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The Day the Black Riders came to Amona


  1. Anonymous2/2/06

    This leaves a person breathless. What can we do here in the US - flood the so-called Israeli govt. with letters of protestation? Who else should we write to? These scenes remind one of the Churban Beis Rishon and Sheni.

    Awful! Simply awful!

    Iron weapons against idealist young boys and girls. How will they ever recover from this trauma?

    Where did the Black Riders get those weapons from? From Germany, or France, or Britain? Look how the horses were covered. They knew in advance how merciless and cruel they would be. Were they trained abroad?

    I'm flooded with mixed-emotions. What Rabbi condoned the participation of these youth, and under what Torah guidelines are they making these decisions.

    I read somewhere that there were negotiations to prevent this, but somehow there was a double-deal? Anyone know about this?

  2. Anonymous2/2/06

    I distinctly recall that when the British were training the newly formed Palestinean Authority a decade ago in the use of batons, they were taught "Do not strike the head. You may not strike the head. Do not ever strike the head." It was emphasized very strongly.

    The pictures from Amona show most very clearly that the police deliberately aimed for and struck heads. The obvious intention was not crowd control but rather injury.

    Maybe we'd be better off dealing with the Palestinean police?

    Jake in Jerusalem

  3. Anonymous3/2/06

    i remember as a kid talking to a police officer in front of 770, and asking him how he held his club and i raised it above my head, adn he warned me that police never raise the club above the head. NEVER!!

    AND on a trip to lubavitch i asked the russky police why they had big radio's the size of a fax machine, they braged that it was used to pound the poor viligers about the head!!

  4. Anonymous3/2/06

    Russin police imported to hit jews!

  5. Anonymous17/5/06

    Expect this to be repeated until the citizenry understand that the Government (and their electorate) HAVE ALREADY declared WAR on another segment of the population. When the ENEMY is not foreign, but one's own citizens, it is called a c_v_l war!

    William Tell

  6. Anonymous25/8/09

    The sad thing is that it is getting worse each day. I wish there was an answer--I wish we had a leader. Once I was told that some of the sages had predicted Jerusalem would fall a 3rd time--maybe they knew what greedy, foul, corrupt, anti-semitic leaders we would be cursed with.

  7. we've had the same leaders over and over again throughout history, look up the kahal


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