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Bilaam has never left, he is still here

"Come curse for me this people," Balak appeals to Bilaam.

"Come curse for me this people," Sharon appeals to the media and shabak, "come drop nails and oil on the highways and plant fake bombs in impossible to access areas."

From side to side, from angle to angle Balak leads Bilaam to spot a single weakness and vulnerability, a flaw with which to mar Bnai Yisrael. The media in Israel and around the world, the left, the progressives busy progressing to new depths of hatred peer around looking for vulnerabilities, for ways to tear apart the Jewish state.

The world shook in 1948 as it did after the exodus from Egypt. The world whose religions had long since dismissed the Jews were forced to consider and contemplate what had happened. If the Jews had returned to their land and prevailed with miracles against impossible odds, was it not possible that there was a true G-D in heaven and that their beliefs which had attempted to supplant the Jews were hollow lies.

And so the world made war on Israel. Russia and the Arab world played bad cop bombing, murdering and slaughtering Jews while America and Europe played good cop pretending to aid Israel but restraining us and weakening us in the hopes we would be destroyed after all. Now only the United States is making a pretense of playing the good cop and the pretense is wearing thin. And yet the world has also learned Bilaam's lesson. Israel cannot be destroyed from without, only from within.

Bilaam corrupted Israel from within as did our friends and allies. They cursed us and then they taught us to curse ourselves. Now their wildest dreams have succeeded as the army of the people of Israel has been turned on the people of Israel and soldiers who refuse to serve are condemned as traitors even as the toll from the arab butchers grows day by day.

In the streets homosexuals parade their deviance as policemen batter 13 year old girls bloody on the sidewalk and a Jewish world looks on with apathy and unconcern. We look on Tanach as the words of ancient times and yet abominations are done before us and we remain silent. Our leaders, political and religious are corrupt, and we continue to follow them. We look from one corrupt politician to the other to save us and not to Hashem.

Bilaam is with us today. In the synagogues Bilaam claims to speak for Torah. He sits on all the television talk shows. He anchors news programs. His smooth voice speaks to us from our radios. When 'Activist' is substituted for 'Terrorist' it is the voice of Bilaam speaking. The voice of the ultimate liar who never died and whose legacy lives on in all the lesser lies men have coined since him.

All crimes are old crimes and all lies are old lies. As the Torah is forever, so the perversions and rebellions against it are ancient. As soon as men found words, they told lies. As soon as men learned the use of fists they beat other men with them.

Rashi tells us that the Torah began with the creation of the world so as to demonstrate our right to Eretz Yisrael for in the future men would come and call us robbers for dwelling there. For the Jewish posession of EY does the Torah begin with the world's creation. The loss of the Jewish posession of EY is the destruction of a world. It is that which the Bilaams of the world seek as they ride out on their mercenary errands. The destruction of a world in which G-D has a place.


  1. Anonymous15/7/05

    What goes around, comes around.
    Israel is the place where Hashem has placed his name.
    When people choose to desecrate it with false religion(mosques, churches) and with evil demonstrations, (gay pride ) and with utter disregard for the inheritance of all of eretz yisrael, yesha, gush katif; given to the man Israel, then truly horrifying times are about to come upon us all.


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