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Home Spielberg's Munich Has Officially Bombed

Spielberg's Munich Has Officially Bombed

With a total of only 34 million, Munich has dropped to 11th place falling out of the top 10 entirely. It has lost over a 1000 theaters and it was beaten out by Cheaper by the Dozen 2, a truly pathetic testament to how low Munich. Falling out of the top 10 in its second week of wide release is nothing short of disastrous.

Worse than the 3 hour plus running time or a confused story or objections from Jews; what really did in Munich was Brokeback Mountain. Spielberg had hoped that his movie would be the politically correct star of the end of the year, a time when 'serious' movies are released in the hope of awards and critical recognition. Instead the PC star became a movie about two gay cowboys in love and a meandering movie by a mainstream director with a confused point really couldn't compete. Even the Anti-Israel laurels went to Palestinian director,s movie Paradise Now that celebrated terrorists in a way not even self-hating Hollywood Jews like Spielberg can compete with.

Spielberg's Munich is now officially a disaster. Its total takings so far come to 34 million dollars. The film's actual budget was over 60 million dollars. Tack on to that a promotional budget of at least another 10 to 15 million dollars and keep in mind that far from 100 percent of takings go to the producers. Munich's first two weeks in limited release took place primarily in big cities and big city theaters, particularly LA and NYC have special agreements that allow them to keep 90 percent of the take until they recoup their outlay. Each week that a movie is in theaters, theaters increase their takings by 10 percent. After 5 weeks, theaters will be taking in better than half of the take leaving half at best for the producers and studios, etc. When you then factor in taxes, that 34 million falls to something like 8 million dollars.

Munich needed to make at least 150 million to make a profit. With the film entirely banned in Muslim countries and barely a blip in the foreign box office, Munich will pick up another 10-12 million dollars off DVD sales, some small change from cable before slinking off to oblivion.

Goodbye Stevie.


  1. Anonymous19/1/06

    so in 2 monthes we see 2 types of self hating Jews in action. the left wingcreator of Munich equotes the Israeli athletes wit the terrorists that murder them and a right wing supporter of the christian right that want to see Jews extinct before the coming of their so-called christ using Chanukah to defame Jews blaming them for the non-existant war on Christmas


  2. Anonymous20/1/06

    His movies suck anyway.
    Now I know why.
    I will never watch another one by that lamer


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