

  15. Anonymous3/2/06

    does anyone have a list of hebrew names for Refuah Seleimah?

  16. Anonymous3/2/06

    the 15 year old boy whose skull was fractured is yechiam ben rachel

    I'm sure there are more comprehensibe tehilim lists somewhere but not sure where

  17. Anonymous4/2/06

    What in Heaven's name is going on here?

  18. Anonymous4/2/06

    This is just too unbelievable! I want to find some sackcloth and ashes and wear it. Very heartbreaking.

  19. Anonymous6/2/06

    so animal rights groups are the focus??? the animals are imp - they shouldnt be harmed, but the pple - its ook to d wtvr you want to them! that jews will be going against other jews isnt as big a deal as the animals!?!?!?!?!
    unless of course the animals are the jews doing such a heinous things, and that we are to remember, after all, that they are still jews - hashem yirachem aleinu...
    i agree with lemon lime, that there's no such thing as an illegal settlement, (except for the arab squatters in places such as yerushalayim)... we have to get out there, and let the world know that....

  20. Anonymous8/2/06

    causeless hatred that put brother against brother.......... our enemies didn't have much to do when they entered our Land after that......or have we forgotten???

  21. Anonymous13/2/06

    fight harder next time...

  22. Anonymous14/2/06

    This is evil done by Jewish people towards, other Jewish people. For the sake of what? What peace can come out of this? Shouldn't these pictures be in newspapers arround the world, why is the world silent? How can this happen? How can we allow this to happen? Is it not enough that islamic terrorists kill us and our children? Do we have to kill our own? For their sake? This is sick.


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