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The Footsteps.org scam....

"There is one particular gole that I want to achive. That gole, is getting a hier education. By a hier education, I mene going to college or university for sevrel years and excelling in the particular subjects that I think I'm good at." (Benny, 19)

This is supposed to be footsteps.org, an organization that is supposedly dedicated to helping transitition ex-frum people into the real world doing this worst imitation of fake mispelling.

Supposedly poor Benny can't spell 'goal', yet he can spell 'education.' He can't spell 'mean', yet he can spell 'particular,' and he can't spell 'higher' but he can spell 'education.'

Seems like footsteps.org couldn't find a test subject who was ex-frum who is actually english impaired. They should spend more time on the internet.

The organization's listed phone number which is supposed for Malkie Schwartz actually turns out to be listed for a Marcia Ramirez. Anyone wanting to deal with footsteps.org had better think twice.


  1. Anonymous30/8/05

    I have tried to find the site...it doesn't exist. So if it was fake, they got rid of it. If it isn't fake, where is it?

  2. I'm truly curious to see if "Sultan Knish" and his/her "High and holy helper monkeys" will even publish what I have to say!

    This website/blogger "Sultan Knish" strikes me to be HIGHLY immature and arrogent.

    "Lashon Hora" is serious. I suggest you double, triple check information before making such public, negative and false accusations.

    I personally know someone who benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from that organization. It is LEGIT and IMPRESSIVE.

  3. You're using a claim of Lashon Hara to defend an organization whose goal is to remove Jews from a religious life?

    Can we just skip to me laughing in your face now?

  4. Anonymous15/8/11

    Why would anyone donate to an organization whose indoctrination of their members is so private, only the very trusted members of the organization are allowed entry to meetings. They dont even list the address of their meetings anywhere. I smell a rat.


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