Home Wounded first by Terrorists, then by Sharon's Thugs
Home Wounded first by Terrorists, then by Sharon's Thugs

Wounded first by Terrorists, then by Sharon's Thugs

In 2001 Sergey Zvezdin was a teenager with dreams of becoming an athelete. In 2001 Sergey was riding on an Egged bus on the way to get a haircut when a Hamas suicide bomber detonated a bomb killing 15 of those on the bus and leaving 38 with severe injuries. Sergei was one of those 38.

He suffered a concussion, a punctured eardrum, missing teeth and a piece of sharpnel that lodged itself deep in the tissues of the face, close to his brain. Israeli surgeons despaired of removing the fragment and Sergei experienced blinding headaches, he could not speak properly and he was unable to close his mouth or eat.

American surgeons performed an operation on Sergei free of charge cutting through his skull working to remove the fragment. His damaged eardrum and missing teeth and other injuries were repaired as best as possible. Sergey returned to Israel and resumed his life again. He joined the IDF and Sergey Zvezdin, whose last name means 'of the stars,' contemplated his dreams of becoming an athelete again.

On August 20th 2005 as Sharon unleashed his forces on anyone who opposed his illegal and undemocratic plan of ethnic cleansing in Gaza and untied the hands of police to do anything they liked without resource to law or justice, Sergey Zvezdin was in Haifa again sitting with his friends when he talked back to a police inspector. The inspector called for backup and police officers arrived. As has happened to so many, he was beaten. His friends asked the police officers not to beat him in the head telling them that he had undergone surgery. The police officers did not stop. They knocked out some of his teeth. When they were done, they left him bleeding and unconscious on the sidewalk calling him, "Zevel."

As he was after the suicide bombing, Sergey is back now in a hospital ward with severe injuries. He has severe head injuries, a concussion, numerous injuries and damage to the same eye which had been damaged in the terrorist attack and damaged hearing along with one of the three teeth that had been replaced.

"What the terrorist failed to do to me, the police nearly succeeded," Sergey said from his hospital bed.

And so too what the terrorists have failed to do to Israel, Sharon has succeeded in doing.


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