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Friday, July 15, 2005

This is Disengagement!


  1. Sad, um what colour wristband is that soldier wearing. Are my eyes deceiving me?

  2. Where was the picture taken? I don't see any caption.

  3. Anonymous15/7/05

    The soldiers underarms are wet. He probably smells bad and is making the baby cry.
    The pig. May he never see a happy day for all his or his families life. Amen

  4. priest - I think that your comment about the soldier is disgousting and I would never wish you to have to go thorugh what he has to!

    What military exprience do you have that you can make such statements?? The same people that spend day and night protecting each and everyone of us (unless you live out of the country in that case you really should be a shamed of yourself) are now the Pigs and the people that are cursed on a daily basis!! Hmmm.. I guess Churban Habayit has taught us nothing..

  5. soldiers who choose to turn on their fellow jews and follow illegal orders are not protecting them

    I think your comments are disgusting and following orders is no excuse

  6. Anonymous16/7/05

    Oleh I give 2 squats and a doodle about what you think you mangey dog.

  7. Sultan - your right following orders is no excuse... but from that to calling Israeli soldiers pigs and wishing all sorts of "great" things on them is Sinat Chinam...

    Also you didn't answer my Q - where was the picture taken what was the context??

  8. the specific comment was directed at that specific soldier and not at all soldiers

    'pig' is singular

    I don't have any information on specific location beyond it being gush katif

  9. I do not see a picture associated with this post!

  10. Sultan - in that case (no caption) We really can't know anything about what's going on here.. maybe there is something going on in the house that has to be checked and for the safety of the woman and her baby he is telling her please move away... also you can't see any faces so we can't know if maybe they are smileing or screaming...

    Although I guess it's more fun to call them pigs (there are 3 of them in the picture) and make comments on how they smell and curse them out and thier family...

  11. I don't have an exact location in Gush Katif, but the specific situation is the forced expulsion of settlers from an area in Gush Katif

    trying to reinterpret this scene positively requires transposing some other scene on it and pretending that's it

  12. I wasn't try to say that what I wrote was correct.. all I was saying is that without context it could be anything.. What makes my idea any worse than what you think it is??

    What you are doing is assuming that since it's a religious woman with a kid and 3 Magav Cops (not soldiers BTW !!) that it must directly have to do with the disengagement. And I say it doesn't have to be that.. I am sure you are familier with Honest reporting.. so go to thier web site and see what a picture with the wrong caption can do. ("The picture that started it all" - on their web site)

  13. I have context though not exact location and I am quite familiar with the HonestReporting photo

    the issue there was the misindentification of a jew as an arab



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