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Fighting Terror with Lasers and Myths

It is no coincidence that as Iran is developing its nuclear capability, North Korea continues to press into the nuclear age and China has made explicit threats once again about using nuclear weapons against American cities, that a new program has been rolled out. A junior version of Star Wars that features lasers mounted on jets supposedly capable of shooting down ICBM's in their boost phase.

While the new laser which fuses solid state and liquid lasers appears to be a significant technological advance, the problem is that the war on terror cannot be won and the United States cannot be protected by lasers and myths. It was not Star Wars that brought down the USSR and the dubious threat of new defensive weapons cannot and will not prevent the advance of new threats. Ultimately such weapons are merely high tech versions of Maginot and Bar-Lev lines, fortifications that cannot stop or even deter a genuinely aggressive foe.

The United States is losing the War on Terror and it is facing aggressive enemy coalitions. China drew together with Russia to demand the expulsion of US forces from asian bases. North Korea and Iran are boldly pursuing atomic programs. Vaporware from the US military will not fight this threat, only agressive action will secure the future of America and the world.


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