Home Bombs in Tel Aviv, Lies in Jerusalem, War in the West Bank
Home Bombs in Tel Aviv, Lies in Jerusalem, War in the West Bank

Bombs in Tel Aviv, Lies in Jerusalem, War in the West Bank

Over the last two weeks Olmert's government and the Israeli media had been doing their best to convince the public that the gravest threat they faced came from a few Jewish families living in Hevron. A top officer was even quoted as saying that they were much more dangerous than Arab terrorists.

Today an Arab terrorist once again blew himself up in a crowd. While Hevron was filled with police officers rounding up teenage girls, there was only one police officer available at the mall to intercept the bomber. The bomber managed to escape the police officer and detonated himself causing horrific devastation.

While the police officers were available in Hevron to carry out such important work as arresting a mother with a sick baby for not having proper identification, they were not available to stop an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber.

While the government and the media was busy trumpeting the fradulent slander that Jews had cut down Palestinian olive trees, they were ignoring Hamas' election campaign happening in Jerusalem itself. They did nothing about Iran's nuclear buildup. They ignored the utter chaos left behind after Disengagement and the smuggling of massive quantities of arms into Gaza through Egypt.

Once again the police issue statements about beefing up security but that will no longer be possible. Under the deal worked out on Gaza, Israel will no longer be able to close checkpoints even in the event of a terrorist attack. Israel has badly crippled its ability to fight terrorism and the government works to distract from its failure by creating an enemy out of the settlers they can then defeat with tear gas and truncheons; unlike the arab terrorists they have given up on defeating.

While the government and the media continue their 'Two Minutes of Hate' aimed at the settlers, our enemies begin to prepeare their final push.


  1. Anonymous19/1/06

    Don't even try to pretend that you're weeping bitter tears over a bombing in Tel Aviv.

  2. Anonymous19/1/06

    I'm weeping over the fate of israel and the world and those kids will be toting guns soon enough, or more likely suicide bomber vests, they've used kids as young as 14 for bombings

  3. Anonymous19/1/06

    hey at least those kids are in plain clothes riding bycicles not in military gard toting uzis

  4. Anonymous19/1/06

    When a government, like the US and Israel, begin to target their own rather than criminals from outside, you have to start to wonder if they don't somehow have another plan in mind and are allowing the terror for another purpose.
    No one can be as stupid as nations "seem" to be today.
    If a mad bomber is in my home and my people restrain me from throwing him out, or put me out of my own house and allow the mad bomber in, then they are on his side, not mine and are working in collusion.
    I have tried to see this some other way, but, I can't anymore.
    They are in collusion.

  5. Anonymous19/1/06

    How come you do not see ZAKA on the scene ?

  6. Anonymous19/1/06

    very true and the basic reality is they're to be used as the next generation of killers

    The US has given its assent to the legitimization of Hamas and allowed it to participate in the elections and when Hamas gains a presence in the PA, they will siphon off aid money which will be used to turn them into killers with tv shows aimed at kids like

    "Hazim Sharawi, whose stage name is Uncle Hazim, is a quiet, doe-eyed young man who has an easy way with children and will soon preside over a children's television show here on which he'll cavort with men in larger-than-life, fake-fur animal suits on the Gaza Strip's newest television station, Al Aksa TV.

    But Captain Kangaroo this is not. The station, named for Islam's third holiest site, is owned by Hamas, the people who helped make suicide bombing a household term.

    He said the head of Hamas’s radio station spotted him leading children’s games at his mosque and asked him to do a children’s radio show two years ago. The show has become so popular, his appearances at occasional Hamas-sponsored festivals draw as many as 10,000 children at a time.

    As he describes it, his television show, which begins in a few weeks, will teach children the basics of militant Palestinian politics..."

  7. Anonymous19/1/06

    ZAKA was indeed on the scene

  8. Anonymous19/1/06

    a wonderfull organization, there's more information on them here



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