Home Thanks to Bush and Sharon, it's been a very good year for terrorism
Home Thanks to Bush and Sharon, it's been a very good year for terrorism

Thanks to Bush and Sharon, it's been a very good year for terrorism

Like a finely aged wine in the wineglass of a viniter terrorists can savor the aroma of this year as the forces battling Islamic terrorism are increasingly in disarray and ceding ground as the terrorists count their gains in land and dead.

Two world leaders who were thought to be aggressively leading the War on Terror, American President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have not only turned out to be paper tigers but are increasingly turning on their own people and allies in order to appease terrorists. Bush and Sharon who early on seemed to be strong fighters against terrorism when they brought the war home to terrorists with invasions of enemy held territories, have become the poster children for appeasement instead.

It is as if in the middle of the Battle of Normandy, Churchill had looked around, put out his trademark cigar and announced that there was no hope of winning this thing and we would just have to find some middle ground for dealing with Hitler. This is what has happened to the hopes of the west in this third world war we are now engaged in.

Bush, whose administration once boasted formidable figures such as Rumsfeld and Cheney who understood and articulated the need for a strong offensive, is now led around by the nose by James Baker Institute affiliated diplomat Condoleeza Rice who has America making so many deals with terrorists we might as well be on Al Jazeera sawing our own heads off, even as she continues demanding that Israel give up more land to the forming of a terrorist state.

Sharon who came into power strongly fighting Palestinian terrorism saw a bushel of distorted demographics and decided to retreat, build a tall wall out of whatever territory he delusionally thinks the United States will allow him to keep and has torn apart Israeli society in order to force his will to carry out an illegal and undemocratic ethnic cleansing of Jews.

This year it is ironically not the left wing, the liberals, the appeasers, the ACLU and Peace Now and Amnesty International and ISM which has brought the terrorists their victory. It is the weak willed and shortsighted political calculations and profit motives of the so-called conservatives who were supposed to be fighting a War on Terror instead of being terrified of it.

As American troops are being slaughtered day by day in the streets of Baghdad in order to protect and uphold the formation of a government based on Islamic law and composed of many of the same terrorist factions who have been murdering Americans and handing a victory to the Iranian Mullahs, Israeli troops were forced on penalty of imprisonment to expell families out of their homes and see those houses demolished so they can be handed over to the same terrorists who have been murdering them and us all along.

In Gaza and in Baghdad the terrorists are celebrating. Thanks to Bush and Sharon they have a lot to celebrate.


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